The Maze Runner: Death Cure 2018

The Maze Runner: Death Cure 2018


The adaptation of the final book of the trilogy "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner - the film "The Maze Runner: The Cure for Death" 2018 is preparing to be released. The first part of the franchise caused critics to grin, primarily due to a more than modest (by modern standards) budget. But youth dystopia was about staggering success. The film paid off tenfold, which is very rare:

Name Budget Cash fees
The Maze Runner 34 million dollars 348 million dollars
Maze Runner: Trial by Fire 61 million dollars 312 million dollars

Although the interest of the viewer has subsided, which can be seen from a certain decrease in fees, it has not disappeared. Therefore, the appearance of the third part looks quite logical. A positive moment can be considered and participation in the shooting as a screenwriter James Dashner - the author of the original series of books. Often a movie on an excellent book "kills" a disgusting script,when the screenwriter with his “I see it so!” turns the whole and logical work into a miserable hack, which has only a common name with the original. Here, the filmmakers made the right move, entrusting the work on the entire series directly to the author.

When will the movie

The Maze Runner: Death Cure 2018

Initially, the release date was scheduled much earlier officially announced on January 11, 2018. The film on the final book of the trilogy was supposed to appear on the screens on February 17, 2017, but a case intervened: Dylan O'Brien, the leading man, was injured during the shooting, and the work had to be postponed. We had to wait for his recovery, so that fans of the franchise were forced to be patient. As a result, the shooting was delayed for another year, but at least it is precisely known when the long-awaited third part will be released.


Running in the maze: the cure for death 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

All the surviving heroes of the previous part will appear in the new film without changing the actors:

  • Dylan O’Brien - Thomas;
  • Kaya Scodelario - Teresa Agnes;
  • Lee Ki Hong - Minho;
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster - Newt;
  • Rosa Salazar - Brenda;
  • Giancarlo Esposito - Jorge;
  • Jacob Loughland - Aris;
  • Dexter Darden - Fripen;
  • Aidan Gillen - Jenson;
  • Patricia Clarkson - Ava Page;
  • Catherine McNamara - Sonya;
  • Natalie Emmanuel - Harriet;
  • Barry Pepper - Vince.

The actors who will play the new characters are not yet known. The composition of the film crew that shot the previous part remained virtually the same: the same director Wes Ball, cameraman Gyula Padosh, composer John Pesano. Only the production lineup has partially changed, so you can count on the film to fully comply with the spirit of the first two parts.


Running in the maze: the cure for death 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

One of the advantages (it can also be called a disadvantage) of pictures taken from books is the opportunity to know in advance what the film is about. And given that the author of the script is the writer himself, you can not be afraid that he will distort his own work beyond recognition. So the summary of "Running in the maze 3: The cure for death" can be imagined.

After fleeing from the base of POROK, the heroes are again forced to fight for survival: their own and the remnants of humanity. Thomas learns that the “outbreak”, which makes infected with blood-craving, rabid animals, does not have immunity from everyone in his group from the mysterious disease. The contagion was so nicknamed for its lightning fast and unpredictability. VICE.He signs in his own impotence in the fight against the disease and offers to unite efforts and tries to convince the guys that further cooperation will be without lies and coercion. For survivors, Denver is the last hope. According to rumors, this is the only settlement of people not affected by the Flash and almost completely survived. So there is a medicine there that Thomas and P.O.O.K.u need. And the main character in the company of Theresa, Newton, Mikhno and Brands will have to break through the hordes infected in Denver. After the Labyrinth and Chafing Dish it will be their last test and it’s unlikely everyone will be lucky enough to pass it.

Trailer in Russian

The official trailer should appear later, at the moment there is not even a hint of the date of its release. You can get an idea of ​​the film’s content from online fan videos, including in Russian:


Wait for the release of the third part is not long. And although “The Cure for Death” is the completion of the trilogy, however, James Daschner’s “bins” contain two works of prequel: “Fever Code” and “Total Threat”. So based on the results of the hire of the final part, a decision will be made to continue the shooting.This was not officially announced, but transparent hints in the interview with the filmmakers allow to make such a conclusion. In the meantime, you can watch the previous two parts, because all the films of the series are a logical continuation and the story will not be superfluous.

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