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The main types of plastic water pipes

January 27, 2018

At the moment there is a large range of different pipes used in the arrangement of water supply. Plastic products are considered to be the most popular, however, pipes made from other materials are not less in demand, since each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic pipe is not an exception, so we will consider its features below.

The advantages of plastic pipes for water:

☺ guaranteed operational life reaches 50 years;

☺ installation of such pipes is quite simple, easy and takes a little time;

☺ if moisture gets onto the polymer material, the electrochemical reaction does not form here, so plastic pipes do not rust, which is an important plus when arranging the water supply system;

☺ due to the low thermal conductivity, the material can be used with heating devices;

☺ are used not only inside the building, but also outside;

☺ inside the plastic pipes are perfectly smooth, which prevents the formation of contaminants, the presence of which can reduce the diameter of the product and reduce the throughput;

☺ ease of transportation and handling caused by low weight of pipes;

☺ the liquid passing through the pipe does not make any noise, which affects the comfort of the stay of family members in the house;

High resistance to stray currents, which is not the case with metal products, which are often damaged for this reason;

☺ possibility of installation in places of difficult access, which is caused by the presence of pipes of different diameters.

Disadvantages of plastic pipe:

☹ pipes can be made of different types of plastic; each requires its own installation technology;

☹ Do not use plastic pipes in the fire water supply system;

☹ If you plan to use a plastic pipe in the heating system or hot water supply, in this case there are some limitations.

Plastics plastic pipe is widely used not only in residential buildings, but also in the construction of professional equipment.

What kinds of pipes are there?

PVC pipe.It has a small price and at the same time a long service life. Such products are mounted in two ways: by cold welding and by using a socket with a rubber cuff. It is the actual solution for various types of water supply.

The main types of plastic water pipes

Polyethylene crosslinked pipe. Its temperature characteristics are much higher than the previous type, and they also have high strength. It is mounted by using crimping sleeves that connect plastic pipes. Most often are used in the system "warm floor" and in private homes.

The main types of plastic water pipes

Polyethylene pipe. With their help, they equip both the sewage system and the water supply (inside and outside the building). Able to withstand pressure from 6 to 10 atmospheres. Installation can be carried out at air temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius. For their installation using electric couplings or fittings.

Metal pipe. This type of pipe is used in water supply systems not so long ago. Withstands a pressure of 10 bar, and water, whose temperature is up to 100 degrees. If you provide the plumbing with the necessary conditions, this type of pipe will last about 50 years.

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