Cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018

The adventures of the family of superheroes received a long-awaited sequel: the cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018 will be released. In the distant 2004, the first part of the animation tape collected 632 million dollars (with a relatively modest budget of 92 million dollars) and “snapped” two Oscars at once ": For the best cartoon of the year and the best sound montage. The production of cartoons is in itself a long and painstaking process, so the fans of the “Super-family” did not count on a speedy continuation, but the preparation for the shoot dragged on for an unacceptably long time: Pixar announced the decision to shoot the sequel only in 2014.

Cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018


In the superpowers of the Parr family, there is nothing special, they are all already well-run and dismantled in a huge number of superhero movies and cartoons:

Relation degree Ability
Father Bob parr Superpower
Mother Helen Parr Plasticity (controlled deformation of the body, "rubber")
Daughter Violetta (Violet) Parr Invisibility, force field
Eldest son Dash (Shastik) Parr Super speed
Younger son Jack Jack Parr Transformation of a body with a change in the composition of matter (turning into a monster, passing through walls, metallization)

However, superpowers in the cartoon are secondary, the viewer loves the "Incredibles" for the hurricane blend of fiction and action movie, seasoned with sparkling humor and high-quality, subtle ridicule of stereotypes of the movie about supermen.

When released

Cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018

Initially, the release date was scheduled for June 21, 2019, but Pixar and director Brad Bird made a magnificent gift to the viewer: they shifted the production schedule and accelerated the work, thanks to which “The Incredible 2” will be released a year earlier - June 15, 2018. Toy Stories 4 ”, but for some reason they decided to swap the premieres. Good news for fans of the "Incredibles", and fans of "History" will have to wait.


Cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018. Release date, watch the trailer in Russian

Animated characters will remain in full force, the antagonist of the Parr family, Louis Best, will also return, new characters will appear, especially Byrd quite lamented the mass of unrealized ideas in the first part and is now going to “win back” on the sequel.

But the real actors, on which lies the voice, partially replaced. It is certain that they will again give their voices to the heroes:

  • Samuel L. Jackson - Louis Best;
  • Holly Hunter - Helen Parr;
  • Sarah Powell - Voletta (Violet) Parr.

"Change the tonality" Dash Parr (voiced by Spencer Fox at the age of about 10 years, now the guy has grown up and Dash's male Basques will sound strange) - Raymond Ochoa will speak for him ("Charlie: The Story of Toys", "The Secret of the Red Planet") . The voice of Mr. Exceptional Bob is also questionable: it is not yet known whether Craig T. Nelson will take part in the dubbing from the first part.

Regarding the composition of the crew, the director said that it was collected almost unchanged, although the full data on the second part is not to be found, except for Byrd himself and the "Oscar-winning" composer Michael Giacchino.


Cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018. Release date, watch the trailer in Russian

There is practically no information about the content of the tape. But since the return of Luis Best was announced, then most likely the story will be about a new round of confrontation between him and the Parr family. The plot is unlikely to be original: the superfamily rests from superhero works, quietly and peacefully grows superchildren, using abilities solely for domestic purposes and when absolutely necessary, until a supervillage Best revenge appears on the horizon of revenge.As a result, the family will “shake the old days” and will give the pepper to the villain, having pleased the viewer with epic fights and witty jokes throughout the entire tape.

Trailer in Russian

There is no official trailer and it is not foreseen yet: Brad Bird, though he mentioned that the script is already three-quarters ready, and the work is in full swing, all the details are carefully hidden, so the preview video will have to wait a long time. Now you can watch online only a few fan reviews, including in Russian, for example this one:


All information about the course of the shooting and the plot has to be collected bit by bit, analyzing the "random" reservations of the creators and the conjectures of the fans. And just wait and hope that the prime minister will not be transferred to a later date, which often happens.

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