The idea of ​​a fun script and a joke for a corporate party for the New 2018

Most of the time we spend at work among colleagues. Therefore, they say that work is the second home. Prepare your own New Year's program for your employees - and they will remember this evening for a long time.

Turn an ordinary feast into a bright memorable holiday with jokes, gags and sweepstakes. This article will tell you how to spend New Year's corporate party, without resorting to the help of professional presenters.

The scenario of the New Year's corporate party in the year of the Yellow Dog

The upcoming 2018 will be held under the auspices of the Dog. Therefore, the scenario for the party can be associated with this animal. For example, prepare all dogs masks. Think in advance and prepare an entertainment program and necessary attributes. During the holiday, try to engage as many guests as possible so that everyone is involved in the game.It is also worth taking care of small gifts for contest winners.

What contests can be held at the New Year party party?

"Look for a dog"

For this competition we choose three participants. Eyes need to tie and unleash each around its axis in order to confuse. Then we take a toy dog ​​and hide it from either of the guests, anyway, somewhere in the room. The task of the players is to find a dog, the other guests of the corporate party should give hints and guide the search. The found toy remains the prize for the winner.


We offer several men to compete for the title of "the strongest." To do this, we hand them balls and offer to inflate. There is one condition - before each exhalation, it is necessary to pronounce the phrase “I am the strongest!”. You need to inflate the ball so that at the end it could burst. Guests follow the contestants, cheering them on. Wins the one who first cope with the task.


In the center of the hall we place a large inflatable beach ball and offer two guests to play football. For the complexity of tying their eyes and several times rotate around its axis in order to bring down the orientation.The one who hits the ball first and scores will win in this competition. And to make it fun, the ball, after the eyes of the participants are closed, is removed. It looks very comical from the side how “football players” try.


We select several participants. Before each set a glass filled with juice or a weak alcoholic drink, an empty glass and a cocktail tube. Wins the one who first with the help of a straw pours a drink from one glass to another.


In advance prepared "forfeits" develop in a beautiful box or a bag. The most courageous pulls the tasks, the rest - solve the pantomime, if the task requires it. Winners will not be here. For courage and participation are all awarded. You can highlight and praise the most talented memes.

Alternatively, in addition to incentive gifts, you can prepare the main prize, which by a friendly vote will be awarded to the best participant.

Options for "fanta":

  • Say 3 exquisite compliments to the host
  • Show festive fireworks
  • Walk around the room as if it was covered with snow.
  • Display the symbol of the year according to the eastern calendar - the dog
  • Present yourself as a psychic and predict to three guests what to expect next year.
  • To portray the New Year's cracker
  • Draw a Christmas tree, holding the pen with his teeth
  • Show boiling kettle
  • Show the hut on chicken legs

"Dead Man's Silence"

This children's fun remains interesting at any age. Calling guests to the center of the hall. The first one who volunteered for the role of the driver is blindfolded, we unwind him. The rest - scatter. The task is to catch one of the players and identify him by touch. If he guesses, the caught player becomes leading. If not, the game continues.

«Vitamin Relay

We divide all participants of the corporate party into 3 teams. Two teams - players, one team of fans. At the end of the hall we put a bowl with tangerines. Each team gives out a big spoon and package. The task of the players is to bring a mandarin on the spoon for their team. If the mandarin falls, it is not counted, the player returns without loot.

You can limit the execution of the task - to play, while cheerful music sounds. The team that managed to score more mandarins won.


For this competition it is necessary to print banknotes.

We invite participants to choose a pair (man - woman). We give men a pack of "money", we offer "open deposits". For this banknotes are hiding in the secluded places of the girl. Here you will need to show courage and ingenuity! Competition for a while. Turn on the music, stop the game as soon as it ends. The winner is the one who managed to make the most contributions.


For this game we call 10 people (you can and more). The first couple: a guy is a girl, they are pulling a piece of paper from a previously prepared bag and they are reading what part of the body they should “freeze” to each other. Alternatively, it could be ears, noses, elbows, little fingers, cheeks, and so on (notes can be repeated). Then the next participant comes out, pulls out a piece of paper and “sticks” to one of the already “frozen” ones. The winners will not be here, so at the end of the game we offer participants to warm themselves with strong drinks.

Fairy tale for corporate party

In addition to competitions at corporate parties, you can play a fairy tale-joke. It is always a lot of fun! We select actors, we distribute roles. The task of the participants is to pronounce the words of the role, as well as improvise according to the script.

Fairy tale with a happy ending


King -(proudly) I am the king!

Mirror- (indignantly) Here we found a dresser!

Vasilisa- (coquettishly) I'm so beautiful!

Miracle Yudo- (as if making excuses) And what am I? I'm nothing!

Envy Prickly - (playfully) And who will take me as a wife?

Rheumatism- (creaking voice) Wow, I'll break!

Text fairy tales:

They say they lived onceKing -great sovereign From the face - an old man, in the shower - a child. And he had fun - standing in frontA mirrormagical make faces grimaces yes

And was atKingyoung beautiful wifeVasilisa, which is passion as wanted to be a fashion model! From morning to night walksVasilisaat the castle, shakes his hips, shoots his eyes. All inMirrorglances at himself, smiles.

In the same kingdom-state livedMiracle Yudo. Once he heard aboutThe mirrormagically, he began to sleep poorly, completely tortured his headaches. So he wantedA mirrorhave.Envy spinyruthlessly squeeze it became. NoMiracle Yudarest day or night, the eye twitches, the head shakes. It would have sufferedMiracle YudoYes, squeezed in my teeth strongerEnvy spinyand flew to the royal palace.

MeanwhileKing-great sovereign beforeA mirror, as usual, wondrous muzzles built. And suddenly something happened that had never happened before - grabbed him by the backRheumatism. Yes, with such a force bentKingthat in any way from his clutches can not escape. And have handsRheumatismin the gym pumped, strong - all moreKingtwists, and wants to break.

Suddenly fliesMiracle Yudo. Yes, not one -Envy spinyalong with him, tightly clutched and does not let go. By surpriseRheumatismhiccupped, let goKingand shook his finger at him.Miracle YudoonlyMirrorhe saw his paws grabbing for him. Suddenly feels -Rheumatismgrabbed him. The villain was already dumbfounded, andRheumatismscoffs

Writing out the pretzel with feet, comes into the royal chambersVasilisa. I sawMiracle Yudo, squeezed female heart. Grabbed her noseEnvy spinyand tore her offMiracle Juda. LaterRheumatismpens twisted and fist threatened.

And then the real miracle happened: I lookedEnvy spinyonRavatismand fell in love without memory! Eyes at him shoots, calling movements in his network lures. Could not resistRheumatismbefore such charms. Clung toEnvy Spinygently wrapped around the waist.He began to pull her closer to her, yes, the mountains of countless good promise! And what a love between them! He will then break her hand, then grab him by the neck, that as many sparks fly from his eyes!

What started here in the castle!Kingsold out in earnest - wondrous muzzles not royal writhes!Vasilisa,on the runway defile, a figure molded advertises. AMiracle YudagaveMirror. He blows away all the dust particles from it and rubs it from top to bottom.

The end of the fairy tale has come!

Scene Flashmob funny funny scenes for corporate party

Perhaps holding a corporate party on your own will become a pleasant tradition in your team. After all, no one, even the best presenter, knows the habits and abilities of colleagues better than you!

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The idea of ​​a fun script and a joke for a corporate party for the New 2018 19

The idea of ​​a fun script and a joke for a corporate party for the New 2018 86

The idea of ​​a fun script and a joke for a corporate party for the New 2018 4

The idea of ​​a fun script and a joke for a corporate party for the New 2018 67

The idea of ​​a fun script and a joke for a corporate party for the New 2018 40

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