The expected series of 2018

The serials of 2018 release definitely fulfill their role - they entertain the audience. In any genre. Without this, their features are nowhere. This article is designed to review the most attractive television shows, in our opinion, the output of which is scheduled for a specified time. Exceptionally new, which, however, should become classics in the future (we would like to). Well, in any case, we begin.

Mr. Mercedes / Mr. Mercedes

Mr mercedesPremiere: during 2018

Genre: Thriller

Director: Jack Bender

Cast: Brendan Gleason and others.

Our 2018 TV series list will open with a television show based on Stephen King’s novel. It is directed by Jack Bender, who ate the dog in this field. In the sense that before he had put separate episodes of "Lost", "Slan Clan", "Spies", "Game of Thrones", etc. Brendan Gleason was called for the main role in the project. He will play a retired police officer Bill Hodges, who due to circumstances has to return to the system. In general, you yourself probably imagine what a spectacle awaits us.

Halo / Halo

HaloPremiere: during 2018

Genre: fiction, action

Director: will be approved later

Cast: to be approved later

Our list of foreign (and not only) serials of 2018 continues the project, called “Halo” in the original or “Halo”, if in Russian. In a word, halo. This is a screen version of the popular game. The project is being developed by Steven Spielberg. But that was a long time ago, when in particular about him and his involvement in the project was heard in the news. Then Peter Jackson's name was called, and Neil Blomkamp appeared. In general, another long-term, the expected series. The curators from him are people with a capital letter L. That is, that cannot be taken away.

Blood on the Nile / Blood on the Nile

Brad PittPremiere: during 2018

Genre: horror, fantasy, action, history

Director: Hisham AbDale Khalek

Cast: to be approved later

In our review of the new series of 2018, there was a place for the project, which is being developed by filmmakers from France and Egypt. Stated that it will be mandatory presence of bright genres: horrors and fantasy mixed with action movie. Besides, everything is based on real events, it seems. The name, in fact, suggests that there will be a lot of blood.It spreads along the Nile River in Africa. There is information that the producers plan to spend the amount of about $ 15 million to create a dozen full-fledged series. Interesting.

The Conquerors of the Deep / The Fathoms

MermaidPremiere: September 21 (in the world)

Genre: Adventure

Director: Allen Driscoll

Cast: to be approved later

Note that the title of the series can be translated as “Sazheni”, which will be correct. This is a measure of length. "Fathoms" - a more accurate translation. But the "Conquerors of the depths" seem to characterize the plot as well as possible. Apparently, it will be about them and their adventures under water. True, the stated budget of $ 1 million will obviously be enough for filming only a small part of high-quality material. We will see.

King of the Golden Sun

Golden sunPremiere: January 6th (in the world)

Genre: Adventure

Directed by: Shane Fox and Cody Burns

Cast: Cody Burns, Chris Rex, Anna Dempster, Christopher Hout, Dominic Valdovinos, Aaron Fronk, Christine Warner, Brandon Burns, Alan K. Smith, Matthew Salinas and others.

It is quite possible that in the beginning of 2018 a series called “The King of the Golden Sun” will be released. Presumably removed two seasons.The cast is assembled. Directors found. However, the shooting has not yet begun. Yes, and early for now. According to rumors, the story was taken based on one of the directors - Cody Burns. Earlier, he managed to be noted in the episodes of the TV series "Grimm" and "The Librarians", as well as the films "Wild" and "Green Room" as an actor. It is that in the episodes. Let's see what talents he has in terms of direction.

Lost in Space / Lost in Space

Lost in spacePremiere: during 2018

Genre fiction

Director: Neil Marshall

Cast: to be approved later

Apparently, it will be a fantastic project. In a sense, its plot will be such. And if to proceed from the title, the horror genre will not be an exception for him, given the name of the director. Neil Marshall became known after the release of "Dogs Warriors" and "Descent", followed by "Judgment Day" and "Centurion", and he began as a film editor. After the producer "Out of Time" switched to the series. For example, on “Game of Thrones”, “Hannibal” and “World of the Wild West”. Given his rich experience, “Lost in Space” will be exciting. It is quite possible.

Chinese Odyssey: I Will Love You for a Million Years / A Chinese Odyssey: Love You a Million Years

Soaring chinesePremiere: during 2018

Genre: Fantasy

Director: Jeffrey Lau

Cast: Huang Zitao, Liu Tianzo, Andrew Yin

Chinese TV series. Considering the development of cinema in this Asian country, it is impossible not to mention this project. And given that Chinese filmmakers can shoot beautifully in any genre, one should pay tribute to this feature. This quality, if you want. It is by nature, I guess. Fantasy Chinese is impressive. Directed by Jeffrey Lau was previously involved in the "Chinese Odyssey." Let's see what vision of the continuation of the story he noted for himself this time. What lesson did he learn from the past?

Diamond chariot

Diamond chariotPremiere: during 2018

Genre: Adventure

Director: will be approved later

Cast: to be approved later

Unusual in the sense that it attracts the viewer's attention already at the production stage, because the literary source in the person of Boris Akunin from the series “The Adventures of Erast Fandorin” is taken as a basis. The producer will be Ruben Dishdishyan. Alexey Poyarkov, who previously worked on “Liquidation”, for example, will screen for Akunin’s television screen. But who will play Fandorin?

Sheldon Young (Childhood Sheldon) / Young Sheldon

Young sheldonPremiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy

Director: John Favreau

Cast: Marcia Ann Burrs, Doc Farrow, Rex Lynn, Wyatt McClure, Brian Stepanek, Melissa Tang, Ian Armitage, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Jim Parsons, etc.

Spin-offs of the popular big bang theory. This series tells about the young years of the life of the brilliant scientist Sheldon Cooper. To be more precise, he will focus on the period of his childhood, when he went to school. Jim Parsons will be present in the series, but only as an actor who will read offscreen text. The main role in the project was given to a young actor Ian Armitage, who became famous for his reviews of theatrical performances on YouTube.

Barry / Barry

BarryPremiere: January 7 (in the world)

Genre: comedy

Director: Bill Heyder

Cast: Stephen Ruth, Bill Heider, Henry Winkler, Anthony Carrigan, Glenn Fleschler, Tyler Moore, Robert Curtis-Brown, Sarah Goldberg, Dale Pavinsky, Michael Bofshever, etc.

The directorial debut of comedian Bill Heyder (“Saturday Night Live”, “South Park”, “Puzzle”, “Brooklyn 9-9”, “Super Peppers”), filmed by him for HBO. This is a story about how a former Marine looking for a job becomes a hired killer.The next order sends him to Los Angeles, where he happens to be on the stage by chance.

Star Wars: Underworld / Star Wars

Star Wars: Another WorldPremiere: December 15 (in the world)

Genre: fantasy, action, drama, adventure

Director: will be appointed later

Cast: Daniel Logan, Mika Johnson, Ahmed Best, Anthony Daniels, etc.

Spin-off of the Star Wars universe in the form of a series. Its development deals directly with George Lucas. The action in it will occur at a time when the Empire is trying to strengthen its previously won positions throughout the Galaxy. Some events will take place directly on the fields of Coruscant. The main heroes and antiheroes of the narrative will be rebels and criminal bosses who have seized control as a result of successful illegal activities in the form of drug trafficking and the provision of prostitutes.


DrivePremiere: during 2018

Genre: Action

Director: Anario Mamedov

Cast: Vladimir Yepifantsev, Nikolay Fomenko, Ruslan Kornekov, Cheslav Golovinets, Stasya Miloslavskaya, Vera Panfilova, Yevgenia Shevchenko, Stanislav Kolomoets

Vladimir Yepifantsev is on the path of war with Nikolai Fomenko.At least in the series. As the slogan says, every second can be the last. The heroes of two brutal men are eager to bring the started to the logical end. Who from the bottom will be able to realize the desired? To direct the fighter undertook the author of many television comedies.

Runaways (Runaways) / Runaways

RunawaysPremiere: during 2018

Genre: fantasy, action, drama

Director: will be appointed later

Cast: Allegra Acosta, Ariella Barer, Brigid Branno, Ever Carradine, Renzi Feliz, Virginia Gardner, Brittany Ishibasi, James Marsters, Lyrica Okano, Kip Pardo, etc.

Marvel, along with Hulu, with the support of Disney and ABC, set about developing another superhero series. This time the center will be too young people, on whose shoulders superpowers fell. There are six of them, and all of them at one moment learn that their parents are members of a large villainous organization. Since teenagers are in the center of the story, the main audience of the series is young people.

Cloak and Dagger / Cloak & Dagger

Cloak and DaggerPremiere: during 2018

Genre: fantasy, action, drama, adventure

Director: Gina Prince-bytewood

Cast: Derik Augustine, Noelle Renee Bercy, Marcus Clay, Mitch Craft, Michael Vincent Donovan, J.D. Evermore, Brian Michael Hall, Sean Bradley Hofer, Olivia Holt, Aubrey Joseph, and others.

Another Marvel series about the weekdays of superheroes, scheduled for 2018, is “Cloak and Dagger”. He, by the way, is also designed for young people. It is directed by a woman. The story revolves around two teenagers belonging to different races. They love each other and will do everything they can to stay together. Moreover, Tandy is able to emit light daggers, while Tyrone is able to clothe everything around him in darkness. Together they are a huge force.

William the Conqueror

Wilgelm the conquerorPremiere: during 2018

Genre: Drama, Story

Director: Pierre Morel

Cast: to be approved later

Pierre Morel, the author of the militants "The 13th District" and "Hostage", took up the production of the series. Already from the name it becomes clear that the real person will become the subject of discussion in it. Wilhelm I the Conqueror in 1066 led the invasion of the British Isles. This is the story of the famous French ruler, who was both the duke of Normandy and the king of England.

Trust / Trust

ConfidencePremiere: during 2018

Genre: drama, crime

Director: Danny Boyle

Cast: Anna Chancellor, Harris Dickinson, Brendan Fraser, Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank, Laura Bellini, Sarah Bellini, Michael Esper, Veronica Echegi

Danny Boyle signed up to shoot a crime drama for the script of Simon Bofoy, the same person with whom they had previously made two Oscar tapes: "127 hours" and "Slumdog Millionaire." Immediately you should draw your attention to the fact that the project involved Brendan Fraser. Also Anna Chancellor, Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank and others have already agreed to participate in the series.

Unsolved case / Unsolved

Undisclosed casePremiere: during 2018

Genre: Biography

Director: Anthony Hemingway

Cast: Ford Austin, Samuel Buck, Griffin Cleveland, Josh Duhamel, Lori Fortier, Younis Chiuish Goldstein, Michael Harney, Aisha Hinds, Luke James, Dondreyko Johnson, etc.

“Undisclosed Case” is a series based on the investigation of mysterious murders committed in reality, which shocked the public. So, in the center of the narration is the solution of the early departure from the life of the then living legends of hip-hop, such as Tupac Shakur and Biggi Smolz, also known as Nothorius. The action, as expected, will take place during the so-called war of the two coasts of the United States, when rappers from the West Coast and East Coast fought literally not for life, but for death.

Three days of the Condor / Condor

Three days of the CondorPremiere: during 2018

Genre: Thriller

Director: Lawrence Trilling

Cast: Bob Balaban, Angel Bunani, Catherine Cunningham, Brendan Fraser, Kristen Hager, Gabriel Hogan, William Hurt, Max Irons, Lim Lubani, Christina Moses, etc.

Another series, a place in which was found for Brendan Fraser. Its development is carried out by the divisions of MGM and Skydance studios responsible for the production of television content. According to rumors, he will take from the eponymous film director Sidney Pollack, where the main role was once played by Robert Redford, only the complication, whereas in reality it will be an independent work made in the spirit of a good and intense spy movie. We will see.

Too old to die young / Too Old To Die Young

Too old to diePremiere: during 2018

Genre: Drama

Director: Nicholas Winding Röfn

Cast: Miles Teller et al.

The famous Danish director Nicholas Winding Röfn (“Drive”, “Neon Demon”, “Dealer”) decided to leave for a while from a big movie to television. True, this will not be his debut, as in past years he has already had time to shoot some episodes for TV. “Too old to die young” is a drama, in which Miles Teller (“Obsession”, “Guys with Barrels”, “Pazmansky Devil”) won the main role.She will explore the criminal world of Los Angeles on the background of how her protagonists are moving from being a killer to the essence of a samurai.

Black Lightning / Black Lightning

Black LightningPremiere: during 2018 (on The CW channel)

Country of Origin: USA

Genre: fiction, action

Director: Salim Akil

Cast: Kress Williams, China Ann McClain, Nafisa Williams, Christine Adams, Dabier, Quadjeline Brown, T. Joel Smith, Hal Whitside, Jason Elwood Hannah, Cody Taylor, etc.

In order to somehow compete with Marvel, you need to capture both the media and the serial industry at once. DC is well aware of this, so the company’s management made a decision about the film version of Black Lightning. This kinokomiks tells about the adventures of one of the first black superheroes. And even though he was originally a “white racist,” he subsequently “changed” and even became a member of the Justice League.

Also in 2018, the following film samples will appear on TV: “Paper Airplane”, “Legends of the Monkey King”, “The Kingdom”, “Judge Dredd: Mega-City”, “Dark Crystal: Epoch of Resistance”, “Free Literacy”, 3 "and others.

What will be the "favorite" of the audience?

Now you know which TV series will be released in 2018, and we have offered you a list of projects scheduled for release during this time period. After watching the first episode of any of them, I think, it will be possible to judge whether a separately taken television show will be a “favorite” of the audience. ”

Stay tuned for updates, as soon the information may change and be supplemented.

In conclusion, we note that in 2018 the final, eighth season of the Game of Thrones will also be released, consisting, as we know, of 6 series. It is possible that at the same time the rating and multi-budget “The Big Bang Theory” is not yet coming off TV screens. It is likely that the "World of the Wild West" will live up to that moment. We will see.

Well, according to rumors, we are waiting for the long-awaited third season of True Detective (“The Real Detective”). Time is a flat circle, as they say.

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