The draw for the Champions League 2018-2019 Cup: Group

The draw for the 2018-2019 Champions League was held on August 30 at UEFA headquarters. In the current tournament in the group stage 32 clubs will perform, 26 of which won the right to participate according to the results of the internal championships of their countries. Another 6 teams made their way into the main round of the competition through a qualifying sieve. Before the draw, all football teams were divided according to the rating into four baskets. With the light hand of the legends of sports formed the following quartets.

Group A

In the first group of the Champions League 2018-2019, they will play in two rounds between themselves:

  • Atletico (Madrid);
  • "Borussia Dortmund);
  • "Monaco";
  • Brugge.

Undisputed favorite of the quartet "A" looks "Atletico". The team of Diego Simeone did not have experience in this prestigious tournament, where they often reached the play-off stage. The "mattress" should not have problems, and this time: in the "Borussia" started a serious restructuring, and "Monaco" sold off key players.

Atletico Madrid

The main struggle in this subgroup is likely to unfold for the second line, but the Germans and the French will be the main contenders. As for the champion of Belgium "Brugge", he can pretty spoil the blood of its competitors. Nevertheless, the chances of the Belgians in second place look ghostly.

Group B

The quartet "B" has already managed to christen the most vivid and spectacular. Teams that rarely sit on the defensive will perform in it, and most goals are scored in the national championships. These are the clubs such as:

  • Barcelona;
  • Tottenham;
  • Inter;
  • "PSV".

Experts gave the first place to Barcelona in advance. Indeed: the prospects of the “blue-garnet” look quite cloudless, against the background of the emerging game crisis in Tottenham and Inter. Surely the "blue-garnet" will ensure their passage to the next round after 4 rounds, given the phenomenal form of Messi and the company.

Champions League draw

As for the second place, a hot fight is expected here. Even “PSV” with its magnificent youth can give a surprise and break into the play-off stage. However, chances in this confrontation at Tottenham are preferable.In favor of the “spurs” says teamwork, experience, the presence of recognized stars of world football.

Group C

In the quartet "C" will perform:

  • "PSG";
  • Napoli;
  • "Liverpool";
  • "Red Star".

The favorites of this group are definitely “Liverpool” and “PSG”. On paper, these football teams have the strongest composition, allowing to solve serious problems. “Napoli” is obliged to break into the fight for the first two places, but his prospects after leaving the coaching post Maurizio Sarri are not so bright. "Neapolitans" can both shoot ahead of any of the favorites, and slip to the third line, giving the right to playoffs of the Europa League.

FC Liverpool

In the role of an extra team, most likely, will perform “Red Star”, which sensationally beat in the qualification “Salzburg”. The Red Stars have already jumped over their heads, and the arrival in Belgrade of the recognized giants of world football will be a real holiday for Serbian fans.

Group D

Quartet “D” by the will of the Champions League draw turned out to be the most unpredictable. Here teams of approximately the same level will play:

  • "Locomotive";
  • Porto;
  • Schalke;
  • Galatasaray.

It is noteworthy that in this group three champions will meet: the RFPL, Portugal and Turkey.In essence, this will be a battle of internal championships, and a team that will make it through a knockout round can consider its championship to be the strongest. It is interesting to watch the “Locomotive”, which in the offseason has increased significantly especially for the Champions League. Surely Yuri Semin’s wards will play indoor football (in a different way, the “railroad workers” simply do not know how), but it is the bus at his own penalty can help Loko to go further.

Group E

Quartet "E" a number of experts called the most boring. In part, they are right, because in this subgroup there is a clear division into favorites (more precisely, one favorite) and outsiders. For a ticket to the next stage of the Champions League will be fought:

  • Bavaria;
  • Benfica;
  • Ajax;
  • "AEK".

Bavaria received baggy sparring partners in the group stage and should easily take the first place. The second is logically owned by Benfica, but the Eagles will not be easy, especially against the background of a corruption scandal in which the bosses of the club plunged. In case of misfire of the vice-champion of Portugal, the second place is obliged to gnaw Ajax with its prospective youth, while the Greek AEK will act as a supplier of points.

Group f

In group “F” no football team will get an easy life. In it will play:

  • "Manchester city";
  • "Miner";
  • Lyon;
  • Hoffenheim.

Unconditional favorite is "City". “Citizens” have, perhaps, the most expensive composition in the league, and Guardiola will surely make out the game opponents. But the club from Manchester should not be deceived: for the match with him, even modest by the standards of the tournament Hoffenheim will be released as the last battle.

Manchester city

In the quartet «F» fans are waiting for a real slaughter for the second line. All three applicants objectively deserve to pass to the playoff stage, but only one of them will be lucky. Predicting exactly who will make Manchester City in the Top 16 of the best clubs in Europe seems unrealistic, so let's say: the strongest will come out.

Group G

The “G” quartet was the most predictable. It contains:

  • "Real";
  • "Roma";
  • CSKA;
  • "Victoria".

Experts gave the first two lines to Real Madrid and Roma in advance, but to whom what place will get is a big question. “Real” after the departure of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo does not look like a monolithic team, so Roma can use the restructuring as part of the “creamy” ones.


Exit CSKA in the playoff stage will be regarded as a sensation, because in the offseason, the army team lost the backbone of the team. Given the staffing problems and lack of teamwork in the wards of Viktor Goncharenko, the third place, “CSKA” will be a definite success. To prevent this problem can be solved by the Czech Victoria, which performs well in the domestic championship.

Group H

In the subgroup "H" intrigue, who will take the first two places, will probably continue until the last round, since the level of the teams is about the same. The draw brought together the following football teams in this quartet:

  • Juventus;
  • "Manchester United";
  • Valencia;
  • "Young Boys."

Despite the undisputed status of the favorite in the Swiss Championship, Young Boys are unlikely to qualify for even entering the Europa League from third place. However, it is far from a fact that the first two lines will be taken by Juventus and Manchester United. "Turintsy" still not able to organically enter into the composition of Ronaldo (Krish did not score a single goal for the team), and the "Mankunians" all signs of a crisis. In this situation, the first line is fully within the reach of Valencia. "Bats" have a decent set of players, while they are not under pressure neither by the fans nor the media.

Thus, the draw of the Champions League in 2018-2019 gave football fans a lot of interesting pairs. The first matches of the best club tournament of the Old World will start on September 18, and the final games will take place in December. This month will be known 16 teams that fall into the round of the playoffs.

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