The budget of the city of Moscow in 2019

Not so long ago, the budget of the Russian capital for 2018 was adopted, in which the planned revenues and expenses for 2019 and 2020 were laid.

According to the officials who developed this document, the main priority of the expenditure side of the Moscow treasury will be in the social sphere.

It is expected to increase social benefits, some several times. There will also be increased funding for various programs.

At the same time, the Moscow authorities expect a significant reduction in the budget deficit. According to the adopted document, by 2020 this figure should decrease by more than 2 times.

Planned budget revenues

In 2019, the capital should earn about 1.94 trillion rubles in its budget. This figure is slightly different from the figures for 2017. At the same time, it is worth noting that for 2018 the income was laid down markedly lower - during this period the authorities expect to receive only 1.84 trillion.

The income part consists of tax and non-tax revenues. The first make up a significant percentage of total income.In 2018, officials predict the amount of taxes at 1.66 trillion, and in 2019 - 1.75. By the way, tax revenues in the amount of about 1.75 trillion rubles were received by the Moscow budget for 2017.

Non-tax revenues are budgeted at 186.2 for the next year. According to the recent dynamics, this indicator is only decreasing every year. The exception was the last 12 months - in 2017 the amount of non-tax revenues amounted to almost 230 billion and was a record for three years.

budget of the city of Moscow

It is worth noting that gratuitous revenues are added to the revenue side of the budget. The officials decided not to contribute them to the planned revenues. However, according to the dynamics of recent years, for every 12 months, such revenues came to the budget in considerable amounts. In 2015 and 2016, they amounted to about 75 billion a year, and in 2017 their amount was very small - 11 billion rubles.

If tax and non-tax revenues go to the budget according to the plan, then gratuitous receipts will increase the size of the city treasury and allow reallocating the balance to the most important expenses.

The largest part of tax revenues are taxes on personal income.Their size in 2019 should be about 901.5 billion rubles - almost 2 times more than the expected amount of taxes on the activities of organizations.

The most significant non-tax income is income from the use of property: in 2019 it should be almost 122 billion.

Expected budget expenses

Moscow budget revenues for 2019

For 2019, officials plan spending in the following proportion:

  • most of the money will be spent on the national economy: almost 565 billion and 30% of the total size of the treasury;
  • they will allocate 331.5 billion for social needs, which will amount to 17.6% of the total budget;
  • the Moscow educational system will receive 14.6% of the treasury — approximately 276 billion;
  • 250, billions (13.3%) will be allocated for the solution of housing and communal services;
  • the health care system will receive 184.6 billion rubles and 9.8%;
  • the remaining 278 billion (14.7% of the budget) will be spent on other expenses.

The cost of economic development

Moscow budget spending for 2019

As follows from the list, the most money will go to the national economy. This category includes a lot of funds. However, the money between them is not evenly distributed. So, of the planned 565 billion most of all will receive the sphere of transport and road fund - at 326 and 151.6 billion, respectively.

Social politics

As promised by the mayor of Moscow, in the planned budget for 2019 a large proportion of expenditures are spending on social policy. The allocated 331 billion is planned to be spent on pensions, social benefits and services.

On social benefits will be spent the most money - 144.6 billion. The cost of pensions laid in the amount of 118 billion, and social services - 44.5 billion.

It is worth noting that the planned expenses for 2018 and 2019 in the social sphere coincide completely. After adopting the budget at the end of 2017, the mayor of Moscow said that such proportions would multiply the size of some payments.

state budget of Moscow

However, the cost of pensions has not changed - in 2017 the same 118 billion were pledged to them. The amount allocated for social security is generally becoming less: compared to 2017, its size in the next two years will decrease by 0.3 billion.

The only item of expenditure where the increase is really noticeable is the social security of the population. In 2017, 138.3 billion rubles were invested in this category. The budget for 2018 and 2019 laid 144.6 billion.It is necessary to believe that such an increase will also entail an increase in social benefits, which were announced by the head of the capital.

Other costs

In the educational sphere, the most money will be spent on general education - 153.8 billion rubles. The authorities plan to spend 64.5 billion rubles on preschool education.

The cost of inpatient medical care will amount to almost 60 billion rubles. A little less than officials plan to allocate for outpatient care - about 51 billion.

The sport authorities will allocate 28.3 billion. Of these, only 3 billion will be spent on mass sports, while 25 billion rubles will be spent on high-profile sports.

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