The Bandit (The Rogue) - 2018 film

  • Premiere: during 2018
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: action, thriller, drama, military
  • Producer: will be appointed later
  • Cast: Tobin Bell, Scott Gordon-Patterson, Bobby Phillips, Kostas Mandilor, Johnny Yong Bosch, Max Ryan, Matthias Hughes, RaVen Lerrymore Kelly, Anthony Corona, James Butler, Anthony Azizi, Benjamin Bush, etc.

In 2018, the film "The Bandit" will be released. It will be made according to the script of Yasmin Nafisi. This is a military action thriller with elements of drama. Interesting?

Rogue. One of the best

The Rogue - this is the name of the project in the original. His slogan says that no one has the right to leave the Agency. The matter in this case is about the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) - CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) - an independent agency of the United States Federal Government, headquartered in Langley, Virginia.


The CIA is committed to collecting information about a potential hazard that could cause irreparable damage to the country. All foreign citizens entering or still deciding to move (at least for a certain time period) to the territory of the United States,as well as organizations currently operating in America or closely related to the activities of American firms fall under the primary goals of the Intelligence Agency.

Note that in the list of services and agencies of the United States Intelligence Community, the CIA is not the only body dealing with such cases, but probably the most famous. It seems that from the films you know exactly about him, where he was mentioned more than once as the main character of the story.

Once again, the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America decided to express themselves through cinema. And they will do it right in the USA. And the authors will name the project like this: The Rogue, that is, an outcast, robber, gangster. Actually, the name of this military action-thriller translated into Russian exactly as “Bandit”.

Project Script

At the moment, the director's chair of the project is empty.

The film is being developed by script Yasmina Nafisi. This man had previously produced Joe Tornatore's melodramatic horror, The Vampire's Kiss.

Vampire's Kiss

Yasmin Nafisi at this point managed to establish himself as, in fact, a producer and cameraman.Previously, he was entrusted to the shooting of the dramatic thriller by Matt Greenhat Night Shooter (“Night Shooter”), which he also developed as a producer.

But producing, apparently, did not have to like Yasmina Nafisi, so he soon decided to go to the writers.

In 2018, in addition to “The Bandit”, the film “The Illusion of Freedom” (Liberty) is planned to be released, a fantastic horror movie with elements of a psychological thriller, created by the joint efforts of Yasmin Nafisi and Matt Greenhat. But we will talk about him some time next.

Somewhere on the horizon, except for “The Bandit” and “The Illusion of Freedom,” Yasmin Nafisi plans to have the horror film Sins of the Father (“The Sins of the Father”), which he will write with Matt Greenhat.

Production of military cinema

All of the above projects are being developed by Rogue Movies, which also made Night Archery, as well as producing Matt Greenhat’s drama Zebras in Wyoming (Zebra in Wyoming), scheduled for release in 2017.

In the production of the picture, which tells about the results of the CIA, in addition to Jasmina Nafisi and Matt Greenhat, are engaged in James Butler and Markus R. Vogelbacher.

Should noticethat from time to time James Butler only began to take over the functions of a producer of certain films, while he himself was mostly an actor who had time to act:

  • by Paul W.S. Anderson in "Resident Evil",
  • Roman Polanski in The Ghost,
  • by Oliver Stone in Snowden,
  • at Yalmari Helander in the "Big Game"
  • and many other directors.

Markus Vogelbacher also produced the Finnish Big Game, where Samuel L. Jackson played one of the main roles, as well as Berndar Rose's German-Italian melodrama Paganini: The Devil Violinist, where the notorious German violin virtuoso David Garrett became famous. Italian composer Niccolo Paganini.

Big game

Marcus R. Vogelbacher in the past managed to please a considerable number of viewers with the release of a German melodrama called “The Beginning” and the French-German (or French-German, if you like) drama directed by Vincent Garenok “On behalf of my daughter”, where Daniel Otoy and Sebastian shot Koh

The cast of the military action thriller

The producers of "The Bandit" decided to get into their project, even if they were not Hollywood stars, but to the best of the sought-after actors.Here they set themselves such a goal, as if they themselves know firsthand what the perseverance and perseverance of the CIA can be, if the situation requires it.

Tobin bell

This is what we are? To the fact that in this tape will be removed:

  • Tobin Bell ("Saw: The Game of Survival", "Quick and Dead"),
  • Scott Gordon-Patterson ("Girls Gilmore", "The Event", "Seinfeld"),
  • Bobby Phillips (“The X-Files”, “Married and with Children”, “Two Guys and a Girl”, “The Crow”, “Showglasses”),
  • Kostas Mandilor (“Dorz”, “2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom”, “Sinners and saints”, “The game of their life”),
  • Johnny Yong Bosch ("Beck", "Blue Exorcist", "Sword Artists Online"),
  • Max Ryan ("Kiss of the Dragon", "Anger", "Alien", "Death Race"),
  • Matthias Hughes ("Disassembly in Manila", "Conan", "Angel of Darkness"),
  • Raven Lerrimor Kelly (Ambulance, Time to Kill, Mississippi Ghosts),
  • Anthony Corona (“I Love You, Phillip Morris”, “Card Debt”, “The Truman Show”, “OZ` Prison”, “Graceland”, “11.22.63”),
  • James Butler ("Southland", "Missing", "Night of the Living Fools", "AyKarli"),
  • Anthony Azizi ("Escape", "Brooklyn 9-9", "Sons of Anarchy", "Motherland"),
  • Benjamin Bush ("The Wire", "Generation of the murderers", "West Wing"), etc.

Tobin Bell will most likely take the lead in the film. Some of the artists represented earlier could already cooperate with him on the same film set - on the set of the Pyla film series. Actually, that is what he became famous for: the fact that once convincingly played the villain John Kramer nicknamed "Saw."

In general, the entire cast has a sufficient amount of experience, let it be gathered either in TV shows or in regular films. Let's see what comes of it all.

The plot of the drama about the activities of the CIA

All actors and actresses who have fallen into the picture, telling that no one is in a position to leave the Agency, will have to play varying degrees of role. So, someone here is a military man, someone commands them, and someone loves him and waits.

The plot of "The Bandit" concentrates around the fact that Mike Cutler, an official of the CIA, agrees to carry out a dangerous mission. Here he was transferred straight from an elite military unit. His goal is to identify the location of al-Qaida terrorists in Afghanistan.

The situation is complicated by the fact that at some point Mike began to doubt the feasibility of performing his official duty.He became a traitor to the motherland, a traitor? Whose side in the upcoming war will take an experienced military? And what his choice threatens the rest of the world?

Probably, the activities of the CIA in the scenario of Yasmina Nafisi are properly described, so we expect to see all the ins and outs of the Agency during the viewing.

Movie release date

Release date of the film “The Bandit” - during 2018. Stay tuned for updates on the site to be the first to find out the exact number of premieres of an intriguing military action thriller with elements of drama telling the hard life of the US military and intelligence officers.

Note that the production budget of the tape is slightly more than $ 10 million. You must admit that a very good movie can be made with this money.

TrailerThe film "The Bandit" (The Rogue) is expected soon.

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