Tape foundation from FBS blocks


Ribbon foundation of FBS blocks. In Russia, a tape foundation made of FBS blocks is increasingly used in construction. These blocks have a large margin of safety. They are able to withstand 9-storey structures. Accordingly, the brick cottage in 2 floors will withstand fbs blocks without problems.At cost, the use of precast foundation will be justified if:- construction time is compressed by time (the foundation can be erected in just a day, while you can immediately start building walls); - it is planned to use unskilled labor (there is no need to make formwork, knit the frame of the reinforcement).

Tape foundations made of fbs are cheaper than monolithic ones with the same depth. The blocks are available in various sizes. The length can be 300, 400, 500, 600 millimeters. The height of the fbs blocks is the same - 580 millimeters. On the side faces of the blocks there are special grooves. They are slaughtered during the installation phase with the solution.

Before laying the first row of blocks FBS, make a sand pillow with a thickness of 10-15 centimeters.For the leveling base used sticks 50x100 millimeters. They make a frame inside the pit, the width of which exceeds the width of the base of the foundation by 20 centimeters.

Horizontally set the frame on the laser level or level, fill it with sand. Perform tamping sand cushion. The excess is removed with a rail. If you plan to build a basement, make waterproofing. First of all, put the corner blocks fbs external walls along the line drawn in the sand. Next, build the inner walls.

Vertical sutures are clogged with mortar. The following rows of blocks lay on the mortar bed. Its thickness should be approximately 1.5 centimeters. The better the soil, the less ligation. The thickness of the ligation of vertical seams should be 25-60 centimeters.

If the soil is weak, increase the width of the foundation of the foundation of the FBS blocks. The initial row is made of pillow blocks with a step of 0.7 meters. Vertical seams 1 row of blocks should be above the pillows. The free distance between the cushion blocks is filled with primer.

Perform layered ramming. If the soil at the construction site has excellent bearing capacity, use a discontinuous precast foundation.Pillow blocks and FBS blocks are laid at intervals. Gaps filled with soil. Carry out tamping.

Intermittent foundation used for single-storey and two-story houses with lightweight masonry.

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