T-34 - the film of 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018 (in Russia)
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Genre: drama, military
  • Producer: Alexey Sidorov
  • Cast: Alexander Petrov, Victor Dobronravov, Irina Starshenbaum, Vincent Kiefer, Peter Skvortsov, Semyon Treskunov, Artem Bystrov, Michael Dzhanibekyan, Anton Bogdanov, Sofia Sinitsyna, etc.

The trailer for the 2018 release of the T-34 film caused a hyip on the web, albeit a small one. Not what, of course, the producers would like to see in the end. However, perhaps they had enough mined result. In general, the video spawned a lot of talk after its publication. In principle, this is quite enough, is not it? And what, actually, for noise without a fight?

Briefly about the main thing:

When will the movie be released?According to some data on February 23, 2018, on the other - in the autumn of the same year.

What is he talking about?The film will take us to the tragic year of 1941. The plot tells about how one of the prisoners of the concentration camp makes a daring escape, using the Thirty-Four, captured by the Germans, and comes into confrontation with the German tanker ass. Only one can leave the battle alive.

Should I go to the cinema?Yes. Such pictures look good only on the big screen.

Who is the director?Alexey Sidorov

Who are the stars?Alexander Petrov, Victor Dobronravov, Irina Starshenbaum

You know, the fight probably happened. Mental For the truth. Such a struggle of Internet users with the authors of the film for the accuracy of the shown. In the trailer they didn’t like how easily the tank was destroyed. Well, firstly, this is just a movie. Secondly, this is a feature film. Thirdly ... Well, you can find a lot of excuses. Or excuses, if you want. Or do not dwell on it. But let's get to the point.

Speaking essentially, the trailer for the movie "T-34", which will be released in 2018, looks more like a short film. With decent as for short meter graphics. And then, the video was created for the sole purpose: to attract investors. The video has already been shown several times.

First on the pitching cinema Foundation. Ruben Dishdishyan, the producer, and Alexey Sidorov, the director, achieved the desired result and nevertheless found interested people ready to finance their joint project.

And the second time, at the Kansk Festival in May, where a whole presentation of the T-34 tape was staged in the Russian pavilion. On it, the project was supported by such famous people as Leonard Blavatnik and Brett Ratner, who said that they could shoot films about the war in Russia better than in the west.

The video stated the following: there are Soviet soldiers, there are Germans, and both have tanks at their disposal. Only one side will win. Guess what. In general, a patriotic movie, as you can see.

Well, John Murphy's composition “In the House - In the Heartbeat” deserves special attention. He once created, which is remarkable for the Danny Boyle film about zombies, “28 days later”. What to say? She fit perfectly, complemented the video.

Ruben Dishdishyan

From trailer to story

Enough about the trailer. However, no other information about the project, except him, yet. Actually, we push off from what is - what was said in the video. And we start with the concentration camp Ordruf.

Already in the initial frames of the video we are greeted with the inscription "Concentration camp OHRDUF SIII". Then the date pops up: April 9, 1944. Actually, the Nazi concentration camp, if anything, was created only in November of the same year. Most likely, ochepyatka. And it will turn out like with the film “28 Panfilov members”, which turned out to be almost the Russian version of Zack Snyder’s comic-film series “300 Spartans”.

However, on the other hand, a prison was created on this territory as early as 1941, in which Soviet prisoners of war were detained.Perhaps the authors refer to this point.

Anyway, then we see a Russian soldier watching the approach of German tanks. After the discovery of the forces of the enemy and the manifestation of fortitude, he immediately goes to his camp, where he informs his comrades about what he has learned: about the six “Panthers” he saw. Actually, the epic music of the composer John Murphy, which elevates what is shown on the screen, goes further into the course with all its might.

At the end of the demo, its creators inform viewers that the T-34 movie will be released on February 23, 2018, the day of the centenary of the Red Army. In order to remember. A reminder that / not to forget.

Shot from the movie T-34

About important historical dates

Now about the date of April 9, 1944. On this day, according to the chronicle of the Great Patriotic War, - by the way, 1023rd in a row - the Odessa operation was about to end. It was also the second day of the Crimean operation. Most likely, judging by the talk of the characters represented in the trailer, the picture in the picture will deal with the Odessa operation. Recall that by the evening of that day the enemy troops, consisting mainly of Germans, were completely surrounded, with the exception of the only exit route through the Dniester Liman.

February 23, 1918 - the day of the creation of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army (RKKA). This day also celebrates the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

About communication with the "Lark"

In principle, with shown in the video sorted out. With history too. Now let's say that the Internet users have already managed to compare the "T-34" with the "Skylark". The tape of 1964 told about how a group of Soviet tankmen successfully escaped from fascist captivity, bypassing ambushes. Being in the enemy's rear, the fighters do not even think of giving up, and therefore confidently continue to move away from the chase on the tank, daring to inflict irreparable damage on the enemy.

“The Lark”, filmed by Nikita Kurikhin and Leonid Menaker, participated in the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival in 1965, for a moment. The leading role in the tape was played by Vyacheslav Gurenkov. Also in the film starred Gennady Yukhtin.

Presumably, the plot of "T-34" will take as a basis for the same story that was previously told in the "Skylark". This is not known for certain.

Others saw in the storyline the similarity with Kandahar, where the story was told that Soviet pilots were captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and then, for escape, hijacked the IL-76.The film was greeted by the audience very easily, and the chain of "captive-technique-escape" is really visible.

"The Lark"

About creators

The film will be directed by Alexey Sidorov. This is the man who became famous after the release of the series "The Brigade". Then he put up "Fight with the shadow." Perhaps here are his two works that paint him. It would be desirable, that "T-34" became one more such.

To help Alexey Sidorov in promoting the production process will be Ruben Dishdishyan. Suffice it to say that he founded the Central Partnership company. He is involved in the "Brest Fortress" and "Liquidation." Perhaps, given the two projects noted, you can easily find out how important this person is and part-time producer, born in Kazan, in modern Russian cinema.

It is planned to spend over half a billion rubles to create a film - 10 million dollars, for Russian cinema is not a huge, but a good budget, although there is still not enough money, considering that they are shooting not only in the Moscow region, but also in the Czech Republic.

Alexey Sidorov

About values

In conclusion, it remains to be noted that this movie is sure to be rolled off.However, the creators, it seems, are not facing this kind of task. They, on the contrary, want to give people something outstanding, something that will be patriotic, real, and masterpiece. To remember, to appreciate, to know. Just about the difficult feat. About heroes. For centuries. Something like this.

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