Summer Holidays 2018

When is the summer vacation in 2018? Every student knows the answer to this question - from a first-grader to a fully-fledged adult graduate.

Summer holidays in 2018 begin on June 1 and end on August 31.

Of course, vacation time and rest time are several different things, and every schoolchild is also aware of this. For example, the last lessons usually take place on May 23-25, and then for some students the examination stage begins, while for others the additional, but therefore long-awaited, holidays begin.

Summer 2018

Vacation schedule changes

As a rule, vacation dates vary depending on the form of education adopted at school. That is, holidays in the school with a trimester system, vacation days may not coincide with the days of rest for children studying in the fourth system. A pleasant exception to this scheme is the summer holidays: their terms are uniform throughout the country, regardless of the options for constructing the educational process.

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However, as with any rule, there may be exceptions in this scheme. In some schools, the summer holidays of 2018 may begin a few days later than in the country as a whole.The fact is that the dates of the beginning and end of the rest time are not determined at the federal level, or even at the regional level. Each school, each school is entitled to set the time for the start and end of the holidays independently, thereby regulating the educational process.

The Ministry of Education gives only recommendations on dates of rest, but can in no way dictate them in the form of an order. There are several reasons for this. For example, because of difficult weather conditions, classes for students were canceled - in Siberia, for example, forced rest due to severe frosts in winter is not uncommon. Floods, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters can also cause pauses in learning.

Unexpected accidents, communal troubles, destruction in the school building, breakthrough of the heating main or water supply system - these events happen in each of the Russian cities, and any of them can affect the studies. So, for example, you can not conduct training if the school does not have cold water. Because of such incidents and troubles, the educational process often suffers - children are behind the curriculum drawn up at the beginning of the year, they literally do not have enough time to study all the material laid out.So we have to endure the holidays, “selecting” the time of the “legal” rest.

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