Structures for effective cleaning of storm drains

Sewage storm waters, which are formed near industrial enterprises, pose a threat to the ecology and life in general. If they are not cleaned, then along with rain flows and melt water they carry harmful petroleum products and other unsafe chemicals.

That is why industrial enterprises and residential complexes should have a set of equipment for sewage treatment plants for rainwater systems.

Treatment facilities: installation sites

Mandatory equipment for sewage treatment plants should be present:

  • at the enterprises of the metallurgical, chemical, food industry and others;
  • parking lots;
  • Gas station;
  • car services;
  • car washes and other places.

Also, storm sewage is necessary when arranging the carriageways, public and residential buildings, sidewalks.

Algorithm of sewage treatment plants

The principles of the operation of rain sewage treatment systems consist in the successive passage of the purification modules and wastewater.

  1. When water enters the sand separator, sediment occurs at the bottom of large particles, which are cleaned with a filter and separated from the total polluted stream.
  2. The incompletely purified liquid is moved to another module, where gasoline films, oils and petroleum products are removed.
  3. In the end, the wastewater is transferred to the block with absorbents, where they undergo final treatment. Petrochemical products that remain in the water column as an emulsion are destroyed here.

As you can see, storm drains are cleaned in steps. It is better if not only filtration of large mechanical particles is present in private houses, but also cleaning of oils and petrochemical products, small substances. In some cases, you may need and equipment polyurethane blocks.

Often, a fourth stage is required in which disinfection is carried out.

By ultraviolet, storm drains are cleaned of microorganisms and bacteria.

The result of cleaning must fully comply with sanitary standards. In the event that the discharge of sewage will occur in a centralized sewage system or on the relief,installation of the drainage - the stormwater drainage system is required.

The company "Fltek", which specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment for cleaning stormwater, uses high-quality fiberglass. Products representing sewage treatment tanks are certified and meet all standards.

The mass of the advantages of manufactured products, which has a number of advantages, will help protect health and create a favorable environmental background, which is so necessary at the present time. This includes the following aspects:

  • materials of the highest quality are used and do not corrode;
  • installation of the equipment produced by the company and its maintenance do not cause difficulties;
  • minimum maintenance costs;
  • selection of individual modules and connection of modules for various purposes in one case is possible;
  • treatment facilities for rainwater sewage systems from Fltek have a long service life (about 50 years)

By purchasing cleaning modules, you can solve the vital issues of protecting the health and safety of the surrounding ecological background for a long time.

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