Stretch ceiling features

It is worth once to experience the comfort of such repairs to become their fan once and for all.

Stretch ceilings are made of PVC film, which is then stretched in place by high temperatures using a heat gun and mounted on a specially mounted frame, called a baguette.

If we consider the question of such editing by hand, then it is not worth doing this for several reasons. The first is that the cost of the ceiling itself, which you order from a certain company, already includes its installation.

The second reason is that certain skills are necessary for its arrangement, otherwise you can hopelessly spoil the source material. In the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills in self-assembly, the film may sag,herebubbles will appear; it will be mounted with a clearly visible non-uniform web thickness.

Equipment for installation, in particular, a heat gun, costs much more than the cost of the canvas itself.It is recommended to commission the installation to experienced professionals.

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