StatGrad 2017-2018: diagnostic work

There is a curious observation: many great scientists, inventors and politicians in the school were distinguished not only by bad behavior, but also by an abundance of twos. Churchill, Mayakovsky, Brodsky, Tolstoy and Yanukovich - all of them did not shine with positive marks in the educational institution (the myth about Losers Einstein was contrived). But this fact does not give the right to carelessly relate to the problem of evaluating schoolchildren, improving their knowledge and control over learning. The terms EGE, GIA, verification works, tests broke into our lexicon.


About StatGrad

The time when the teacher assessed the knowledge of his ward in an oral conversation, are gone. Now there are many new technologies with their positive aspects. A vivid example is StatGrad. This is a fresh, advanced method of assessing the knowledge of students in certain subjects. Her main mission is to help and check the child's readiness for school exams. The founder of StatGrad is the Moscow Institute for Open Education. The Center for Continuing Education of Mathematics took an active part in the improvement.

But the entire initial initiative came from Rospotrebnadzor. This technology is approved by the Ministry of Education, good feedback comes from the organizers of the subject Olympiads. “StatGrad” does not have the status of “obligatory”, it is a personal initiative of the school or individual teachers. And the project itself is considered a pilot.

StatGrad 2017-2018: diagnostic work

The main objectives of the system:

  1. Develop new teaching methods.
  2. Monitor the quality of existing knowledge among schoolchildren.
  3. Enhance a sense of responsibility in children.
  4. Help prepare for exams.
  5. To help assess the level of teaching of a particular discipline.
  6. Find gaps in the design of the school curriculum.
  7. Strengthen interdisciplinary communication.

“StatGrad” works in the information key. The system sends tasks, checks answers, draws conclusions, gives recommendations. First you need to register in the system, get a login, password. For the sake of sports interest to get acquainted with the site will not work. The resource provides information only to real students and teachers. If you are already in the system, then you should know - in the summer of 2017, the next regular update of registrations took place. You need to get new passwords and logins.You can register yourself, but more often it is done by the class or the whole school.

“StatGrad” not only assesses knowledge, but also gives recommendations, finds weaknesses in the quality of teaching discipline. Serious-oriented children are vitally interested in participating and testing their knowledge. Many subjects are key in a particular specialty or profession. Any thinking and conscious student will want to test their knowledge, to get an independent assessment. The most popular disciplines are Russian, chemistry, history.

Additional details

The system is far from perfect, but the feedback is more positive than negative. Schoolchildren who attend grade 9 or grade 11 are most interested in checking. After all, these are graduation classes that are waiting for important exams. And yet - this is the time to choose your profession. Tasks in biology will help those who decide to become a doctor, and math problems will be useful for future programmers and engineers.

Testing is centralized throughout the country. The standard local time is 14:00 (after the end of all lessons). On the decision of tests 45 minutes are given.Most tasks require only an indication of the correct answer on the form of the established sample. Less often there are creative answers. In this case, the child must write a few sentences.

StatGrad 2017-2018: diagnostic work

Prospects for 2017-2018

There are no prerequisites for the abolition of these verification tasks. No one obliges to participate in the system, the test results do not affect the final grades and prospects for a good job in life. This is an additional opportunity to verify and evaluate your own knowledge, the quality of teaching in school. The authorities of the country will not insist on the obligatory passing of “StatGrad”, because it will require financial expenses, will cause a wave of discontent. It is better to treat such a check as a game.

If the teacher recommends participating, then do it for the sake of respect and personal self-esteem. The system is characterized by fairness and objectivity. Your teacher may be underreporting your marks. "StatGrad" will show its subjective attitude, will give confidence in the future.

The modern assessment of the knowledge of Russian children often does not hold water. The relatively recent test system introduced sometimes morally cripples the intellect of the younger generation.

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