State Exam in Social Studies 2018

Grade 11 - the last year of school. And if the graduates did not choose their future profession, then there is no place to “pull”. Variants of directions are different: economic, humanitarian, legal, medical. How not to be mistaken with the choice.

Such professions as a lawyer, manager, sociologist, psychologist, lawyer suggest the surrender of the exam in social studies. High results of the exam will give the opportunity to choose any of these specialties. The subject of social studies studies the relationship between a person and society, the spiritual sphere, social and economic relations between people in society, acquaintance with political science, basic knowledge of law. The course of social studies is the interweaving of various subjects and scientific fields:

  1. philosophy;
  2. history;
  3. economy;
  4. sociology;
  5. ethics.

Social science is a complex subject requiring skills:

  • think logically
  • find causal relationships;
  • understand politics;
  • philosophically reflect;
  • identify patterns of economic development.

Preparation for the exam in social studies requires a serious approach, it should be started as soon as possible. Control and measuring materials consist of 2 parts, contain 29 questions. The first 20 questions with a short answer consisting of 1-3 words or numbers. Part 2 is more complicated, involves detailed answers. The tasks of the second part are focused on graduates with a high level of knowledge in the subject.

Ranking tasks in terms of complexity of CIMs in 2017

Difficulty level Number of tasks Top score
Base 12 19
Elevated 10 20
Tall 7 23
Total 29 62

In 2017, no major changes occurred at KIM:

  1. Added task number 17, in which you need to choose the right judgment.
  2. There were changes in the numbering of questions (tasks 17, 18, steel 18, 19).
  3. Task number 18 for 2016 was removed.

No drastic changes are expected in 2018. Therefore, to prepare for the exam in social studies, a demo version of test and measurement materials for 2017, located on the FIPI website, will be suitable. Having carefully studied the materials of CIMs, you can get the maximum number of points.

According to the content of the job are distributed as follows:


Job number

Part I

I group 1-3 Checks knowledge of concepts and terms.

The difference between the biological and social nature of man. Patterns of social development. Civil and political role of man in society.

II group 4-19 Contains questions defining knowledge on 5 topics:

  • 4-6 "Man and Society"
  • 7-10 "Economy"
  • 11-12 "Relationships in society"
  • 13-15 "Politics"
  • 16-19 "Law and legal relations"

Exam in social studies in 2018. Preparation, changes. evaluation criteria

Part II

20Checks the ability to generalize and systematize information
21Checks the ability to find and reproduce the necessary information in the author's text.
22 – 24The ability to highlight the main information in the text, to supplement it, using logical thinking or other sources of information.
25Determines the level of knowledge of political aspects in society.
26 – 27Defines the level of legal literacy. Ability to give examples of the studied theoretical material, to specify the concepts and provisions, analyze and apply knowledge to solve specific social science problems.
28 Knowledge of economic laws in society.Checks the ability to differentiate information, summarize. Analyzes skills in drawing up a plan, reflecting the functional and hierarchical features of phenomena in society.
29 Variation task.Choose 1 of 5 proposed topics and write a mini-essay in which it is necessary to reveal the topic, describe the facts, using special concepts and terms, life experience. It checks the ability to identify a problem, state its attitude to it, confirm with arguments, draw conclusions.

If there will be changes in the USE by 2018, then they will be known at the beginning of the school year. The date of the exam will be officially published only in January 2018.

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