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Start all over again

What remains when everything collapses and active descent to the bottom is inevitable?

What remains when nothing is left?

What helps to pull yourself together and start all over again?

What gives you the strength to take a step towards the unknown again, having only your own plans and dreams in store?

I will answer: Faith.

Faith comes or remains at the moment when all other means no longer work. Faith - sometimes the only feeling that moves us in moments of despair and helps to swim out of dangerous waters.

I watch myself and others quite a lot, in my piggy bank of observations in the section “What made you go? What helped? ”A lot of arguments in favor of the Faith have accumulated. Faith, which, like an unknown hand of someone, pulled people out of the deep pit of the darkest social bottom.

When all these people who had fallen from the heights or height of their own height, but once managed to rise and change the trajectory of their movement, they were asked: “What happened that you decided and could change everything?” - each of them answered: “I believed in God.

A woman who had not had a certain place of residence for several years and could not walk, once turned to God and believed in his power to every bone. She managed to get on her feet, then met her husband and found a home. And I heard such stories and amassed a million. All people eager for change, moved Vera. We are driven by the belief in success, and our fears and powerlessness inhibit us.

Even in my close environment there are many people who, in difficult times of their lives, turned to God and gained inner strength, redrawing their lives to each of their breaths.

I myself experimented with faith while I was looking for my way to God. When I sought salvation and help from the Universe, I prayed in churches, then I learned the endless prayer of my heart. I found my God in my own soul. I believe, sometimes it seems, I know: they hear me even when I just whisper with my thoughts. With or without a church, if there is faith, the result is the same: they hear you and help you. Or interpret it this way: your faith energy changes the course of things - and you are saved. Who believes what.

And it does not matter at all what kind of faith is meant: is it religion or esoteric magic.The very fact of believing in something creates a huge potential for achieving and implementing what you believe in.

It’s harder to believe in yourself, so people choose to believe in God. Let it go. The existence of God or some immense power behind all of us cannot be confirmed by science, and disputes will never come to their logical conclusion. But even science proves the effect of faith, explaining in physics the influence of our thoughts on circumstances. Circumstances shape the consciousness - what it is filled with, then it happens.

When we believe, we are armed with the greatest resource of strength. When we believe the power within us, it raises and leads us by the hand. The stronger the faith, the stronger the energy of what we believe.

We believe in the inevitable punishment, which dictates our own feeling of guilt or conscience - it will inevitably happen. It is not God who will punish, but the energy of his own thoughts.

I believe that a person who has committed a crime and at the same time does not feel any sense of repentance and even does not admit that he must be punished and will not be punished. Neither this life nor the other. His thoughts did not create any energy that could influence the punishment. Nothing comes out of the void.

The truth of life is this: most often unscrupulous people thrive and do not bear any responsibility for their sins. Have you noticed?

And some average woman, a mother of many children who is accustomed to self-flagellation, will shout at her baby once and be tormented by such a feeling of guilt that will gradually destroy both her own and the child, alternately sending test after test. In the depths of her soul, she will understand: God is punishing her, it was impossible so with a child.

Be unscrupulous? - readers will ask. No, be reasonable and control your thoughts, clearing the mind of everything negative, believing in the good. Easy to say. Make it hard.

I know from my own experience: faith appears itself when everything else disappears, as I said above.

“Do not be afraid, only believe,” said Jesus.

Probably intuitively, I always followed this. When I was taking risks, when I turned to problems, when I was afraid, I believed: there was power behind me; within me is power. I believed that everything was under control there, and fear could not paralyze me. I made the next jump without any insurance, just risking to take off with faith.

There were so many desperate risks on the bare enthusiasm in my handful with hopes of success ... I understood: risks are possible only with the presence of faith. It does not matter in yourself or in God who protects you, but it is she, faith, the source of strength and courage.

Once I did an introspection of my life by drawing a table. I brought into it all my achievements and falls, under which I had to write, what qualities contributed to them. In the category "Achievements" and to this day I have two qualities: the ability to take risks and my faith. In the category “Failures” - fear, inaction, lack of faith in oneself.

Where there is faith, fear is also there, but it is much less and it does not impede movement.

Faith makes the spirit stronger, gives strength and shapes reality. This is a million confirmations, just look around.

He believed Edison in his light bulbs or Ford in the sixteen-cylinder engine. In the end, in the case of Edison, the world went even to magic, giving way to faith.

But please: do not rush to extremes. Jesus said: “Faith without works is dead,” and this is also thousands of proofs.

But I also believe in the power of fate.

Fate is determined by our soul, which has chosen in advance for itself those states that it needs to live in this life. Most likely, everything that was predetermined by her choice will happen to us.Anyway, we have come for experience and spiritual growth in this world. However, with the help of faith, you can change your own scenario of fate without lingering for a long time or forever in the same states.

Let me explain: it was necessary for us to survive the pain of loss or longing for loneliness - and they happened to us in the whole range of feelings. Then the choice is ours - to take it as an experience, believe in new achievements, a new reality and start moving again, armed with faith and patience, or remain in these states for life, yielding to the power of fate. In any case, the soul will receive the conditions it needs, but the duration of their stay will depend on each of us.

I heard and read stories of people who fell from the height of their own success into the very abyss and became not only bankrupt, but also homeless. This state of affairs was predetermined by fate. Maktub. The soul needed the experience of such a merciless fall - and it received it. But you know what's sad?

According to statistics, seventy percent of people who find themselves in this position do not want to change anything. The remaining thirty want and change circumstances contrary to their power. Save themselves.

Hardly anyone knows the truth of the diamond: it is impossible to help someone who does not want help. Those who want and are ready for it, do everything possible. Starting with a review of their actions and introspection views on life. In which case fate is here, in which faith is obvious.

The main impetus to rise from the bottom gave them faith. Ask any person with a similar story, listen to an interview with any famous person, which gave them the strength not to give up, but to move towards their dreams through the thorny jungle of fate. All will answer: unlimited faith in success.

“... if you have faith with a mustard seed and say this woe: {come from here to}, and she will go over; and nothing will be impossible for you. "

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