Stadium "Red Presnya" will transfer

The Krasnaya Presnya stadium in the Central Administrative District of Moscow will be demolished, but the city is not going to part with it. According to the press service of the Central Administrative District, it is proposed to revive the stadium in the territories freed from dilapidated housing.

According to the prefect of the district Sergey Baidakov, the district administration is not going to wait until the federal ministries find free areas, and intends to search for them independently. It is possible, at the expense of the territories vacated by the demolition of dilapidated housing.

In the next three days, the Moscow City Architecture Committee, together with the Presnensky District Administration, will submit proposals for a land plot, on which a new stadium will be built instead of the demolished Krasnaya Presnya stadium.

At the site of the Krasnaya Presnya stadium, construction of a parliamentary center is planned. The press service of the Central Administrative District noted that the Okrug authorities had repeatedly appealed to federal structures with a request to allocate a plot in Presnensky district to compensate for the sports territory.

However, none of the appeals of the prefecture of the Central Administrative District was not given a positive response. In this regard, the prefecture itself is looking for the territory of urban or district values.

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