Spanish Super Cup 2017-2018

The Spanish Soccer Cup 2017-2018 is another exciting event that millions of sports fans are waiting for. The upcoming draw of the prestigious trophy promises to be very interesting, because not just irreconcilable opponents will fight in the fight, but sworn football enemies - Real Madrid and Barcelona. The current owner of the Super Bowl is Barça, but the creamy will probably want to take it away, having pleased the army of its many fans. But, the fight for the cup in 2017, showed that, it seems, Barcelona has forgotten how to play football - that’s the opinion of so many fans.

Date and time limit

The Spanish Super Cup 2017-2018, founded in 1941, and, in the current format since 1982, consists of two matches. The right to fight for the title of the best team in Spain is given to the winner of the King’s Cup and the champion of the country's football championship. It so happened that the penultimate Cup confidently won Barcelona, ​​and Real in the championship in a bitter struggle against blue garnet won (the gap was only 3 points).In 2017, the decisive match took place on August 17, and Real Madrid won a landslide victory with a score of 2: 0. The first match ended with a similar margin of 2 goals and with a score of 3: 1.

Thus, the team managed by Zidane set a record and there is no doubt who will be the favorite bookmakers in 2018.

Super Bowl matches will traditionally be held on the eve of the Spanish Football Championship - first on the field of Real Madrid, then - Barcelona. The results of the fights are summarized, and the best team will take the coveted trophy with them. If in two fights a draw is fixed, or the clubs will win each other once, a victory will be awarded to the team that has scored more goals on the opponent's field. If this indicator is equal, in the second match after the expiration of the main time two halves of 15 minutes each are assigned. Often in extra time, the winner cannot be determined, and then a penalty shoot-out is held.

What is interesting draw?

It will be interesting to watch the Spanish Super Cup for several reasons:

  • coaching duel;
  • uncompromising struggle;
  • technical game of the best football players of the planet.

Luis Enrique is no longer the Barcelona head coach. Although there were rumors about the resignation of the blue-garnet mentor long before the end of the Spanish championship, in fact many, and, above all, Barca bosses were not ready for this turn of events. At parting, Enrique still won a single trophy with the team in the 2016-2017 season, leaving a whole new tangle of problems to the new head coach.


Let's start with the fact that not every distinguished coach wants to see in Barcelona the leadership of the club led by Josep Bartomeu, because not only the game model and the correct philosophy is important for the Catalans. The team, due to the huge attacking potential, will never “park the bus” at its own penalty or will play for the result, having dug in on its own half of the field. It turned out that not so many specialists are claiming to be Barça’s helmsman, so this position was won by Ernesto Valverde unexpectedly for many analysts. How the new mentor will cope with the cult of Leo Messi, who under Louis Enrique influenced not only the starting arrangement, but also the transfer policy, is not yet clear. Hopefully Valverde will have enough authorityto establish an atmosphere in the team.


In contrast to Barcelona, ​​which suffers from problems that have piled on, Real has, at first glance, everything is in order. In the infirmary of the key players there is no one, the microclimate in the club cannot be thought out better, and the president of “creamy” - Sergio Perez - finally believed in the head coach Zinedine Zidane, which finally dispelled all rumors about his resignation. We must pay tribute to Zizou: he was the only one who could find an approach to football "stars", since now even Ronaldo does not complain about his place on the field (as it was, for example, under Rafael Benitez). All players are conventionally divided into the base and the bench, but none of the bases have untouchable status (except Ronaldo, of course). At any time, the reservist can replace the tired or not the best way to have played the previous match of the base player. Cohesion is the main trump card of Madrid, which many experts see as favorites of the upcoming draw of the Spanish Super Cup.

But one should not sing the premature praises of Zidane. The 2017 Spanish Supercup during his coaching brought the seventh trophy, adding to the Spanish Championship, the UEFA Super Cup, the Champions League.Awesome for 19 months of work? - Yes. But, at the same time, there were exactly as many defeats, so the total score was drawn.

Ronaldo or Messi?

If you have never seen what extravaganza is being staged on the field by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, then you have lived your life in vain. You can not like football as much as you like, but you need to look at the game of the two best football players of our time at least once. Over the past 8 years, only these two people were deservedly awarded the FIFA Golden Ball (Messi 4 times, and Ronaldo 2). Of course, time does not spare anyone, so do not miss one of the last opportunities to personally observe the confrontation face to face of players who have already gone down in history.

Lionel Messi

In the upcoming battle, Messi will lead the best trio of attack in modern football. MSN - this is the nickname received by the attack of "Barcelona", led by Messi, Suarez and Neymar. Lionel, as in most games, will certainly play the role of a free artist, alternately shifting to the flanks, then to the center of attack. Such a wide freedom of action was not granted to any other player in Barça, but this is a justified step, since Messi can alone decide the outcome of the confrontation by making a goal out of nothing.

Ronaldo last season there was some kind of soccer retraining.It is no secret that throughout his career, KriRo to the left flank, but the years take their toll, and at the start of the Spanish Championship 2016-2018, he was not so good. As a result, Zidane began to shift him to the center of the attack, and this gave its fruits. Due to the brilliant physical shape and excellent feeling of the ball, Ronaldo began to stamp goals from the penalty area, playing well with his head and in advance. Also, Cristiano is good at podryryshe, and in the upcoming two-masted confrontation, he will be entrusted with the basic functions of delivering the ball to the attack.


Thus, the Spanish Super Cup 2017-2018 is an exciting event that deserves the attention of fans. Already in August, the best football players of our time will compete for the prestigious trophy and will delight you with spectacular moments.

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