Song of the Year 2018

The legendary festival for many years is the main event of the musical life of the country. During the forty-five years of its existence, many talented singers of the song genre have performed on its stage. The television rating of this program is still very high. The television rating of this program is still very high. Interestingly, the song of the year 2018 will be as exciting as previous releases?


A bit of history

The initiator of the creation of this festival in 1971 was made by: N. Grigoriants, editor of Central TV music programs, orchestra conductor Y. Silantyev and music director V. Cherkasov. It was conceived as a competition of songs that were then broadcast on radio and Central Television throughout the year. Every month on the air broadcast songs that were popular in this period. Following the results of the preliminary releases, a list of songs was compiled, which was supposed to be heard in the final concert at the end of the year.

Song of the Year 2018

In Soviet times, songs were mostly selected according to ideological principles. The content of the concerts varied with the country.If at the first stages the repertoire of performers had to correspond to the moral and moral principles of the builder of communism, then with the beginning of perestroika a peculiar “liberalization” of songs took place. For the performers are no longer such high demands vocal and performance skills. Musical compositions ceased to be coordinated on artistic councils. Despite many difficulties, songs at the initial stage were mainly performed live using an orchestra (1971-76). With the advent of Perestroika, some prohibitions of the ideological plan were canceled. With the collapse of the Union, the festival temporarily ceased to exist. He was replaced by a new project - "Hit Parade Ostankino." Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of the unchanging presenter A. Vovk, two years later the festival reappeared on the screens of Russian spectators. From 1971 to 1999, he was simply called “Song of 1971,” 72, 73, etc. Then he was called "Song of the Year."

As is well known, the “dashing nineties” were notable for great economic difficulties, and therefore the festival tried to distract Russians from everyday hard life. During these years mainly restaurant songs sounded.

Now “Song of the Year” is a large-scale television project with a clear business focus. The selection of songs takes into account not only the talent of the performers and the content of the song, but also the commercial component.

Songs and show participants

All performers who reached the final before 1991 were called laureates and received the corresponding diplomas. Now songwriters are considered winners. For forty-five years, the champions of the festival have become:

A. Pugacheva Twenty times
E. Pieha Twenty two times
F. Kirkorov, L. Vaikule, I. Allegrova, V. Tolkunova, I. Nikolaev Twenty five times
V. Leontiev Thirty four times
I. Kobzon Thirty nine times
L. Leshchenko, S. Rotaru Forty three times

In addition, the last two performers sang a record number of songs:

  • S. Rotaru - performed ninety songs;
  • L. Leshchenko - sang seventy compositions.

For the whole time of the festival 2 thousand 200 works were performed. According to the rules of the final concert, the song can be sung only once. However, this rule had to be broken seven times. At the request of the audience, the following songs were performed "encore":

List of songs Performers
"Know what kind of boy he was." It was performed by the legendary Y. Gulyaev in 1971.
"For that guy" The song of Joseph Kobzon (1972) was performed by L. Leschenko for the second time.
"Song of the Crocodile Genes" She was sang twice by S. Paramonov in 1972 accompanied by the Great Children's Choir of the Central Television and the All-Union Radio.
"Song of a Far Motherland" Complied with numerous requests I. Kobzon.
"You are my tune" Sang "for an encore" M. Magomaev in 1973.
"Hope" The song was sung by M. Magomayev.
"When the gardens were blooming" I remember the performance of A. Herman in 1977.

The final concert was conducted by:

  • from 1971 to 1975 - announcers of heat centers A. Shilov and I. Kirillov;
  • from 1976 to 1979 - A. Maslyakov and S. Zhiltsova.

The most famous leading final concerts were E. Menshov and A. Vovk. They took the stage from 1988 to 2006 eighteen times. The last concerts of the “Songs of the Year” since 2007 are conducted by S. Lazarev and L. Kudryavtseva.

Where is the festival

The address of the competition all these years has not remained constant. The first twenty years, the final concert was conducted in the studio conditions in "Ostankino". In 1985, the organizers decided to hold this event in DC "Dynamo". In the periods from 1993 to 1997 and 1999 - 2003, as well as in 2003 and 2005. the Kremlin Palace was chosen for the contest. In 1998, the final concert was held at the KC Cosmos Hotel.In 2004, the festival met the Concert Hall "Russia". Since 2006, the concerts "Songs of the Year" began to be held in the "Olympic".

Concert Broadcast

The first issues of "Song of the Year" were shown on the CT of the USSR. They were looking forward to the whole country. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the First Channel took over. After the departure of the company I. Nikolaev, “ARS” from the main channel of the country, the festival moved to the channel “Muz - TV”. He began to position himself as the main New Year's concert. His broadcast in the new status was on the NTV channel. In 2006, the “Song of the Year” again changed registration. Now it can be seen annually on the channel "Russia".

What will be the "Song of the Year" in 2018

The recording of the main concert is traditionally held at the beginning of December at the Olympic. It can be attended by up to twenty two thousand people each time.

Song of the Year 2018

If at the beginning the final concert contained only pop music, then now on the stage of the Olympic Stadium you can see performers of different musical styles. The 2018 concert is no exception. Surely it will be attended by venerable performers such as:

  • A. Pugacheva;
  • F. Kirkorov;
  • V. Leontiev;
  • S. Rotaru;
  • I. Kobzon;
  • I. Nikolaev;
  • I. Allegrova;
  • L. Vaikule;
  • N. Babkina;
  • G. Leps;
  • L.Valley;
  • S. Mikhailov;
  • E. Vaenga;
  • V. Meladze;
  • L. Agutin and others.

In 2018, young artists will also surprise us:

  • S. Lazarev;
  • A. Lorak;
  • K. Arbakayte;
  • D. Bilan;
  • Nargiz;
  • S. Loboda;
  • A-studio;
  • V. Brezhnev;
  • P. Gagarin;
  • N. Basque;
  • I. Dubtsova;
  • Y. Savicheva;
  • Alsou;
  • Christmas tree;
  • Potap and Nastya;
  • Bianca;
  • Nyusha

Concert tickets

Despite the fact that the project “Song of the Year” is a long-lived on our TV, it is still very popular among Russian viewers. At the concert, which will be held in the "Olympic" on December 2-3, 2017, there are already enough of those who wish. Very soon, all the theater box offices in the capital will begin selling tickets to the main concert of the country. If you want to buy tickets for this great song show, you need to think in advance about buying tickets. By the way, they can also be purchased on the Internet.

The cost of tickets depends on the number of the sector and ranges from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. The price in the VIP zone can reach 10 thousand rubles.

The final concert of the Song of the Year will be broadcast on January 1-2, 2018 on the Russia channel.

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