Solo: Star Wars 8 - 2018 film

  • Premiere: May 24, 2018 (in Russia)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: fantasy, action
  • Directors: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Ron Howard
  • Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga, Charles Dance, Kyle Chandler, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Sally Hawkins, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Zhang Ziyi, Ken Watanabe, etc.

The 2018 Star Wars will tell fans of the series what Han Solo was like when he was young, how he came to shoot New Hope. In fact, there is where to roam, because the history of the formation of a beloved smuggler by everyone is very rich.

We saw him young in 1977, but it was so long ago that you don’t even remember. And then, there it was not about him, but about Luke Skywalker. Now, for a minute, a separate film will be devoted to him, telling exclusively about the attractive criminal, who is very much proud of his “Millennium Falcon”. Generally, this is a spaceship, and not what you might think. There is no talk about this in the franchise, which is good. Anyway.

Duo Lord and Miller

Although, taking into account that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have been appointed directors of the 2018 Star Wars project in the 2018 series, you can start worrying. No, not for quality, but for jokes. For the quality of jokes. In the sense that such works as “Lego. The film "and" Macho and Botan "a lot of what was taught to the audience. By the way, they are an amateur. But people like it.

Come and see how Han Solo looks in their vision. But still, Disney should not allow specific indulgence in their new project. Still, people are used to a completely different Han Solo, to the classic, which Harrison Ford played once. However, he was extraordinary. In general, all this might not have happened if George Lucas had not once entrusted a young guy with a job that would turn absolutely everything in his life.

Red cups and shots, or the first news from the set

Returning to the duet of directors, it is impossible not to note the fact that they have already managed to boast the first shots from the set. To be precise, so far only one. Christopher Miller on his Twitter showed a clapperboard (the one that the numerator), which clearly shows the working title of the project: "Star Wars: Red Cup".Joke, if that.

“Red Bowl” is a kind of reference to red plastic cups, so beloved by the creators of youth comedies in America. In addition to this, Chris Miller signed his tweet like this: Han First Shot. Actually, draw your own conclusions about what is happening with humor on the project.

Well, whatever it was, and this is a long-awaited movie. And everything will be fine with him in the end, believe me. If the duo Lord Miller managed to make an exciting cartoon out of Lego figures, then who said that they couldn’t draw the attention of a wide audience of audiences with a story about the youth of Han Solo?

On the other hand, Miller left a lot of sense in the message: a shot may be a shot that is well remembered by all Star Wars fans, without exception, which the director hinted at.

Han Solo

Performer of the role of the young Han Solo

You can talk a lot about the project, but as of February 2017, besides tweet, very little is known about it. The cast, which Miller and the Lord will have to work with, has not yet been fully staffed, but is remarkable now.

The main role in the film will be performed by Olden Erenreich. I want to believe that he is able to bring something of his own into the image of the beloved by many smugglers.Not so long ago, he appeared in the Cohen brothers in their new and very funny tape “Long live Caesar!”, And before that he was lucky to work with Woody Allen in his next work “Jasmine”, though not so much comedy, as is usually the case with the master how tragic.

Also, Olden Ehrenraik previously collaborated twice with Francis Ford Coppola: on the films “Tetro” and “Between” and once worked with Pak Chang-uk, the author of “Oldboy”, on the film “Perverse Games”. Even the young actor was remembered for his role in Richard La Gravenes's The Beautiful Creatures.

In general, we are all to the fact that he has enough experience, so do not worry about the fact that he does not meet his expectations.

On the set, Olden Ehrenreik was lucky to work with very prominent and charismatic people. What only one woody harrelson is worth! And the Mother of Dragons? Wow!

Alden Erenreiku

Hanna Solo Mentor

Talking about the career of a bosom friend Matthew McConaughey is like talking about outstanding achievements in his profession as an actor. Woody Harrelson was remembered by many things, and in the future he plans to make and show a film in real time. But more about that some other time.

In the universe of "Star Wars" he will be assigned the role of a teacher of Han Solo. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games he has already made a real man and a fighter for justice, being an alcoholic, so why is he now not able to teach life tog who in the future will help Luke Skywalker in the fight against Darth Vader?

By the way, the producers of the nameless project about Han Solo originally planned to take on the role of an actor with a name. There is information that they even turned to Christian Bale for help. Tom had once had to be in the shoes of a coach, and for the role of a former boxer teaching all aspects of the skill of this sport of his brother, he received an Oscar. But still, Woody Harrelson seemed to producers more advantageous candidate to attract a huge number of viewers to the cinema.

She was probably up to Leah ...

Emilia Clark, she is Daenerys Targaryen, she is the Mother of Dragons, she is ... In general, Emilia Clark, to the delight of fans, has signed up to participate in future Star Wars. It is not known for sure what role is assigned to it in the project, but it can be assumed that it will become the love of the young Han Solo.

By the way, in the fight for this kind of work, the performer of the role of young Sarah Connor in the film “Terminator: Genesis” bypassed such actressessuch as: Tessa Thompson (highlighting her as the main rival of Burerozhdennaya, it’s worth mentioning that she was previously noted in “Creed”, the one that “Rocky Heritage”, and stood out among people and robots in the TV series “World of the Wild West”) Kirsi Clemons, Naomi Scott, Jessica Henwick and Adria Archona. All the young ones, so the assumption of the love interest of the hero Alden Erikrike, as you see, is not unreasonable.

Emilia Clark

Contender Han Solo card game

Also known is another name among the cast: Donald Glover. Behind him is the image of Lando Calrissian. Actor today, many know on the TV series "Atlanta." Actually, for him, he recently received a deserved "Golden Globe".

The plot of the movie

So far this is the entire list of the names of the actors who will play the previously unreleased story from the life of Han Solo in the upcoming film. If we talk about what they have to play, then here we also come to a standstill. Naturally, the plot is kept secret. After JJ Abrams after many years forced the whole world to plunge into the Star Wars universe again, this was to be expected.

There is an assumption that the card game between Han Solo and Lando Calrissian will serve as the basis for the future picture. In it, as is known, the first one managed to win the “Millennium Falcon”.Also, the directors have to do work on how to properly show the moment of acquaintance of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Who will appear as Chewie? Oh! This question worries many fans.

Now a few words about the writers themselves. On their shoulders fell the difficult work of inventing what seemed to be a familiar plot. The story should captivate the viewer. On the one hand, Lawrence Kazdan is well acquainted with the franchise. He worked on the script for the fifth chapter. “The Empire Strikes Back” is perhaps still the best part in the series. Also, by the way, he was responsible for the first “Indiana Jones” and “Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. His son, John Kasdan, will help the pope with a story for a solo film about Han Solo, using his full comedy potential.

Star Warriors 8

Operator and composer paintings

For the visual component will be responsible Bradford Young, who was nominated for an Oscar for Arrival. There, to be honest, he did a tremendous job and helped convey the feelings of the main character performed by Amy Adams in the proper way. Therefore, he quite deservedly got a job in the Star Wars spin-off.

It remains only to find out the name of the composer.The masterpieces of John Williams, of course, do not interrupt him, but it is worth a try. However, the composition “Everything Is AWESOME” from “Lego” is still kept in memory, agree. Do you think Mark Matersbo will cope with this kind of task?

Afterword or aftertaste

Not for long the music played. In the summer of 2017, when the spin-off of Han Solo was filmed more than half, the directors of the project in the face of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired. Officially, it all comes down to the phrase “creative disagreements” that have long ago been a bit tarnished. Unofficially, the reason for the dismissal of the directors of the new film in the Star Wars universe is the inability to build relationships with producer Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Lawrence Kesdan. Who was right, time will tell.

Now it is known that they urgently turned to Ron Howard (“Mind Games”, “Race”, “Knockdown”) for help. Note that the director is a longtime friend of George Lucas. It is immediately evident that the replacement was taken not just a man from the street, but really a true master of his craft.

"Star Wars" sample 2018

The film is likely to become a spin-off in the comedy genre, but not too riotous.An early release date sweetens the interest in the project with each new day. In principle, the wait is not long: the premiere is scheduled for May 24th. On this day, Han Solo and Chui will appear in Russia in front of local fans, while a day later there will be a worldwide release. It is expected that the tape will be shown in 3D and in IMAX. Then we will be able to evaluate all the difficulties in the work that have arisen during the tape production stage with our own eyes. For now we wait not so much a comedy, how many sarcastic drama.

According to rumors, the title of the film will be the following: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. This can be translated into Russian like this: “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories "(by analogy with the project" Outcast-one ").

Oh yeah, as a result of the re-filming of the picture, the hero Michael Kenneth Williams was completely cut out. He tied Han Solo and the Mother of the Dragons.

Actually, to the delight of fans, the local name of the heroine Emilia Clark, who remained in the tape, became aware: this time everything is simple: her name is Cyrus. You just have to build your assumptions, then to check, and whether they were justified.

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