Solid fuel boilers BEACON

May 9, 2018

Regardless of the weather outside, your home will always be warm and comfortable. This goal is easily achieved by installing a heating boiler. There is a huge selection of these devices, but really reliable and at a reasonable price, very little.

Consider in more detail the most common heating devices that are used in fairly large areas - solid fuel boilers Beacon. You can buy solid fuel boilers Beacon on the site of the Internet - heating store "Teplomarket" at

Solid fuel boilers BEACON

This is a domestic technology with the following positive properties and features of operation:

Positive features

Minimum cash investment;

Non-volatile system;

Installation is made without paperwork;

Work on different solid fuels (coal, wood, coke, peat pallets, etc.);

Low cost of fuel material (when compared with gas and electricity);

The presence of a damper regulating the air supply to the boiler;

Large loading chamber (it is possible to lay firewood with a length of up to 80 cm and a section of 25 cm);

When installing a special burner, these boilers can run on liquid fuel;

The ability to install elektroteny;

Твердотопливные котлы МАЯК

Individual features and characteristics

Minimum adjustment of heat output of the boiler;

It is necessary to periodically visit the boiler for laying firewood (due to the lack of an automatic fuel supply system);

It is necessary to periodically check the draft when using insufficiently dried wood. When this occurs, the formation of a larger amount of soot in the chimney. It is better to use well-dried firewood and heat output from which is thirty percent higher compared to raw wood.

Average efficiency;

Large sizes;

The main feature is the absence of a DHW circuit (the only way out is to connect the boiler to the boiler);

The most common among all brands received solid fuel boilers Beacon KTR-16 and KTR-20. The power of these devices is 16 and 20 kW, respectively. This fact is caused by low-cost maintenance, and a large assortment of spare parts for these types of boilers.

But if you take into account their performance, it is much better than using homemade solid fuel boilers. This is due to the fact that a minimum amount of cash investment is required, and the effect when using a branded boiler is incomparable with the use of a homemade device.

Твердотопливные котлы МАЯК

If, however, you have the opportunity to spend multiple times more finance, then you can buy imported heating boilers.

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