Skirts fall / winter 2019

It is difficult to imagine that women's skirts will ever lose their relevance and become simply unfashionable. This piece of clothing is able to completely change the image of a woman, giving her a stylish business look, sometimes a light romantic negligence, or shameless sexuality. Every year in the trend of different styles of skirts, although recently there has been a mixture of images. Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 reflect this trend, allowing girls to always be different.

Actual styles

Autumn bad weather and even winter cold are not capable of forcing charming ladies to give up skirts. This forces designers to be inventive, creating not only new nuances in well-known models, but also worrying about their wearing comfort. At the same time, for the cold seasons, they create not only warmed options, but also weightless ones for evening events, and strict ones for a business woman. Also, designers take into account current trends that can reflect the exceptional style of women of any age and status.

Asymmetrical cut and skirts with a deep slit

Skirt with a slitThe asymmetry that many people have fallen in love with has been steadily keeping up with the trend for several seasons. Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 will not be an exception - the relevance of uneven cut is still high. The trends of past years tended to have a pronounced asymmetric edge of the product. It was the back of the skirt, aesthetically flashing when walking. Now more actual is the presence of several points of asymmetry. At the same time in the skirts of this type is important some randomness, the difference in length, width and location of asymmetric parts.

The stylish cut often returns to fashion in various variations. Now the cut is also in trend. And the favorite is its design on the front of the skirt. It is also not about modest cuts - the fabric divides the skirt to the maximum permissible limits. At the same time, straight cuts are possible, as well as diagonal, and even with jagged edges. Most effectively they look on skirts of medium and long length, although now even mini have got flirtatious cuts.

Classic options and layered skirts

Layered skirtSuch skirts are called classical because they are.You should not expect any extreme changes from them. To attribute the skirt to the one that is now in trend, will allow the current colors, fashionable print or material manufacturing. Pencil skirts go far beyond the offices - an elongated and narrowed bottom in combination with a high waist are able to create a real miracle with a female figure.

From the independent images of fashion, allowing to wear several different things at the same time, the multilayeredness has passed into a single product. Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 will recognize all belt products consisting of several layers. Moreover, it is permissible not only to mix different levels and colors, but even a combination of textiles with leather, jeans or fur. Also in the multilayer skirts may be manifested and the current asymmetry in this season.

Products with high waist

Skirts with a classic waist will look only in the absence of standardization. The same layering or deep cut will be worthy of such a product. More discreet options with a clear, romantic or classic cut require an oversized waistline.

Now half measures are not relevant - the belt of the skirt should be wide or allow dressing the product above the level of the natural waist.Many ladies like this fashionable skirt fall-winter 2019 will like - with a free cut, this option allows you to hide the flaws of the figure in the form of a small tummy.

Fashionable skirt length

Not only the style of clothing reflects the trend of the season. The length of the product can also emphasize the “fashionableness” of the thing, or indicate that the current trends do not correspond. Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 can be of any length, although there is a pronounced leader.

Hit of the season - midi

MidiThe most relevant length for different styles of skirts will be midi. Flowing half-sun or strict pencil skirt will be in trend if they are below the knee length and mid-calf length. Low girls should not be afraid of such styles, it is only important to remember that for them with such a skirt you definitely need a heel.

The average length will be trend for products from different fabrics and is applicable to any images. Romantic flying skirts or bold asymmetrical will look stylish in midi version. Although the other length for skirts is also not on the sidelines.

Place mini and maxi in fashion trends

Flirty mini and mysterious maxi skirts in the autumn-winter 2019 season, too, there is a place.Under the maxi now accepted full length to the floor, without any reservations. In addition, this option was conceived by designers mainly for evening looks, and not for everyday wear.

Regarding the mini-designers claim in one voice - this is an option out of fashion. Under no circumstances, the true fashionista will not give up such a skirt. The product, above the knee length, should always be in the wardrobe, only the fabric, style and decorative nuances vary.

Actual materials for skirts fall-winter 2019

The variety of textiles, nonwovens and hand-made materials tend to replace each other in different seasons. For the skirts of the fall-winter 2019 season, this approach is not typical - almost any fabric and texture will be considered trendy.

Leather goods and quilted options

Skirts resembling the style of tailoring a jacket or a children's duvet will look extraordinarily stylish. They are able not only to reflect fashion trends, but also to preserve precious heat even in severe frost. At the same time, you can find thin variants of quilted skirts that imitate a warm product.

Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 leather can be sewn in various styles, ranging from romantic options with pleats and ending with office products.Also, the skin will not be used as a base material, but with a decorative purpose.

Knitted and lace skirts

Lace trim or braided inserts in the finished product are not going to surrender their positions. Two-layered versions with lace, located on top of an opaque fabric are also acceptable. Products that combine coarse varieties of fabrics and lightweight lace are also possible.

Knitwear will be another fashion squeak. And the most relevant will be skirts that imitate hand knitting. In the trend of large patterns, individual flashy elements and all kinds of braids and braids.

Velvet, woolen and corduroy products

Classic smooth velvet and his velvet collar will be actual fabrics for sewing fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019. This will not only be a fashionable option - such types of fabrics are quite warm, which is important in the cold season.

Wool fabrics are also in trend, and they can be used in very unexpected combinations with other materials. It is also quite possible to see short skirts made of thin woolen fabrics, which cannot be combined with the factor of heat preservation, but indicates a tribute to fashion.

Pleated and shuttlecocks

Ruffles, flounces and other volumetric elements will not only be relevant for multi-layered styles of skirts, although it is in them that they will become the most used. It is possible to point the use of such decorative elements in the finishing of finished products, while they will often be made of a material that is different from the fabric of the main product.

Crash fabrics have gone out of fashion - now there is a more strict pleated trend in the trend. Slender ladies can afford and corrugation, but pleated creates less volume, giving the product unusual, while preserving the silhouette of the figure. Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 allow for pleated pleats in dense warm fabrics and in weightless ones. The latest options are more relevant for evening images.

Color solutions for fashionable skirts

Classic versions of tones always remain in trend, especially if it is a thing of black, gray or deep blue, made in a strict style. At the same time, each new season highlights favorite shades and different color combinations. The same applies to the patterns and patterns on the fabric.

Monochrome and two-color options, cell and strip

The monotony of the belt product is observed in each season, the difference is only in the difference of preferred colors.For the monochrome fashionable skirt of the autumn-winter 2019 season, these colors and their shades are suitable:

  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • red;
  • beige;
  • burgundy;
  • purple.

Combinations of two similar tones or contrast are possible. Often this will be relevant in skirts with lace or in multi-layered versions. Also allowed is a combination of fabrics of different colors, at the same time differing in texture.

A strict cell of suits and business skirts turned into flirty articles. Combinations of two or more contrasting colors are possible, as well as almost indistinguishable halftones that make up a cell. Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019 in stripes are characterized by slanting cut and pronounced contrast of colors. Moreover, both strict versions and bold or romantic ones are permissible, although the majority of the striped products will be presented by designers in the form of evening options.

Metallic, prints and floristics

Bright prints are not so relevant in the season - at the peak of fashion embroidery, although printed patterns in some cases will be in the trend. These are geometric prints. For the embroidered elements, floral motifs are more characteristic, but in the form of small details.

Another trend of the season will be a fabric with a metallic sheen. The main part of the products will be made in evening and everyday versions, although some designers decided to apply some of the fabrics of strict tones with a metallic effect to business images.

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