Simple bag without a pattern

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A simple spacious bag is a great functional thing that is useful in every home. Today we will tell you how to sew such an accessory with your own hands.

a bag

Our advice will be especially useful for those who have never made their own bags before. The fact is that for this craft we do not need a pattern. And for some reason, novice craftsmen are always afraid to take up sewing items for which you need to draw blanks separately. It's all easier: just measure the fabric, cut off and sew right away. Just keep in mind that without a sewing machine is not enough here - you will have to scribble a lot, and it is unlikely to be done manually. However, if it does not frighten you, you can try to cope with such a task.

The finished bag will resemble canvas. If you make it from natural fabric, it will not be distinguished from the factory one. As a result, you will get a wonderful accessory, which is convenient to carry as a separate bag or fold and always carry with you instead of a plastic bag.Anyone who cares about the preservation of the environment and supports the theory of reasonable resource consumption will undoubtedly appreciate this idea.

We turn to the manufacture of bags. It's all very simple. Do not doubt in your abilities, because girls of school age cope with sewing such bags. This is one of the first master classes in children's circles of cutting and sewing. As a rule, all young seamstresses learn this lesson and get “excellent”.

a bag

What do we need?

  • fabric for exterior decoration (approximately 1 - 1.2 meters)
  • fabric for interior decoration (same amount)
  • fabric for making pens

How to sew a bag?

Determine the size of the bag. Suppose we take the size of a standard canvas bag - approximately 45 * 37. We need to throw 1 cm on each side (for the seams) and multiply this number by two. We will not cut it, because such bags do not have an additional sewn bottom.

Thus, the size of our canvas will be 45 cm * 2 + 2 cm = 92 cm in length (insert your number instead of 45 cm); 37 cm + 2 cm = 39 cm (insert your number instead of 37 cm).

Cut two webs of 92 * 39 cm in size: one of the fabric for the exterior, the second for the inside. We put them on the wrong side to each other and make a place for pens.Put the pens on the mark and sew the product from three sides. We twist the bag and join the side seams.

Our bag is ready!

a bag

Handles can be made of the same fabric. To do this, cut a tape about 8 cm wide, and then bend it in half lengthwise and in half again. Stroke and stitch along the edges on both sides.

a bag

If desired, you can sew an inner pocket.

a bag

This is done at the stage of cutting two canvases. Just fold the canvas together to see what the finished bag will look like, and then mark a place for your pocket. Its size will be approximately 15 * 12. Simply cut a piece of fabric and sew it to the fabric for interior decoration. It is convenient to have such a pocket, because you can put some small things in it.

a bag

Earlier we told you about the technique of quilting. This simple bag is a great way to practice it. Try to use as a fabric for the exterior trim of the cloth from the rags. As a result, you get a very beautiful accessory.

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