Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo

On the right bank of Aksai (the right sleeve of the Don)located a picturesque, green southern city of Novocherkassk. From Rostov-on-Don it is separated by 40 kilometers. The city was founded in 1805 by Ataman Platov and at first it was called New Cherkassk. It is often called the unofficial capital of the Don Cossacks.

Today it is a modern city in which workindustrial enterprises and research institutes. Nevertheless, the history and sights in Novocherkassk are woven together. Many interesting places connected with the history of the Cossacks attract thousands of tourists every year. In this article we will introduce you to some of them.sights novocherkassk

Sights of Novocherkassk: photo with description

The Cathedral of the Holy Ascension Cathedral isthe main temple of not only this city, but the entire Don Cossacks. Here lies the ashes of the famous Cossack atamans V.V. Orlova-Denisova, M.I. Platov, J.P. Baklanova, I.E. Efremov, and others.

The cathedral was laid in 1805, but its activeconstruction began in 1811. The work was headed by the architect Aloisius Ruski. Construction lasted seven years, after which the architect left Russia. The architect Amvrosimov continued his work, but part of the construction collapsed in 1846, the same tragedy occurred in 1863, when construction was headed by Academician I.O. Walpass. The third and most successful project belonged to A.A. Yashchenko. It was implemented in May 1905. history and sights in Novocherkassk

The constructed church accommodated five thousand parishioners, andits height, together with the crowning cross, encrusted with rock crystal, was 74.6 meters. The cupolas of the cathedral were sparkling with red gold, and on its facade appeared a watch with a battle and two icons.

Design Features

Separately, mention should be made of a smallelectric station and specially designed for the temple water supply. The building is executed in classical style, and is one of the grandiose building objects of that era.sights of Novocherkassk

In the years of Soviet power, the Ascension Cathedralsuffered a typical fate for that time - in the beginning, gold cover was taken from the domes, and in 1934 the church was closed. The room was used as a warehouse, the building was exposed to damaging effects of atmospheric precipitation, as the new authorities did not have funds for roof repairs. During the Nazi occupation (1942), services were again held in the Ascension Cathedral, but the cellars of the church were used as a storage until the end of the 1990s.

Restoration of the temple

The restoration of the cathedral began in 2001, and through5 years the renewed temple appeared before parishioners in all its splendor. Sights of Novocherkassk wonderfully harmoniously combine the old and modern technologies. For example, the Ascension Cathedral has its own video system, which allows you to design on the facade biblical subjects. In 2011, the domes of the temple were again covered with gold.

The interior of the cathedral was also restored. Fully restored unique painting, the faces of saints, priceless frescoes. The main attractions of Novocherkassk, to which the magnificent Ascension Cathedral undoubtedly belong, are constantly restored and decorated. Residents of the city are very sensitive to their history.

St. Michael the Archangel Church

Not all sights of the city Novocherkassk were built in this city. For example, the Mikhailo-Arkhangelsk temple was built in Cherkassy and was moved to a new place in 1812 on Arkhangelsk Square. Here he was more than half a century. Then the wooden structure was dilapidated and local authorities decided to erect a stone cathedral. Almost immediately, the fundraising began, which allowed the construction in 1873 of the project of architect Ya. Sedov temple. In the same year he was consecrated. Novocherkassk sightseeing of the city

The two-tiered new brick church representedan impressive (both outside and inside) structure. Once brought from Cherkassk jewelry, not only have been fully preserved, but also greatly multiplied. This temple operated for another fifty years. During this time the parish school was built, the murals and the interior interior were updated several times.

In the late 1920s, this church was closed to onefrom the first in the city. Most of the priests were exiled or shot. Values ​​of the temple (4 kg of gold, 864 kg of silver, precious stones) were confiscated in favor of the state treasury.

In 1990, the priest of the St. Michael ChurchOleg sent a petition to the authorities to return the temple to the fold of Orthodoxy, which was granted. Soon the financing of restoration works began, and in 7 years the first great celebration was held on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the temple. Currently, the church of the Archangel Michael has a community of sisters of mercy and the same parish school. Two choruses are organized, whose chants accompany divine services.Novocherkassk sightseeing of the city

Ataman's Palace

Many sights of the city Novocherkassk are inextricably linked with the most interesting history of the Don Cossacks. This can be said about the Ataman Palace. It was decided to build it in 1863, since from this time on, the appointment was made by members of the august family.

The building is made in the classic style. The author of the project was the academician of architecture I.O. Walpass. During the long history of the palace-residence, twelve atamans worked and lived there, three emperors-Nikolay II, Alexander II, Alexander III-arrived on working visits to Novocherkassk. sights novocherkassk photo with description

After 1917, Novocherkassk changed greatly. The sights of the city began to be used in a new quality. For example, in the Ataman Palace at different times were located the District Executive Committee and the Department of Health, the Physical Education Board and the Department of Education. In the years of the Great Patriotic War the palace was not damaged by the occupants - they arranged their headquarters in a luxurious building.

Attractions of Novocherkassk awaited a newa historic milestone in the period of perestroika. The Ataman Palace did not stay aside. According to the decree of the President of Russia B. Yeltsin, the offices of all officials who were in the building were sealed for one day, and the palace itself passed to the city administration.

The status of an architectural and cultural monumentThe palace received in 2001. In this regard, he was transferred to the balance of the museum of the Don Cossacks. From this moment, restoration work aimed at restoring the original appearance of the building is almost continuous.sights novocherkassk

Today, many tourists coming toNovocherkassk, interesting monuments and sights of the city begin to learn from this palace, as the museum exposition located in the building gives a complete picture of the history and formation of the Don Cossacks. Visitors to the museum are delighted with exquisite carved stucco, unique ceiling paintings, fireplaces decorated with white marble. It is planned to restore the house church, which used to be in the eastern wing of the palace, but under Soviet rule it was destroyed.

The Grekov House-Museum

Cultural and culturalsights of Novocherkassk. These include the house-museum of the founder of the battle painting of the XX century, IB Grekov. The artist's museum was decided to be created in 1957. It is part of the Museum of the Don Cossacks. The artist mainly worked in his hometown, so the organizers did not feel the lack of materials during the creation of the exposition. All the paintings in the artist's house are authentic, except for the famous "Tachanka" (its original is kept in the Tretyakov Gallery). In addition, here you can see the personal belongings of the master, his sketches, sketches.history and sights in Novocherkassk

The memorial team is trying to preserve the atmospherehomestead. Nowadays, the house, the garden, the wing look the same as during the life of the famous artist. True, in the yard there appeared a monument to I.B. Grekov. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are exhibitions of local artists.

Krylov's House-Museum

Sights of Novocherkassk in ourThe article continues the museum of the famous artist I.I. Krylov. Master was born in the village of Elizabethan. After the end of the Military Gymnasium (Novocherkassk), the talented young man entered the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of the 20th century, Krylov moved from the city on the Niva to his native land, where he worked fruitfully for many years.

Create a house-museum of the artist conceived his daughter - NI. Guriev. Soon her dream came true, thanks to the support of the Museum of the History of the Cossacks, in which still a lot of works are kept. Krylov. sights of Novocherkassk

The first floor of a small building is occupied byan art gallery, in the remaining rooms there is a memorial complex, telling about the artist's life. We can say that even today the house of Krylov has not lost its status as a cultural center of the city. At regular meetings of the club "Krylovsky Fridays" all the color of the intelligentsia of the Cossack capital gathers, and in the exhibition hall, located here, concerts are held, works of young artists are exhibited.

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Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo Sights of Novocherkassk: description, photo