Short biography of Rinat Karimov

Rinat Karimov, whose biography will bepresented in this article, is a young performer with a vivid appearance and magnificent vocal performance. Today he is already recognized and held an artist in the North Caucasus. And his starry path in Russia is just beginning. The main genre of Karimov's work is chanson (a city song diluted with notes of oriental color).

Childhood and study

The singer was born in 1984 in Grozny. The childhood of Rinat passed like all ordinary children - nursery, kindergarten, school. True, general education institutions had to be changed very often. Prior to the first Chechen war he studied at the 34th, 5th and 28th schools of Grozny, and afterwards - in the 4th Argun. With the outbreak of hostilities, Karimov moved to Izberbash (Dagestan), and then to Arzgir (Stavropol Territory) school. In 1996, the boy returned to Grozny and entered city lyceum No. 1. With the beginning of the second Chechen war, the entire Karimov family had to move to Makhachkala. There the future singer and graduated from the school in 2002, enrolled at the University of Economics at the Faculty of Economics.

biography of rinata karimov


We can say that the creative biography of RinatKarimova began in 2003, when he performed a song on Yamaha at one of the parties. At that time, the young man was very interested in the work of Timur Mutsurayev. And Rinat, like his idol, learned to play the guitar and began to sing songs for the young in his yard. The guys were delighted. In the same year, Rinat decides to test himself at the republican song contest for young people. After several stages of selection, he managed to become one of the winners, from which the "Deneb" group was to be assembled. For these purposes, the organizers even allocated a certificate for $ 10,000. But for some reason the group was never formed, and each of the finalists began to independently seek the way to the stage.

In 2005, Karimov became acquainted with the Darginskypoet Abdullayev. He wrote two songs for the duet Rinat and the Darghin star Marina Mustafieva. In early 2006 he created the hit "Beautiful", as well as the compositions "Comic" and "Love will come." Cooperation between Abdullayev and Karimov continues to this day.

In late 2006, the creative biography of RinatKarimova was marked by an important event - two solo concerts of the singer took place. And in 2007 he had tours to Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and Stavropol Krai. In addition to concerts, the singer actively performed at corporate events.

In 2011, Rinat's song "I remember this pain" got into the rotation on the radio "Chanson".

At the moment the artist has seven albums.

rinat karimov biography

Participation in contests

Rinat Karimov's biography is full of participationsinger in various competitions. In 2006 he passed a casting for the project "People's Artist". Unfortunately, everything ended in failure. Rinatu was not given good recommendations and suggested changing the voice. In the same year, Karimov got on the radio "Chanson", where he participated on the "Open Day". The singer managed to pass in the first round, but he did not get a gala concert. In 2007, Rinat Karimov, a biography whose wife and best songs are the topics for discussion in many media, went to the All-Russia contest "5 Stars". He went to the finals, but in Sochi he was not invited for some reason. In 2008, the singer performed at the international competition "Hello, Jurmala", where he became one of the finalists.

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Rinat Karimov's biography would be incomplete withoutthe story of his wife. Her name is Patimat Kagirova. She is a People's Artist of Dagestan and is not inferior in popularity to her husband. Patimat repeatedly performed in Moscow, but most of the artist's concerts take place in different parts of the North Caucasus. The performances of the singer are mostly Dagestanis, so she often visits the regions, most of whose population are people of this nationality.

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