Shop Fix Price "All on 37". What feedback?

Shop Fix Price "All on 37". What feedback?

  • I am from the Fix Prix just 2 purchase - baby clay and air freshener. In general, I do not like such a format of stores, goods of poor quality, a single price is achieved by equalizing prices, as the arithmetic mean, that is, there are things for which 37 and Rubles are not worth, but the price is inflated to reduce the price for something more expensive.

  • I like Fix Price stores. They have the same goods in quality, as in many ordinary stores, and prices are fixed and, as a rule, lower.

    The last time I was there, everything was 37 rubles, but it was about a month ago, I do not know why. Prices are growing more slowly than in other stores.

    All the goods that I bought there, were useful: a cloak for hair cutting, a massager "creepy", children's books with "magic"; moving pictures, "Japanese"; shower sponge, set for stamping, carpet cleaner and much more. I will continue to visit this store.

  • I love this store. As for the quality, it is different there. In order not to justify before buying, I try to look at the reviews on OttoVik for specific goods. But you can often understand the quality simply by appearance and smell. But I buy a lot of things there.

  • And we used to have everything on 35, then made 36, and now everything is 37 rubles! We also think that there is not much left for 50! The goods in this store are cheap and not very high quality. Sometimes I saw in other stores sold the same rubles on 5 cheaper. Somehow bought energy-saving light bulbs, duck through 3 months already burned out! Honestly, very rarely I go to this store!

  • In Kaluga there is a chief called Mavlyuda-ta still scum and hamlo. More insolent and boorish behavior I have not yet met in any store.

    The work itself is a penny, there is a complete lack of sanitation in the warehouse, rudeness, rudeness, constant wake-ups on the part of this chickens aged-they say it's not so ass assholes or even critical days, save on staff, everyone is constantly cut back on wages, in stock all the goods are lying on the floor. that you are in some sort of garbage dump-city. The goods turn out to be either overdue or defective. although what's surprising, no normal person wakes up selling the product for 38, if it is not spoiled. I somehow decided to buy it there too sprats-travannul.Malo Wow, they were overly salty, so even with the toilet not slazil all evening.

    My advice to thinking people, do not buy anything there, the technique if you are lucky and wakes up to work, then the products are either overdue or marriage.

    And even more so, if you respect yourself as a person, do not go there to work. Both of you will be wiped off your feet, and you will pay with cuts. And for claims why 18 was promised, and 10 paid-wakes up the mat and repeated wiping your feet about your person .

    I certainly do not know. As in other cities, but in Kaluga this store is a cesspool.

  • Previously there was a storequot; All on 37quot; now became quot; all on 38quot ;, like in this in 2014 year and so far so far. I was in the store only five times, I pass by, I came purely out of interest, things do not really like, I can buy something for tea, but I do not want any shampoos and stuff, they are not what I'm used to.

    Very closely in them a narrow passage, then it turns out not all on 38, something more expensive, only it turns out that sometimes at the checkout.

  • A good store, and not so often the prices increase.

    There are goods that are better not to buy, but there is something that must be paid attention: these are books (in other stores prices for these books are several times larger), kitchen utensils, sweets, beer. By the way, in Fix Price there is a very good pomegranate juice. As far as we know, it is quite expensive, but here it is cheap and very tasty.

  • Of course, in these stores you can buy good and necessary things forcheap price. My wife bought towels, I do not know how much they really cost, but 37 ruble seems to be like and do not mind. And they went in recently with her daughter and bought liquid soap on 37. It's good that 2 bottles have not been taken. The next day, exactly the same, but in another (expensive) store, I saw on 34.

  • I am a frequent visitor to the Fix Price store in Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo, d. 41, p.

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