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Today we will tell you how to make an organizer for shoes with your own hands. From the simplest materials in just a few minutes you will make a practical and very convenient "suitcase" in which six pairs of shoes fit. If you wish, you can use this master class to make a similar box for more pairs.

shoe box

In this lesson you will find patterns and drawings for making an organizer for shoes, step-by-step instructions with photos and useful tips. Dimensions in the diagrams are standard (that is, we will make a box that is the same size as the factory shoe organizers), but you can change them to fit the design into your closet.

What do we need?

  • thick cardboard
  • cover material
  • glue for cardboard
  • glue gun (or superglue)

How to make an organizer?

First you need to decide on the size of the organizer for shoes and draw a blank on the cardboard. We need to draw three details.They look like this.

box layout

Pattern cover for the box under the shoes looks like this.

cover pattern

Just keep in mind that we definitely need to make seam allowances of 1-2 cm (it depends on the type of fabric).

Cut out the main body of the future shoe organizer. If the cardboard is very thin, make two parts and glue them together. Mark the fold lines and iron them.


Then we cut out the parts for the partitions of our self-made shoe storage system. These are two identical parts of a larger size and one of the smaller. Pay attention to the holes in the cardboard.


All three parts must be bent evenly in half, smeared with glue and pressed with a load so that the cardboard is firmly glued.


We begin to collect the organizer. It is better to do this in two stages. At first one side is glued together, then the blank is put under the press and dried. Next we do the same with the second side of our shoe box.


The upper part of the body of the organizer (4 cm) is bent inwards and glued. Insert the shortest partition into the center and glue it onto the superglue. Two other partitions set across.

Now let's cover - we will make a pattern according to the drawing (do not forget about allowances).Stitch corners to form the case. We make internal seams, which are then smoothed.

The cover of the future cover should be stitched along the entire perimeter (make a small bend inside). We will glue the fabric to the box, but we will do it only on the sides. Put the cover on the organizer. Make a small incision in the place where the central partition is.

shoe box

Fold the edges of the cover inward and glue them to the cardboard with a glue gun or superglue.

shoe box

That's all - you made an organizer for shoes with your own hands from cardboard in just a few minutes. To make it more beautiful, you can add stripes to the fabric or make neat bright embroidery on the cover. If desired, you can paste over cardboard with decorative paper so that the inside of the box looks beautiful. And if you decorate the cardboard self-adhesive, then it will be convenient to take care of it, since it can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Try to make such an organizer for 6, 9 or even 12 pairs of shoes. These storage systems perfectly organize the space in the house.

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