Shingles and its advantages

The flexible tile of RUFLEX represents modern construction material intended for formation of a roof. It is designed with the latest technology in place to determine all factors affecting the reliability of the coating. This makes it possible to create a roof that does not require repair for a long time.

RUFLEX soft tile consists of small multi-layered sheets having a mainly wave-like or hexagonal shape of different color shades. Contact the official website company RUFLEX, you get all the necessary information about the shingles and get acquainted with the best offers. As a building material, it allows you to apply a variety of options to create a roof, and is now widely demanded.

Shingles based on bitumen is the most plastic of all materials used for roofing. Therefore, it can be used to create the most complex bends of the roof, as well as in any architectural projects.Today there is no more convenient material for the formation of the roof of the most bizarre configuration containing all kinds of turrets, cones and curved surfaces. The best traditions of roofing skills and a lot of newest technologies in the field of building materials are embedded in the tile RUFLEX.

In the roofing market of Russia bitumenshinglesRUFLEX is an undoubted leader due to high reliability, a variety of shapes and colors, ease of installation and the possibility of using on pitched roofs of various types.

Advantages of shingles:

  • durability and reliability;
  • ease of installation;
  • guaranteed quality;
  • flexible affordable price;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • duration of operation.

Tile RUFLEX is made on the basis of a binder material of high quality bitumen, the reinforcing component is fiberglass. Shingles are also called roofing tiles. It has such an important property as heat resistance, since it does not lose its qualities in the temperature range from -70 to +150 degrees. The warranty of the manufacturer can be up to 30 years.The modern flexible tile possesses the excellent waterproofing properties. The soft flexible tile consists of the following components: bitumen, fiberglass; stone granules, as well as self-adhesive layer. Fiberglass has increased strength.

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