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In Soviet times, the choice of young fashionistas was not great: a uniform brown dress, black casual and white ceremonial aprons. The models could vary, but in general the choice could not be called broad. Today, manufacturers of school uniforms, as can be seen in the photo, offer options for beautiful and stylish school clothes, among which it is not difficult to find the best option for yourself.

Beautiful shape models for schoolgirlsBeautiful shape models for schoolgirls
Uniform for girls and boys for 2019Uniform for girls and boys for 2019
Stylish shape for modern guysStylish shape for modern guys
Beautiful form for high school students 2018-2019Beautiful form for high school students 2018-2019

Kits for girls are made up of such basic things as:

  • skirts;
  • pants;
  • jackets;
  • vests;
  • sundresses;
  • blouses.

As a rule, parents purchase several replacement kits for different seasons and situations.

A school uniform for a boy may include, in addition to the elements of the suit (jacket, trousers, vest), a tie or bow tie.

Beautiful gray uniform for girlsFashionable form with knitted vests

Among the fashion trends of school uniforms - practicality, rigor and conciseness of business style silhouettes. Original clothes are made by the details of the cut - sleeves-lanterns, stand-up collar, Basque and other decorative elements. Openwork line, neat bows, discreet sewing, stripes,meaning that a child belongs to a particular educational institution, make children's clothing unique and inimitable.

School uniform for women of fashionSchool uniform for women of fashion
Fashionable schoolchildren in 2019Fashionable schoolchildren in 2019
Combined school uniform for 2019Combined school uniform for 2019
Beautiful images for schoolBeautiful images for school

The optimal length of the skirt - to the middle of the knee or slightly higher. This applies to both high school students and girls of primary school age. Too short skirt is not associated with a business style, too long - it can make a girl subject to ridicule among peers. Slightly flared products with ruffles look pleasingly cute, pleated skirts and models in a large fold look more strictly.

Skirt - an important element of the image of a young ladyBeautiful skirt for school

The fashionable school uniform of 2019 assumes the presence of a jacket, which bears in itself not only a practical purpose, but also an integral part of a stylish school image. In the cooler seasons, the jacket is used as outerwear and warms the child, and in solemn formal situations adds to the image of the schoolgirl of presentability.

The most fashionable jacket model in the upcoming season is a short one, with neat lapels, patch pockets, elegant low-key trim and the lack of decorative elements.

Fashion jackets for school

Some sets of school uniforms suggest a knitted or crocheted vest that can be worn under a jacket or worn separately with a blouse, shirt, or turtleneck.

Fashionable knitted cardigans - school uniforms

Trousers are not a necessary thing in the kit for girls. However, they will help the cold weather very much, so their purchase is very reasonable. Straight or slightly flared trousers from the knee look great with a cropped jacket, white shirt with a laconic cut and an original tie.

Stylish school uniform for fashionistas

School uniform for girls 2018-2019 is unthinkable without blouses, which should be several in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. In the coming season, products are decorated with a variety of decor - bows, satin ribbons, ruffles, frills. Relevant frill and volumetric shape of the collar.

Fashion blouses for schoolFashionable school blouse 2019

As for sundresses and dresses, in the new academic year, they become particularly popular. The pleats, small neat folds in the front, flared, and fluffy petticoats add originality to the outfits.

Beautiful sundresses for schoolgirlsBeautiful sundresses for schoolgirls
School sundresses for 2019School sundresses for 2019
Fashionable sundresses for schoolgirlsFashionable sundresses for schoolgirls
Fashionable school sundresses for teensFashionable school sundresses for teens

Actual colors, prints

The usual classic combination of black and white stylists consider not a very good solution. Acquire black and white kit is suitable for special occasions.

If it is used for study, then it is desirable to introduce a third color into the ensemble - red, blue, brown.

School uniform in black and white

More often parents choose for girls sets, where the base color is:

  • brown;
  • Gray;
  • burgundy;
  • cherry;
  • blue;
  • dull green.
Red school uniformGreen school uniform

A white or light blouse will revive the ensemble and add to it solemnity. If a young fashionista is studying in an institution where the school uniform is not regulated, her outfits can be less formal in terms of colors.

Dark blue and dark green shades have a positive effect on the mental activity of the student. Some manufacturers offer interesting two-color kits, for example, a bright blue jacket and a gray skirt.

It is allowed to use prints - cells, stripes, strict geometry, inconspicuous peas. In the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season, the following cell is considered:

  • Burberry;
  • Black Watch;
  • Dress Campbell;
  • Royal Stuart;
  • Caledonia.
Fashion for schoolchildren winter 2018-2019Fashion for schoolchildren winter 2018-2019
Maroon cage - trend of school fashion in 2019Maroon cage - trend of school fashion in 2019
Checkered school uniform for 2019Checkered school uniform for 2019
Beautiful shape in a cageBeautiful shape in a cage

School ensemble, in which the cell is combined with a single-color fabric, looks very stylish and elegant.

Fashionable images for schoolchildren

School clothing manufacturers offer a variety of kits for every age. It is quite natural that for little fashionistas clothes are looser, there are more decorative elements in it,but for high school students various ryushechki and bows are not quite appropriate.

For girls of primary school age, you can make the following set:

  • A-line skirt,
  • three-button vest,
  • blouse with stand-up collar and lace trim.

Fashionable shape for babies for 2019

A teenage girl will feel quite comfortable in a flared, full-flared skirt, a white shirt with a laconic cut, and a black vest with a checkered trim to match the skirt.

Fashionable shape for a teenage girl for 2019

A fashionable woman from the senior classes will be treated with an elegant business-style set of a vest and trousers made of black or dark blue fabric, a white shirt, a bright red striped tie.

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