Scenario New Year 2018 in kindergarten

New Year is a favorite holiday for all children and adults. It is also good that it can be celebrated several times: not only on New Year's Eve, but also on the eve. Not only at home, but also at work, at school, and the smallest ones will not wait for the New Year's party in kindergarten. The holiday scenario for the New Year is an important stage in the preparation of this joyful and responsible event.


Features of the preparation for the New Year in kindergarten

Preparing for the New Year is not only the installation of a Christmas tree and the festive decoration of the rooms. New Year's holiday for children is, above all, waiting for a miracle, meeting with a fairy tale. And without a good script, a New Year's party in kindergarten is impossible.

Scenario New Year 2018 in kindergarten

The decision on the subject of the matinee takes a teacher who is responsible for holding the holiday. Also, when preparing the event manager, the following important circumstances should be considered:

  • age features of the group, because the holiday in the younger group, of course, must be different from the holiday in the older one;
  • the need for the distribution of roles taking into account the abilities and talents of pupils, their preferences;
  • involvement in the organization of the holiday parents of kids.

Only by working together can you create a joyful and festive atmosphere in which the fulfillment of desires and the embodiment of a fairy tale is quite possible.

In addition, the New Year's 2018 script in kindergarten must necessarily contain a logical sequence, exciting contests and games, and, of course, the appearance of favorite children's characters - Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden.

Didactic problems solved in the course of New Year's morning performances in different age groups

Younger group Middle group Senior group
Formation of ideas about the celebration of the New Year, the rallying of the children's team, training for joint creative and musical activities in conjunction with adults. The development of creative communication skills, artistry, expressiveness of speech, cognitive skills. The development of imagination and imagination, the ability to improvise, the skills of creative interaction, ingenuity and ingenuity.

Examples of competitions on a New Year's matinee in kindergarten

Help Santa Claus

In the New Year, Santa Claus has a lot to do; he needs to prepare a million gifts. Of course, grandpa needs help. Children are divided into two teams. Each team is lined up between two chairs.
At the command, the children begin to take gifts from the basket in the first chair and pass them along the chain to the bag in the second chair. Wins the team that will cope with the task faster.


For this competition you need to divide the children into pairs. One player from each pair must be given a large empty package, which he must keep open. The second player gets a few snowballs made from paper.

Scenario New Year 2018 in kindergarten

Players stand opposite each other (the distance must be the same for all pairs). At a signal from the lead, the players who were given paper snowballs start throwing them into a partner’s package, whose task is to catch as many snowballs as possible.

The winner is the pair that caught the most snowballs in a given time. If there are many players, you can divide the pair into two teams. Then the team wins, in which the total amount of snowballs caught by all pairs was the highest.

12 months

For this competition, you will need: A4 sheets of paper, pencils, felt-tip pens. All participants must be divided into two teams.Each team is given out sheets of paper and pencils, felt-tip pens.

For a certain time, team members must depict without the help of words, only drawings, on each sheet of paper 12 months: January, February, March, etc. These can be holidays (for example, December - New Year), animals, plants, anything.

At the end of time, each team presents its gallery of drawings. In this competition it is better to award the victory to "friendship."

Don't wake the bear

Among the players they choose a bear, he “sleeps in a den”, the other children are hares, they run, jump and roar to the music. As soon as the music ends, the bear wakes up and rushes after the hares with a growl - they must hide in the houses - hoops lying on the floor.

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