Sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa): treatment, reviews, photos

The Russian Black Sea city of Anapa has longis famous for its sandy beaches, unique natural resources (mineral springs, muddy and muddy mud), rich cultural and historical heritage and favorable climate.

sanatorium russia anapa

Beneficial features of the resort are the abundance of sunny days andsmooth sandy beaches that are suitable for bathing small children. The sea wind creates a pleasant coolness in hot months and humidifies the air, so even in winter there is a constant thaw.

Municipal authorities ennoble the resortzone, actively expanding the tourism industry. Today there are more than two hundred certified boarding houses, sanatoria and hotel complexes. Let alone private hotels and sectors for budgetary rest, which number about a thousand. Sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa) entered the rating of the leading dispensaries. It is equipped with a high-tech diagnostic center, where experienced and qualified specialists of a wide range are working.


It is considered an ecologically clean resortthe city of Anapa. Sanatorium "Rus" (photo is presented in the material) rests comfortably on the shore of the beautiful Malaya bay, along Pushkin Street, close to the main architectural sites and entertainment establishments. There are created the necessary conditions for recovery and productive leisure.

sanatorium russia anapa reviews

The whole territory is fenced with a high fence andis under protection. Near the housing blocks are broken flower beds, planted many tall trees, which fill the air with useful phytoncides. For security purposes, there is a checkpoint - entrance to sanatorium coupons.

The main motto of the health resort is a highprofessionalism, constant development and benevolence. These three criteria are fundamental, which is why it is never empty here. The audience of tourists is diverse: couples with children, newlyweds, pensioners, businessmen and even foreign citizens.

Residential fund

Vouchers for accommodation and full treatment can be booked online, or by going to the sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa). There are three buildings of different stardom and number of storeys for accommodation:

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Catering services

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Coming to the sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa), guests do notyou need to think about nutrition, for you it was made by skilful chefs. Dishes are served 4 times a day on a custom-made menu. For these purposes, a cozy dining room for 600 people was built. For patients with allergies, a specially developed hypoallergenic menu with a large assortment of fresh dishes is served.

Favorable environment and friendlyThe atmosphere of the sanatorium makes rest very comfortable and memorable. Many tourists come to this paradise every year, which indicates a high quality of service.


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Healing fine-sand beaches can be rightfullyproud of the city of Anapa. Sanatorium "Rus" is located within walking distance of the clean municipal coast. The well-groomed beach, despite its general availability, is strewn with sand, which contains small particles of shells of mollusks, feldspar and quartz. All components have a beneficial effect on the skin and joints.

Completely free of charge tourists can exercisehealing procedures with scorching sand. On assurances of doctors, such sessions are useful for pathologies of the spine and rickets. On the coast are open rental points, toilets, showers and cabins for changing clothes.

Wellness and therapy

In sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa) come toto restore health and recover from serious illnesses. In a separate building there is a modern clinic, in which professional doctors (therapists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists) are taking the reception. There is also an indoor pool filled with real sea water, equipped with cascading and underwater showers. You can combine useful with pleasant.

sanatorium russia anapa reviews 2014

Patients with heart problems are accepted,diseases of the joints and nerves. There is a therapy of people with respiratory, endocrine, digestive, metabolic, allergic and gynecological pathologies. Actively practiced climatotherapy with the help of harmless and effective natural factors: mineral water, mud baths, applications, herbs.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are applied,electrotherapy, laser, diet and psychotherapy. A system for purifying the body of toxic substances by the method of Levin was introduced. Corrective programs are implemented in the fight against obesity. After passing the sessions, there is a surge of strength, an increase in tone and mood.

Entertainment and services in the surrounding area

sanatorium russia anapa

In free from medical procedures, the sanatorium"Rus" (Anapa) offers to purchase sightseeing tours around the city, to get to know more closely the local culture and sights. And you can not go anywhere and relax cheerfully and at ease on the territory of the health center, where daily leisure programs are organized for the uneven-aged public.

In addition, on the territory of the sanatorium are arrangedcompetitions, sports events, dance evenings and shows with the participation of circus artists. For active people, there is a gym - the entrance is paid, and there is also table tennis. You can use the services of a fitness trainer. In addition, one of the buildings has a reading room.

Leisure activities for children and services

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A special attitude in the dispensary to young tourists. To ensure that the children were comfortable and not bored for them, a playroom (from three years old) with an experienced and attentive teacher is equipped. While parents are engaged in urgent matters, their children are under the strict supervision of the educator, who will be your best friend and companion for your child. Near the residential buildings are built sports zones, a whole town with roundabouts and swings, where you can frolic and run. For older children, table games are offered.

Wellness sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa): reviews of 2014

The World Wide Web is full of admirationexclamations of tourists who were fortunate enough to visit this picturesque Black Sea corner. Children and adults were satisfied with the happy holidays. Leaves an indelible and vivid impression of the trip to the sanatorium "Rus" (Anapa).

sanatorium russia anapa reviews 2014

Reviews are found only in a positive way. Pleased with the cleanest healing beach, the analogue of which is no more. Pleasant words sounded to address the number of rooms - all buildings are reconstructed, neat, with well-furnished rooms and picturesque views. People were delighted with the therapeutic services, after which the body and soul are younger.

Some were dissatisfied with food, or ratherlack of variety of products. Although portions and quality of dishes at a high level. In general, the health resort deserves the best praise, you can recommend it to those who want to combine rest and treatment at an affordable price.

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