Samsung SC4520 Vacuum Cleaner Review: Features, Specifications + Comparison with Competitors

Low cost household systems - such definitions are often honored by appliances, the market value of which satisfies the majority of consumers. So, the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner belongs to the budget category of devices, whose purpose - cleaning of residential premises.

The specific purpose of the machine is the treatment of carpets or hard floor surfaces. Consider in a small review, what attracts or repels the potential owner of Korean-made equipment.

Independent Review of Samsung SC4520

As well as it is necessary in cases of technical and operational reviews, we will begin with the parameters of operation declared directly by the manufacturer. That will allow you to get a general picture with the characteristics of this model.

Technical parameters of the vacuum cleaner

If you take into account its market value (4 - 5 thousandrub.), this budget cleaning machine looks very attractive against the background of more expensive ones.

At such a price, the technical parameters of power correspond to models that are rated three times or even four times as expensive.

Let us consider the specification of the model.

Table of basic technical and operational parameters of the Samsung SC4520

Type of mechanism Cyclone
Supported cleaning types Exceptionally dry
Power consumption / suction 1600 watts; 350 W
Type of dirt collection 1.3 liter cyclone filter
Body dimensions 400x280x240 mm
Work Item Kit Rod tubular team; nozzles

Korean-made vacuum cleaner motor is connected to a standard household network (220V, 50/60 Hz) by means of a wire-cord with a total length of 6 meters.

The power cord is associated with an automatic winding mechanism. The mechanism of pulling / twisting the power cable is identical to many other models of household vacuum cleaners.

Budget vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520
Technique of modern design, the production of the Korean company Samsung, from a series of low-cost household constructions. Simplified, but rather effective cleaning machine

The Korean vacuum cleaner with a relatively small size has a small weight (4.3 kg.), Which is a positive factor especially in the case of the production of cleaning by female hands.

The body is made of a streamlined shape, quite nice from a design point of view. On the top panel of the case there is an on / off button for the electric motor, a “hidden” transport handle.

Handle button two in one
A kind of "chip" Korean design - shipping handle with the functionality of "two in one." In the "extended up" position - the transport handle, in the "recessed down" position - button of the cable folding mechanism

By the way, the transport handle in the depressed (recessed) position at the same time plays the role of disabling the latch at the time of winding the power cable.

Operational accessories and accessories

A set of accessories and accessories is relatively small, given the budget execution of a vacuum cleaner:

  • connecting corrugated hose
  • nozzle working large
  • small working nozzle (for hard-to-reach places).

However, this set, as noted in practice, is quite enough for the production of high-quality cleaning of premises,including those points of the floor (and furniture), where it is quite difficult to reach.

Vacuum cleaner accessory kit
Unpacking the purchased device. The classic set of work accessories, including the instruction manual, is nothing superfluous, but it is quite enough to organize the production of a full house cleaning

The corrugated hose connecting the pipe-rod and the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is made of quality material.

Even after strong physical impacts on the collapse, the structure of the hose does not lose shape and does not collapse. However, the length of the hose is somewhat small, which creates certain inconveniences in the cleaning process.

Corrugated hose strength
Corrugated hoses of this strength are not found in the complete set of far from all brands of household vacuum cleaners. At the same time, being in a free state, the corrugated hose completely restores the original state.

The large nozzle, equipped with rubber rollers and a silicone bar, is made almost entirely of plastic. Some small parts of the nozzle body are rather fragile, so careful actions from the user are required.

In practice, it is simply unrealistic to act with a nozzle during the cleaning process.For this reason, some of its parts break down after 2-3 cleanings, as evidenced by the notes of the owners of this model of vacuum cleaner.

However, this does not affect the main function of the accessory to effectively pass airflow. For ease of use, the nozzle "parked" on the body of the vacuum cleaner

Parking large nozzles
It would seem that an inessential part of the Korean vacuum cleaner is the hook of the “parking” of a large working nozzle. However, at the time of practical use of the machine, the presence of the nozzle on hand expands the convenience for the user.

The nozzle is small, for cleaning hard-to-reach places, also completely plastic. However, due to the small size and two-in-one configuration, this accessory is more reliable in terms of possible structural damage.

Characteristics of the filtration system

The cyclone filter module of the vacuum cleaner in question is characterized by a simple design. It is removed from the main body and inserted back by means of a convenient handle.

In fact, the filter module (container) is part of the front area of ​​the vacuum cleaner housing design. To remove the module, just pull the handle with a slight movement.

Excavation of the cyclone module
Main working container with cyclone function.Detached from the machine body or attached using a convenient handle, using a small physical effort.

The removable module of the container for collecting pollution is made in the form of a plastic container designed for a volume of not more than 1.3 liters.

Practical application shows that this volume is enough for about two or three cleanings, after which the container needs to be cleared of debris. The design of the container provides for the presence of an element (glass), forming a cyclone effect.

The lower part of the vacuum cleaner housing, where the container is seated, contains a recess for the reusable filter element.

Actually, the element itself is a polypropylene frame containing cellular foam and sheet gaskets. The frame, together with the gaskets, is removed by an easy lift by the handle.

First stage filter
When the container module is pulled out, access to the first fine filter is opened in the bottom area of ​​the container. The user only needs to pull up the polypropylene handle to remove the frame

However, the design of the vacuum cleaner is not limited to this fine filter.A similar class filter element is also located on the rear - opposite side of the machine body.

This second module is made in the form of a box-like insert of the rear panel of the case, endowed with a foam sheet filter. The filter box is simply inserted into the niche on the case and fixed with a latch.

Second stage filter
The filter element of the second level. It is installed by the insertion method with fixation on the opposite (back) side of the device body. As in the first filter, contains a foam insert

All components used by the filtration system allow cleaning and washing using traditional methods. The durability of foam filters is long enough.

Replacement, if necessary, does not constitute special difficulties. It is enough to pick up foam rubber in the class and cut out the element of the desired shape.

Chassis system overview

The movement of equipment in the process of harvesting is marked by the action is quite convenient and comfortable for the user, despite the use of the chassis three-wheel system in the design.

The main wheels are a pair of large-diameter plastic discs mounted in the rear of the structure. Wheels are equipped with rubberized "tires".

Samsung 4520 Chassis Wheels
Vacuum cleaner chassis system.Built on two types of wheels: 1 - a pair of large-sized disc wheels with a rubber "tire"; 2 - one wheel on the disc base with 360º rotation

The front support wheel motion control - one. The small front roller is attached to a disc-type structure, which provides 360-degree free rotation.

Despite the small diameter of the control roller, the stability of the vacuum cleaner remains stable due to the original performance of the balancing plate.

Design pros and cons of the model

Given the budget performance of Korean technology, the unique "feature-rich" features and properties remain behind the scenes. Here the simple functionality reigns.

The design of the cyclone Samsung 5420
View of the container module from the inside. The central part of the container contains a glass, creating a cyclone effect, and the periphery behind the glass is used to collect contaminants. The top of the container is closed with a lid.

The main advantage is the cyclone effect, in general, the traditional function of many budget models. Meanwhile, the cyclone model of cleaning equipment saves the user from using an inconvenient “bag” and in this regard the advantages of the system are obvious.

Another, albeit unimportant, but a plus can be considered the presence of a manual regulator of air intake, which is located directly on the handle of the corrugated air hose.

The regulator is designed as a kind of flap. The user can open the valve if necessary, thereby slightly reducing the suction force on the side of the working nozzle.

Manual suction power controller
Simple, but rather effective manual regulator of power of absorption. The regulator valve opens or closes with a slight movement of the thumb. The valve is located (indicated by the arrow in the picture) on the handle of the working hose - always “at hand”

Negative design features most owners call the main disadvantage of this brand of vacuum cleaner. They note the relatively poor quality of the plastic from which the machine body is made.

Already after a short time of application, operational damage appears on plastic surfaces - scratches, abrasions, abrasions. As a result, the original colorful appearance of the car is lost.

By cons should also include:

  • somewhat uncomfortable boom design;
  • small length of the connecting hose;
  • low quality material (foam plates) of fine filters;
  • difficult turn of the brush in the desired position in the process of cleaning.

Inconsequential butminus - the effect of static on the body of the vacuum cleaner. For this reason, a thick layer of dust accumulates in the connection area of ​​the corrugated hose during cleaning.

Comparison with class competitors

Competitors in the class and, accordingly, in price - the same Samsung technology, represented by a fairly massive model range. Of course, there are other companies among competitors.

However, we will consider several devices from the Samsung production base, which are able to compete with the model in question.

Competitor # 1 - Samsung VC18M21A0

The first competitor in the list - the Korean development of Samsung VC18M21A0 looks slightly better technically, but these improvements are accompanied by an increase in the price of 1.5-2 thousand rubles. compared with the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner.

Technical excellence, in this case - the implementation of the rod in the telescopic version. The Samsung SC4520 is a simple metal section of two tubes.

Also, increased power parameters (1800/380 W) and a larger volume of the assembly container (1.5 liters) are noted.

Competitor # 2 - Samsung SC4326

The second development, also acting as a competitor, is essentially a complete analog of the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner. Even all the technical parameters of this model correspond, as well as the price.

The truth is, there are a couple of moments that you can pay special attention to. This is the presence of the HEPA11 filter.

As well as the best range - 9.2 m (slightly more than the SC4520).

Competitor # 3 - Samsung SC4181

The third design, Samsung SC4181, looks interesting in terms of competitive prices and some technical issues.

However, this vacuum cleaner is somewhat different in class, as it is not equipped with a cyclone filter, but with a bag filter that has lost its current relevance.

But at the same time, offering up to 1 thousand rubles. savings, model SC4181 has the best parameters for power (1800 W) and a convenient telescopic bar.

The complete set of working elements includes a turbo brush. And one more attractive detail is the resistive power control on the top panel of the case.

Competitor # 4 - Samsung SC4140

Finally, the fourth competitor is the Samsung SC4140, which is basically the same as the Samsung SC4520 (1600/320 W) for the main technical parameters.

It is cheaper by almost 2 thousand rubles. At the same time, it has 5 filtration stages, a telescopic rod and weighs almost 1 kg lighter.

For this model, an improved design of the rotation of the working hose should be noted - it provides 360º rotation of the sleeve. The radius of action is 9.2 meters.

The only disadvantage in the comparisons is the use of the “bag” system. However, this criterion should be considered "an amateur."

Reviews on the practical test Samsung SC4520

The practice of real use of household appliances is characterized by the demonstration of advantages and disadvantages. About how well (or poorly) Korean vacuum cleaner functions, briefly but succinctly the owners of Samsung SC4520, as well as overview video.

A survey video clearly demonstrates the technological performance of household cleaning products for indoor areas. Video gives a more complete picture of the technique.

As for user reviews, they are different: both positive and negative. So, the budget model does not allow to rely on the perfect service, but such equipment is quite enough for standard cleaning, which is confirmed by other reviews.

But one of the buyers took the device for a rented apartment. The technique was quite powerful and comfortable, despite the budget price.According to the user, you should think carefully before buying expensive vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter.

Most owners confirm efficient cleaning.. People like a light and compact machine, low noise and powerful.

True, there are complaints about noise when using a nozzle with a narrow neck. Of the obvious drawbacks note the "awkwardness" of the brush and cleaning the container.

Quite a few Korean car owners recall the consequences after cleaning with this model. Mentioned that the vacuum cleaner sucks fine suspension. Only now, after cleaning, even if you carefully open the lid of the container, a cloud of dust is still emitted.

There are users who are satisfied with everything in terms of service. They write that Samsung SC4520 can be stored vertically. So the device does not take up much space.


In general, the Korean household cleaning machine looks quite decent. For the budget option, the design justifies both the market value and the presence of minor flaws.

Based on the details of the review and on practical examples, the following conclusion suggests itself - the purchase of a household vacuum cleaner by a Korean company will not leaveuser indifferent.

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