Salute to the New Year 2019 in St. Petersburg

Find out about where and when you can see the fireworks for the New Year 2019 in St. Petersburg, as well as a closer look at this remarkable tradition will help fascinating review, which prepared our St. Petersburg guides.


Where did the New Year's salute "come" to us?

The history of salutes goes back to ancient China, where they were invented. According to reliable sources, it became known that initially they were used as "scarers" of "evil spirits who were trying to get into the homes of civilians. In view of the rare and costly ingredients at the time, or rather, gunpowder, this “ritual” was held only once a year - during the New Year celebrations.

Salute to the New Year 2019 in St. Petersburg

When Europeans learned about the miraculous properties of gunpowder, it was actively used not only for military purposes, but also as an indispensable fuel for launching holiday fireworks. In the Russian Empire, the debut salute salvo was produced in 1674, and the main initiator of the event was Peter I.

Soon the launch of fireworks turned into a tradition.With their help, celebrated the most significant events of national importance. Such actions were practiced until the 1917 revolution. It was then that the last launch of fireworks in the history of Tsarist Russia took place. The revival of tradition occurred in the midst of the Second World War. In 1943, firing salvos were made in honor of the defeat of the enemy formations near Orel and Belgorod.

Initially, the salutes were rather “primitive” and were simple flashes of white. Then yellow joined the palette. At present, unique equipment is available to pyrotechnics, with which it is possible to recreate not only the entire range of color flashes in the evening sky, but also figures and inscriptions that are stunning in their beauty.

Schedule of Christmas salutes in St. Petersburg

The usual time for the residents of St. Petersburg to launch New Year's fireworks - 00:00 Moscow time. The main pyrotechnic site in the northern capital from year to year is Palace Square. A grandiose festive concert with the participation of national and foreign pop stars will also take place here.

In total, more than five ceremonial salutes are scheduled on New Year's Eve, which can be observed in different parts of North Palmyra.Vasilyevsky Island will please St. Petersburg people with a cascade of fireworks that will erupt over the city at 03:00. In addition to these places, in the list of salute sites appear such locations as:

  • Moscow Square (Tipanova and Lensoveta streets);
  • Primorsky District (Dolgozerna St.);
  • Victory Park (area of ​​Yuri Gagarin Avenue).

Where is better to watch fireworks in St. Petersburg?

The city mayor’s office promises that in 2019 New Year's fireworks will be especially colorful and long-lasting. In order not to look for a suitable place to watch the festive volleys at the last moment, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in advance with the list of the best sites from which a perfect panorama of the evening city opens. According to the townspeople, there are more than seven of them in St. Petersburg. This “honorary” list includes:

  • Spit of Vasilyevsky Island;
  • panoramic restaurant DoZari;
  • the roof of the “Loft project“ Floors ”;
  • Palace Embankment and Palace Bridge;
  • restaurant "I love La panorama"
  • Restaurant "Smelt";
  • viewing platform Leader Tower.

Salute to the New Year 2019 in St. Petersburg. What time, where you can see the site

Palace Embankment is traditionally one of the most popular platforms for observing the New Year pyrotechnic show.Considering the fact that on the day of the holiday there is always a lot of people here, it’s worth taking a few hours before the start of the salute. It should be well thought out and "ways of retreat". However, all this stuff. Despite some inconvenience, from the Palace Square fireworks can be seen in full view.

Another good location is bridges. In addition to the Palace, the closest to the place of festive action - Trinity and Birzhevoy. Due to its good location, you can quickly get here from the main salute platform of the city.

Real romantics will definitely like the location of the Loft project “Floors”. Despite the fact that the object is at a decent distance from the Neva and represents the usual observation deck of a high-rise building, it is from here that an incredible view of fireworks opens up. Another plus for the audience is that in the New Year a special holiday program is planned here, the details of which are kept secret by the organizers.

For lovers of comfort, visiting the panoramic restaurant will be an ideal option. The closest to the Palace Square is an institution with the original name DoZari.It is here, in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, you can enjoy flashes of “first row” fireworks. The price of the invitation includes a festive banquet, a disco and an amazing show program with the participation of famous dance groups.

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