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Sakura Blossom Holiday in Japan

There are many interesting things in the world. Personally, Japan has long attracted me with its stunning architecture, holidays and traditions. But as for me, so one holiday deserves special attention and interest. This is a holiday, a new life, a new season, new flowers on the sakura.Throughout already Many centuries in Japan, there is a spring festival - the Hanami. This is one of the most popular Japanese traditions. Its essence is in the contemplation of flowering sakura trees. To admire the flowers of sakura, the Japanese are going to big companies consisting of friends, classmates, work colleagues and relatives. Hundreds of people gather in parks for fun picnics. They spread blankets, mats, mats right on the ground or on lawns. Usually the Japanese bring food and drinks from home. (traditional sake). Sometimes food is bought at nearby locations. tents. The most popular treats at the feast of the Khans "onigiri" - rice buns and dango - an appetizer made from rice flour. Holiday annually requires thorough preparation.Place for a picnic in the morning. Long before begin to place a rug on this spot (the name of the family is written on it or Company name). Or the whole group can wait for a person. Sometimes waiting can to be several, they replace each other throughout the day. Duty schedule set in advance. And this is a common occurrence. No one will be surprised a young man in a business suit who sits early in the park under blossoming sakura in anticipation of their colleagues. This work is usually done by new ones. employees of the company, which is going to celebrate hanami. Also in Japan there are agencies that specialize in such orders. At the request of the client they send their employee, banria-san, to take a place for hanami. After all the places under the blossoming sakura is much less than those who want to gather for a holiday. After such training, colleagues, friends or relatives can gather in designated place. For the Japanese hanami - a good reason to leave work early to enjoy the look and smell of cherry blossoms, chat with friends, drink sake, make new acquaintances. Often flowering sakura is rather an excuse, not the true cause of the holiday. Among the Japanese, even there is comic saying "hana yori dango", which can be translated as "dumplings before flowers". She just talks about priorities most people who are going on hanami. Admire cherry blossoms provides employees of firms with an excellent chance to build contacts, to improve relations in the company and, eventually, to promote up the corporate ladder.

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