Russian Press Day 2018

Books are a source of wisdom and knowledge. For several centuries they were created by the painstaking work of the clerks. Such a handmade product cost a lot of money, it took weeks to create a book. But a brilliant idea made a revolution in this matter: in the middle of the fifteenth century, Johann Gutenberg created the first printing mechanism. The idea was based on the principle of the wine press. Only a hundred years later, in Muscovy, the first book, the Apostle, was published, and the head of the printing house was Ivan Fyodorov.


Worthy of the holiday

A technological breakthrough in the improvement of paper media favored the emergence of the Renaissance. Reducing the cost of books, their huge number contributed to the progress and improvement of education of the peoples of the world. In desperation, there were only copyists of books, mostly monks - now they are out of work. In our information time, the paper carrier has slightly weakened its position, but the printing houses are not closing on this. Book circulation fell, but there was a lot of advertising print.And the technology itself has evolved greatly. The importance of printing has not diminished, and in many countries there is a holiday - Printing Day. Although many Russians still do not know when this is a celebration.

Russian Press Day 2018

A bit of history

At the very end of 1991, a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Russia was issued on the approval of Press Day. Specific date: - January 13th. And it is not chosen randomly. On this date, under Tsar Peter Alekseevich, the first newspaper, Vedomosti, was published. On January 2 (old style) of 1703, a print edition appeared with a long title: "News about military and other matters worthy of reading that occurred in the State of Moscow and all its environs." The holiday has an analogue - World Press Day, which is celebrated on May 3. Similar celebrations are in many republics of the former Union.

In our time, the Day of the press is not customary to celebrate with a bright salute and congratulations from Putin on the air. But in 2016, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a solemn meeting with the foremost print business, presented a mass of awards. Among the laureates were:

  • Yasen Zassoursky (President, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University).
  • Olga Alyonova (correspondent for Kommersant).
  • Eduard Sagalaev (President of the Russian Association of Broadcasters).
  • The team of the magazine "New World".

Perhaps similar celebrations of the event will be in early 2018. If you deserve a serious reward, then you will be notified in advance.

How to mark?

The problem is that the New Year holidays are still in full swing. And on January 13, it is customary to celebrate Old New Year. Not all have finished what they have prepared for Christmas. Many have chaos and confusion in their heads: it's time to quit, but it doesn't work. And the consciousness does not remember - what date is which holiday. Rational people perceive this state of affairs positively. You can combine a professional holiday and the New Year. On the winter wave, it is easy to organize a script and turn Santa Claus into a master of printing.

Day of the Russian press in 2018. What date

Considering the fact that January 13 is a Saturday, we can safely mention a memorable date on Friday. And at the weekend, put yourself in order and start the work year. If the printing house works with commercial organizations, it is not a contractor of periodicals, then there are still few orders on these holidays. You can relax perfectly. It is not recommended to celebrate this day in the printing house.This is not always comfortable, there may be a lot of noise. Yes, and safety is strictly prohibited.

This is what a modern printing house is:

The king at which the book printing process started: Ivan the Terrible
The main post-printing operations: binding and stitching
Typewriter error: typo
One of the largest printing houses in Moscow: "Larson Center"
The most popular book in the world: Bible
Date of death of Ivan Fedorov: December 5, 1583
Pupil of Ivan Fyodorov: Andronicus Nevezha

On the epigraph:

Today is your working holiday,

And a celebration, because you are a printer,

January frost congratulates

Papers best wishes to everyone!

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