Rubber flooring: where applicable

Cement-containing materials are by far the most commonly used, but they have several disadvantages. So the concrete floor quickly falls into disrepair, chips and cracks appear on it. Most often, concrete floors are used in industrial premises, but the characteristics of the material often do not meet strict norms and rules of production.

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If we are talking about industrial production, then the requirements for floor surfaces in this case are extremely high. Just imagine what effects the floor of the production experiences every day: these are loads of equipment, abrasion with various objects, chemical and abrasive effects. It is clear that the concrete is not able to maintain its properties for a long time, which leads to damage to the flooring.

Times are changing, there are new technologies and materials, one of which today is a special polymer used to create self-leveling floors.Another name by which such floors are known is rubber flooring. These floors are characterized by durability, hygiene, safety, reliability and ease of use, which made polymeric self-leveling floors extremely in demand at the present time.

In many industrial premises, the floors experience enormous loads, in particular, constant vibrations from working equipment and machine tools, from the fall of heavy objects, and also from the movement of heavy carts throughout the premises. None of the above is not afraid of self-leveling polymer floors, for which the impact resistance and resistance to vibrations are some of the most important characteristics.

Concrete floors have one negative feature - increased dusting, which is simply unacceptable in the manufacture of medicines, food and other clean industries. Rubber floors are characterized by dustlessness, ensuring compliance with all regulatory acts of safety and hygiene in the production of specific categories of goods. In general, self-leveling polymer floors can be called universal surfaces with complete confidence.The fact is that in many respects they surpass other materials, ensuring the preservation of cleanliness, safety, hygiene, strength, durability and reliability of the floor for fifteen years. And if you follow all the recommendations on the use of rubber floors, then this period may be extended.

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