Route Moscow - Tomsk: how to get there, what to see in Tomsk?

Tomsk - how often can you hear the name of thiscities. However, most people have never been here. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit, because there are a lot of interesting things in the city. Indeed, Moscow - Tomsk is not a popular destination for many reasons. First, the two cities are relatively far apart. Secondly, many of this route may seem uninteresting, but this is not so. The article will discuss why you should go to Tomsk, what you can see in this city, and there will also be a short story about its development and history.

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A small characteristic of the city

Tomsk is quite large for todaythe moment city. It is the central city of the region and district. It should be noted that this is not just an ordinary town, but a real scientific and largest educational center, which is located in the territory of Siberia. Many scientific institutions are open here, which are still functioning today.

As for the population, Tomsk is not yet part of thelist of cities with over a million population. However, the population is not so small, in 2016, statistics showed that the city is home to about 560 thousand people.

There is one good reason whyvisit this city - it is rich in many beautiful cultural monuments, and in particular, wooden architecture and stone architecture. Basically, these cultural objects appeared in the period from the XVIII to XX centuries.

It is especially interesting that Tomsk and its suburbstogether make up an unusual formation - the Tomsk city agglomeration, which will be examined somewhat later. So, there were listed several reasons why it would be interesting to follow the route Moscow - Tomsk. The distance between the cities, however, is pretty decent. It is 3610 kilometers.

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Location and climate of the city

To begin with it is necessary to talk about where isTomsk. The city is located on the West Siberian Plain, which in many respects causes a rather severe climate of this place. The city is also on the right bank of the Tom River. It is interesting that near the city it flows into the Ob river. Here is the taiga, which includes for the most part forest and marsh zones. Forest steppes are also common. The nature here is very interesting, especially for those who have never been to the taiga. That is why for many it will be very informative to go on a trip on the route Moscow - Tomsk.

As already mentioned, the climate here is prettyheavy, especially for people who are not used to it. The local climate is continental-cyclonic. Its characteristic feature is a long and harsh winter, which lasts most of the year. Seasons here change very quickly, but often there is a return of frosts and a thaw. The average temperature in January is minus 17.1 С, in July - +18.7 С. Of course, as in other places, sometimes unusually cold or hot days are recorded in the city, but this happens infrequently.

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Time Zones and Time

Many are interested in what time zone liesTomsk city. Especially this issue is for those who want to go on a trip on the route Moscow - Tomsk. The difference in time, of course, is, and quite strong. Tomsk is located at a fairly large distance from Moscow in the direction to the east, so time zones in cities are different. Time in cities varies by 3 hours. That is, for example, when in Moscow it is 12 o'clock in the morning, then in Tomsk it is already 3 am and so on. Moscow is in the time zone UTC + 3, Tomsk, in turn, in the zone of time zone UTC + 6. Thus, the time difference and the time zones of these two cities were examined.

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Tomsk agglomeration - what is it?

As already mentioned above, in this areaan interesting association was formed, which became known as the Tomsk agglomeration. To begin with, of course, it is necessary to define the concept of agglomeration. This process is now happening almost everywhere. Agglomeration is a certain congestion of various settlements, which gradually constitute one unification. This case also occurred with Tomsk and neighboring settlements, including several urban districts - Tomsk and Seversk, as well as a suburban Tomsk district. I wonder what benefits such an association brings? The answer is quite simple: basically this is a social and economic benefit due to the concentration in one place of all industries and large enterprises.

Culture and sights of the city

Culturally, Tomsk is remarkably well developed. There is a mass of cultural institutions and organizations that are successfully carrying out their activities to date. Therefore, when traveling on the route Moscow - Tomsk, it is necessary to pay attention to the various cultural objects that exist in this city. Three famous drama theaters, a children's theater, as well as several puppet theaters were opened here. For fans of music there is a philharmonic society, which includes a small, chamber hall, and, interestingly, an organ hall.

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Tomsk also does not dispense with museums. There are quite a lot of them, for example, the largest one is a local lore museum, which must be visited by all tourists. There is an art museum, various galleries. Of particular interest is the Tomsk Museum of Wooden Architecture.

In addition to these facilities, in Tomskthere are many architectural monuments. The most common styles here are wooden Russian architecture, Siberian baroque (which mainly refers to the architecture of temples), modernism and classicism. Among the most famous architectural objects can be identified the building of the District Court, the House of Science, the Exchange Corps and many others.

Moscow - Tomsk: directions

Very often, wishing to visit Tomsk, there isthe question of how to get there from Moscow. There are several different ways to get to this wonderful city. The first option is to go on a trip by car. This is quite a good option to drive on the route Moscow - Tomsk. The distance by car is about 3604 kilometers. Such a trip will take several days, but the path will be very interesting, as it runs through many other cities.

The second option, which allows you to quickly cross the Moscow-Tomsk route - much faster. The flight lasts only 4-5 hours.

There is also a third option - to go by train from Kursk railway station. Such a trip will take a bit more than two days.

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