Robin Norwood: biography and author's books

Robin Norwood today is known asthe author of popular bestsellers. These books are read in one breath and attract the attention of a large number of people. Especially her works are loved by women, because they see in the characters themselves. Robin Norwood so masterfully describes the main problems of the beautiful half of humanity, that her words you believe unconditionally.

Biographical information

Robin Norwood was born on July 27, 1945. Her creative activity began as a family psychotherapist. She provided substantial assistance to drug addicts and alcohol-afflicted people. Its main method in the work from the very beginning was the following: to be able to find the hidden causes of the internal conflict that engenders suffering. Norwood talked about the need for the individual to go beyond his own attitude towards life and to revise the existing attitudes.

Robin Norwood

At the moment, the writer lives withfamily in California. A woman has experienced much of what she writes about on her own experience. In her life there were betrayals, a lack of understanding of one's own essence and destiny. She is happy in the fourth marriage, but before she had real happiness, she had to go through a series of serious disappointments. It is necessary to experience difficulties in life to understand what Robin Norwood writes about. The biography of the writer confirms the need of each person for positive changes. Before complaining about fate, you need to understand in which direction you are moving. Norwood's books have been translated into many languages.

"Women who love too much"

This book brought real famewriter. To this day, it is dispersed in multi-million copies. Many readers admitted that the book helped them to see the truth, to open their eyes to what is happening around, to see the prospects available. In fact, life is constantly giving us new opportunities. We, as a rule, do not hurry to use them. This truth is revealed to readers by Robin Norwood.

Robin Norwood women who love too much

"Women who love too much"a real revelation, which includes the possibility of self-change. While we do not realize why failures come to our lives, they will repeat. In this book, the question of love as the greatest suffering is considered and a well-reasoned answer is given, how not to be hostage to one's own feelings. Many women feel unnecessary, ugly and unattractive. It is this insecurity in itself that generates the formation of dependent relationships. Thus, the girl simply tries to compensate for her own sense of rejection. An inferiority complex often forces one to associate one's destiny with an unsuitable person, and then suffer from the consequences of an incorrect step.

robin norwood biography

Interesting, but true: if there is an installation inside, that we do not need anyone, men start to reject us. Such a woman feels helpless, driven in a relationship. The circle closes. How to stop being managed and start living? First of all, you must free yourself from love dependence.

"Is it necessary to be a slave of love?"

Another amazing book that tellsthe need for freedom in partnership. If the union of a man and a woman is based on a feeling of worthlessness, then someday there will certainly be a break. The author tells that girls, unsure of themselves, often choose themselves as a companion in the life of someone who can not or does not know how to show true concern. They put themselves in a predicament in advance and at the same time genuinely do not understand where the conflicts come from.

robin norwood books

The other extreme is the persistent unrequitedattachment throughout life. Young girls do not appreciate themselves so much that they fall in love with those men who do not reciprocate. Constantly feel the bitterness of unrequited feelings - the test is not easy. As a result, there is a strong distrust of life, an inability to accept the sincerity of a partner. Everywhere imagines deception, betrayal, alienation. How to deal with this situation, says Robin Norwood. The author emphasizes the idea of ​​how important it is to love and respect yourself.

"How to take blows of fate"

Each of us from time to time happensome events that make you look at things differently. The blows of fate are sometimes so unexpected that we are lost, do not know what to do. Meanwhile, it is necessary to learn to remain invulnerable and open, whatever happens. When something unforeseen happens, the most common reaction would be to hide or display a reciprocal aggression.

robin norwood author

Only a few find the courage in themselves, the strength forsuccessful progress. Failures can break most people, make them puppets. When a person can not take responsibility for everything that happens to him, in the future he does not control events, but simply endlessly complains about life. Meanwhile, it is necessary to learn to look at any failure as an opportunity to start acting. If circumstances can be changed unreal, then the attitude towards what is happening depends only on ourselves. Why do some people quickly recover from any losses and again achieve success, while others for years get stuck in a state of resentment? It's all about our attitude to the situation.

It is necessary in any case to remember thatdifficulties temper character, make a person invulnerable to external conditions. If every day to bring up a firmness of character and strength of mind, the results will very soon surprise you. This is what Robin Norwood says. "How to take blows of fate" is a book about the upbringing of purposefulness, responsibility and cheerfulness.

"Why did this happen to me?"

Such a question is asked most often by those whomsuffered a major setback. If, with minor difficulties, most people still learned to cope, then large-scale upheavals are not so easy to survive. In addition to constant thoughts about what happened, there is also a feeling of resentment, bitterness, disappointment. Some succeed in accusing others of their troubles, others are actively engaged in self-flagellation. Meanwhile, all this has absolutely no sense. Such methods do not lead to a resolution of the situation, they do not contribute to personal growth. Self-improvement begins when a person sets achievable goals and strives for them. It is necessary to be able to look to the future and see there the prospects for its development.

robin norwood how to take blows of fate

Robin Norwood in his book describes how thisto do. If you do not want to regret your whole life for your own mistakes, it is useful to take advantage of her just advice. There is no point in complaining about the cruelty of fate. It is necessary to take everything into our own hands and begin to act actively.

Value of books

Robin Norwood is the author who inspires readersthink, make responsible decisions, strive for high achievements. Those who have ever opened the books of this tremendous writer will not forget that amazing time spent reading real useful literature. The works are filled with a great will to live, they are marked by a positive attitude and a constant belief in success. The author deliberately considers the hard life circumstances of his characters to show that there are no unsolvable problems. There is always a way out if it's hard to find.

Uniqueness of the worldview

The author opens an amazinga world that, if desired, can be found by everyone in their hearts. Books expand consciousness, help to take a fresh look at the surrounding reality, because the usual reaction to negative manifestations are reciprocal irritability and aggressiveness.

robin norwood reviews

Robin Norwood teaches you to pay close attention toown feelings, to protect their emotional state. No one will restore our health if we destroy ourselves in vain suffering. The uniqueness of the writer's worldview is that she is not just aimed at positive things, she knows how to make this state natural for life.

Robin Norwood: Feedback

The author today has his own audiencereaders. Her books are quickly sold out in stores, not lying on the shelves. Reviews about them are simply amazing: women write about the texts of Norwood that helped them make the right decision, stop feeling sorry for themselves and compare existing achievements with others. The main feature of all books is that they are aimed at forming an integral picture of self-perception within a person. As a result comes the realization that it hinders to build honest, harmonious relations with a partner, why there is no trust in the gifts of fate.

Instead of concluding

The need to live in harmony with oneself and the wholeRobin Norwood tells the world. Her books are full of the greatest inimitable wisdom, which can only be learned. A step forward each of us must do on our own to achieve peace of mind.

The biography of the writer confirms the need of each person for positive changes. Before complaining about fate, you need to understand in which direction you are moving.

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