Rest in Dzhemete in 2019

Dzhemete - a beautiful resort village, which is located near Anapa. In terms of beauty and livability, it is one of the first places among the health resorts of the Black Sea coast of Russia. The main “chips” of the village are the cleanest sea water and soft, well-groomed beaches, as well as unique plants that saturate the air with oxygen and beneficial microelements.

beach in Dzhemete

Dzhemete is a young resort. He is known only about 10 years. The name of the sanatorium is translated from the Adyghe as “gold placers”. And indeed, in the sands of the village, scientists found a very small amount of the precious metal. The resort has many modern hotels and guest houses, entertainment establishments, cafes and restaurants. In the immediate vicinity of the resort dozens of attractions are scattered and the center of Anapa shines with thousands of lights.

Rest in Dzhemete in 2019 is the best choice of large and small families, couples in love and single people of any age.

Eating places

Private sector Dzhemete

As a budget and comfortable accommodation option suitable possession of local residents. They rent for a small amount of money rooms, cottages or rooms in guest houses. In the majority of private properties of the village, the price includes the use of a TV, a refrigerator, an air conditioner or a fan, a shared bathroom with shower and toilet for several rooms. Prices for holidays in the private sector Dzhemete in 2019 will not be too big. So in July, for a day in a double room, they will be asked for 1,000–1600 rubles, and for a bed in a common room - for 500–750 rubles.

Hotels and pensions Dzhemete

Over the past few years in the village opened about a dozen hotels. Among them there are cheap hotels of categories 2-3 * and luxury resorts that work on the "all inclusive" system. Also in Dzhemete there are several good resorts that are equipped with modern medical equipment. In such institutions, emphasis is placed on the prevention and treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, digestive organs, musculoskeletal system, and cardiovascular system. Almost all hotels on the seafront.

hotel with pool

In 2019 prices for rest in boarding houses and hotels in Dzhemete will not bite. A double room in a 3 * hotel will cost 2000-3000 rubles. For the chambers in a class 5 * establishment with “All Inclusive” service, you will need to pay 6500–9000 rubles. In one of the boarding houses with three meals a day and treatment per day will be asked 2800-4000 rubles per person.

Cafes and restaurants

The resort has several canteens and cafes. The catering establishments serve dishes of Russian, Caucasian and European cuisines. The cost of lunch in the village will be from 150 rubles in the dining room or pancake to 500 rubles in a cafe.

Restaurants Dzhemete is a separate kingdom. They employ skilled chefs. For the sake of a juicy kebab or a delicious solyanka, guests from Anapa come to the village. The price of lunch in one of the restaurants of the village will not exceed 1,200 rubles.


The beaches of Dzhemete stretch along the azure waters of the Black Sea for 10 km. The entire coast of the village is covered with fine-grained, pleasant sand. Stones near the water are extremely rare. Descent to the depth of the flat. In some places there are sandbanks 5-10 meters wide. The main part of the camp residents is going to Central beach.Changing and showering cabins, a first-aid post, rescue towers are installed in this place. At 50 meters from the surf line, there are rental offices for sun loungers and umbrellas, and sports equipment.

beach in Dzhemete

Also, excellent beaches are open at sanatoriums, hotels and guest houses of the health resort. The most famous of them is “White” with snow-colored sand brought from afar and a lot of entertainment for children and adults.

The very nature of not far from Dzhemete allocated wonderful places for wild recreation - unequipped beaches, where you can set up a tent and relax naked.


In Dzhemete travelers name a few dozen rides. The main entertainment facilities of the health resort are the Tiki-Tak water park and the dolphinarium. The first of them is equipped with water slides, a wave pool and a lazy river, which carries lovers of peace on its waters. In the second stand the inhabitants of the Black Sea. Dolphins tell a lot of interesting things, show tricks and roll the children on their backs.

Fans of extreme sports are recommended to visit the beach of the sanatorium "Hellas", where there are windsurfing courses and jet-ski rental centers.Next to it you can rent a bike or go on a tour around the village on a quad bike.

water activities

Fans of quiet rest should take part in walks in Anapa, Abrau-Durso winery, go to the mud volcanoes, waterfalls of Kuago, in the valley of lotuses.

Prices for sightseeing holiday in Dzhemete in 2019 will be quite affordable: from 400 to 700 rubles per person for 1 walk.

What to bring?

The souvenir shops of the health resort are full of small and beautiful things. But really worth bringing home:

  • Crafts of juniper or material for them from Utrishsky reserve;
  • Local wines in their original packaging - kegs or bottles;
  • Nuts and fruits;
  • A bunch of dried fish.

The last of the products has a strong smell. Fish can bring discomfort to the neighbors in the transport and give a lot of positive emotions to friends and colleagues.

pool cottages

How to get there?

Dzhemete is located just 10 km from the center of Anapa. To get to the village as quickly as possible, you need to fly to the city by plane and go to the health resort by taxi or minibus No. 113.

It is much cheaper to get to Dzhemete by train. To do this, it is necessary to order tickets to Anapa and after leaving the building of the megalopolis railway station, take the bus number 114, which runs every 5 minutes.Part of long-distance trains do not go through Anapa, but make a stop at the apron of the Tonnelnaya station. From this point to the village you can get through the bus station of the city sequentially by bus and route taxis №114 and 134.

Motorists to get to Dzhemete need to travel along the M-4 "Don". Near Krasnodar, it is necessary to turn onto the A146 road, and go to the A290 highway near Novorossiysk. The distance from Moscow to the health resort is 1471 km, the average travel time to the resort is 17.5-18 hours.

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