Refrigerators LG: reviews, review of the model range, rating of the best units

When choosing equipment for storing products, it is necessary to pay attention to models from the largest manufacturers from Korea.

Modern refrigerator LG has serious functionality, has many modifications and is reliable.

Main specifications of LG models

Modern refrigeration equipment from LG is represented by embedded and free-standing models. The latter are represented by four rulers, each of which differs by the location of the cameras and technical parameters.

The largest representation of models is present in the line of two-chamber refrigerators with a freezer located at the bottom. This is a classic "European" placement of departments, which is familiar to the Russian consumer.

Series width"GA"and"GW"makes standard 59,5 cm. Range of height lies in limits from 172,6 to 201,0 cm, and depths - from 64,3 to 68,8 cm.The volume of the refrigeration compartment is from 179 to 263 liters, and the freezer is from 104 to 131 liters.

Series"GC"- more voluminous. The width of the devices is 70 cm, height - from 185 to 201 cm, and depth - from 67.1 to 70.0 cm. The size of the chambers is much larger: the refrigeration room holds from 297 to 344 liters, the freezer is 155 liters.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Refrigerators with the freezing section placed at the bottom are most familiar to the domestic consumer. Therefore, in the Russian market, such models from LG are on sale more than others.

The manufacturer is gradually moving away from the classic LG solution for the top freezer.

Now in this line, there are only 7 models that are more overall than the "European" ones: with a refrigerating chamber volume from 335 to 435 liters, and a freezer - from 136 to 204 liters.

They are of the same type in depth - 73 cm, width from 70 to 86 cm, and height from 178 to 184 cm.

"American" style devices with vertical separation of the refrigeration and freezer compartments (Side by side) also highlighted by the manufacturer in a separate line.

LG offers for sale 10 newest models with an original solution in the form of having a separate small door for the most frequently used products.

The vertical division into chambers causes a large width of products - 91.2 cm.The height of this line is also standard - 179 cm, and the depth varies from 71.5 to 73.8 cm.

The volume of the refrigeration compartment is from 413 to 422 liters, and the freezer is increased from 246 to 265 liters.

Multi-compartment refrigerators are separated into a separate line, although they differ greatly in functionality, design, number of chambers, compartments, and dimensions. They are a modification of the classic "European" system of placing departments.

We can say that these are exclusive models designed for large volumes of products with multi-temperature storage characteristics.

Multi-compartment refrigerators for a large family
A multi-compartment refrigerator consists of a set of compartments that may differ in temperature and humidity conditions. This device is designed for a large family.

The latest built-in models are five-chamber devices, as well as single-chamber refrigerator and freezer. They are unified in width (55.4 cm) and height (177.5 cm).

The depth range is from 54.5 to 56.5 cm. For two-chamber models, the volume of the refrigeration compartment is from 199 to 206 liters, and the freezer volume is from 70 to 86 liters.

What technologies to consider when choosing?

Like every manufacturer of technology, LG claims the presence of unique technologies that distinguish their refrigeration equipment from competitors' products.

Some of them really bring additional convenience when using the device, while others may be an ordinary marketing ploy.

Special modes of storage products

Technology"Nature Fresh"due to air circulation, it provides special temperature and humidity conditions for various compartments of the refrigerating chamber. Includes three functions:

  • Fresh Balancersets the relative moisture level for fruits to be 88%, for vegetables - 95%;
  • Fresh Convertersets the temperature of the medium for storing meat equal to -2 ° C, fish - 0 ° C, vegetables - 3 ° C;
  • Nature Fresh Coolingpromotes air circulation throughout the chamber without the formation of zones of stagnation.

The presence of a fine-meshed structure of the lid of the container for storing vegetables"Moist Balance"avoids condensation and prevents fruit from rotting.

Container with lid "Moist Balance"
Moist Balance containers collect condensate on the cellular surface of the lid. Thanks to the “No Frost” technology, the air in the refrigerator is dry and the water gradually evaporates outside.

Vacuum storage technology has proven its effectiveness - products do not lose freshness much longer than under normal conditions.

"Vacuum Fresh"allows you to pump air out of the container right in the fridge. It is very convenient for the long maintenance of chilled meat.

Function"Vita Light"provides a full range of illumination that, according to the manufacturer, allows photosynthesis to continue. In this case, the concentration of vitamin C is not reduced when storing vegetables and fruits.

Many models are equipped with a special hygienic multilayer filter"Hygiene Fresh"that eliminates odors.

Power Consumption and Reliability

LG equips its devices with a modern linear compressor with inverter power control.

The essence of the linear technology is to exclude the crankshaft and connecting rod, which create the main friction points that have a bad effect on the efficiency of the system.

Instead of converting the circular rotation of the rotor, such a compressor moves the piston by changing the magnetic field. This contributes to significant energy savings.

Inverter control, as opposed to discrete, allows you to adjust the power of the compressor, rather than turn it on and off. This extends the service life of the device and reduces its noise.

Inverter linear compressors are very difficult to repair at home, but this is not so important, since LG provides 10 years warranty for this device. If the compressor breaks down, you should contact the brand repair service center for refrigerators.

Compressor warranty sticker
A ten-year warranty on the refrigerator compressor is a serious argument in favor of choosing a model from LG. It is an expensive and most difficult part to replace.

Technology"Total No Frost"is a modification of a known solution"No Frost"which Liebherr introduced back in 1987. It was a revolutionary decision on the method of freezing without the formation of frost.

The idea is to create a local zone of condensate in the solid phase on the back wall of the evaporator, followed by thawing and removal of water through the drainage.

As a result, cold, dry air takes moisture from the compartments and prevents ice from forming there.

Previously, this technology was only available for freezers, but now it is widely used in refrigerated compartments.

"Total no Frost" in addition to preventing the formation of frost is also equipped with a functionMulti-Air Flow Cooling System.

With the help of a fan system, multithreaded cooling takes place through uniform air distribution.This is important because solid glass shelves impede circulation.

Convenience of operation and management

Technology"Door-in-Door"is to integrate a smaller door into the refrigerator compartment door.

This allows access to daily consumed foods such as milk, sour cream, ketchup or mayonnaise, while not allowing the warm air to penetrate in significant amounts.

Such a system significantly saves electricity and reduces temperature fluctuations.

Function"InstaView"used in conjunction with the door-in-door technology. Double-clicking on the transparent door activates the internal lighting, which allows you to see the location of products and the availability of free space.

This contributes to a more rapid procedure for moving products with an open refrigerator, which minimizes the flow of warm air inside.

InstaView technology
The LG development of the InstaView option in conjunction with the Door-in-Door technology is the calling card of the company's modern refrigerators. Similar, but slightly different in performance, applied in Samsung and Haier techniques

The essence of the method"Auto Open Door"consists in the automatic opening of the door when the touch sensor located at the bottom of the refrigerator is triggered.To do this, just step on the luminous label on the floor.

A very convenient function, if necessary, is to put inside a volumetric object that has to be carried with two hands.

LED lighting shelves, in contrast to point light sources, allows you to see well the products, even when filled with a refrigerator.

The presence of a folding shelf allows you to store bulk meals (cakes, pies) in the refrigerator without complicated manipulations.

Using an installed applicationSmartThinQYou can use the wi-fi to control the refrigerator and receive notifications of problems on your phone or tablet.

Also available is a diagnostic technology using a smartphone to collect preliminary information about the breakdown.

Exclusive design elements

Textured steel, which covers many of the company's refrigerators, is resistant to minor damage and scratches. This contributes to maintaining the attractive appearance of the product.

Usually each model can be represented with 1-3 color decisions. White, beige, steel and silver colors are most commonly used. More rarely, the color has a golden, platinum, red or black color.

The original design of the refrigerator
Also, the door of the refrigerator can be made in the original style.This is one practical plus - in the presence of color transitions less visible dust

LG Customer Reviews

LG sells refrigeration equipment in Russia at several factories in five countries. The second letter in the model name indicates the country of origin:

  • A- Russia;
  • C- China;
  • N- Indonesia;
  • R- South Korea;
  • W- Poland.

When the unit breaks down, sometimes there are difficulties with the delivery of components for refrigerators assembled outside the Russian Federation. This only applies to unique parts such as sealing gum, displays or control boards.

Universal handle for the door of the refrigerator
A variety of sensors, relays, fans and mounting handles are universal and with their purchase from consumers there are no problems

Consumer reports show the typical problems of refrigerators of this brand.

However, it should be understood that a sufficient number of reviews by which one can judge the quality of a product can only be on models that have been in operation for a long time (at least two years). To conduct in this way the analysis of the latest developments is impossible.

Among the main problems with the equipment from LG, users note the following:

  1. Difficult to understand electronic adjustment of operating modes of the device. The "advanced" models have many functions that are difficult to understand intuitively.
  2. Despite the built-in protection against surges in the mains, it is better to install a voltage regulator. It will be enough device designed for 2 kW.
  3. Sticking of the magnetic valve to switch the flow of the refrigerant in different circuits. Solving the problem is simple, and the part itself is inexpensive.

Other problems typical of refrigerators are rare.

LG Service Center
The presence of authorized service centers in large localities is a positive feature of LG. This is due to the popularity of home appliances and electronics of the Korean manufacturer.

The main advantages, in addition to an extensive service network, the owners believe the reliability of the brand's refrigerators, usability thanks to the introduction of the latest technological developments.

As well as the remarkable design of many models, allowing you to choose not only the desired size, but also the color shade.

Ratings of modern models

The rating includes models for the lines of two-chamber refrigerators with bottom and side location of the freezer. The choice was made in favor of the most common models with an average rating of at least 4.0 points on a five-point scale.

All models have energy class A + or A ++, support technologies."Nature Fresh"and"Total No Frost".

Model # 1 - LG GA-B429SMQZ

LG GA-B429 SMQZ is the brand's best-selling refrigerator. It is incredibly popular with users due to the optimal ratio of parameters, cost and the introduction of new technologies.

So, the unit is equipped with an electronic control type, it has a display that is turned on only when the owner uses the refrigerator. Also implemented the ability to control from a smartphone.

The dimensions of the equipment are rather big - 59.5 × 64.3 × 190.7 cm. This provides excellent capacity of 302 liters, 79 of which are in the freezer. The latter, like the refrigerating chamber, does not require regular defrosting - here is full No Frost.

The main advantages of this refrigerator are the economical consumption of electricity (class A ++), the availability of the “Holiday” mode, super-freezing, and notifications about the open door.Also provides protection from children.

In general, the package bundle is beyond praise that in models worth a little more than 32 thousand rubles it occurs infrequently.

Of the disadvantages of the owners point to noisy work, although this figure is declared at the level of 39 dB. Also, users complain about the silver coating on the surface of the refrigerator, which is constantly traces of fingers.

Another disadvantage is an uncomfortable box for vegetables. According to the owners, he nominated only half. Therefore, to fully use it will not succeed.

Model # 2 - LG GA-B379UEDA

LG GA-B379UEDA is in great demand among potential buyers. Its dimensions correspond to full-size models and are 59.5 × 65.1 × 172.6 cm.

True, due to the small height of 172.6 cm, the net volume is only 265 liters, 87 of which fall to the freezing section.

Many buyers are attracted by the unusual design of this refrigerator - its body is made in beige color. The front panel has a small display. The model has an electronic control type.

Of the additional features there is a super-freezing, a sound indication, the doors are re-weighted on the reverse side.

In terms of energy consumption, the unit complies with class A, and users also like the fact that the Frost system is used in the refrigeration and freezing departments. Therefore, regular defrosting is not needed, and the products are perfectly preserved for a long time.

A significant disadvantage of the owners is called some noise, crackling, appearing in the process of work, although this figure is declared at the level of 42 dB. Also, some users have questions about adjusting the door.

Model # 3 - LG GA-B499YLCZ

LG GA-B499YLCZ attracts customers with an exquisite faceplate design, which, by the way, practically does not get dirty, with excellent spaciousness and the full No Frost system, implemented for both cameras.

The dimensions of the model cannot be called compact - 59.5 × 68.8 × 200 cm. However, due to the two-meter height, it seems not so cumbersome and easily fits into the interior of the kitchen.

In addition, there is a sound indication, triggered when the door is open, there is an option of super-freezing.

Economical owners will be pleased with a high class of energy efficiency - A ++, as well as the availability of a convenient mode called"Vacation"When, during the absence of the owners, to maintain the efficiency of the unit, it is possible to set the optimum temperature.

In this refrigerator, users admire the excellent build quality, sturdy glass shelves, 4 convenient drawers on the door.

I also like the fact that it is roomy - it’s easy to place supplies for a family of 3-5 people with 360 liters of usable volume. Moreover, 105 l falls on the freezer.

Of the minuses of the model, some owners note the noise of the inverter compressor, indicate the lack of a bottle in the kit and complain about the inability to fully open the drawers due to the presence of limiters.

Model # 4 - LG GA-B429SQCZ

The LG GA-B429SQCZ is an energy efficient refrigerator (class A ++). It is equipped with an inverter compressor and No Frost technology in the refrigerator and freezer. Moreover, its cost starts from 30 thousand rubles.

The internal space is harmoniously demarcated - out of 302 liters of usable volume, 223 are in the refrigeration, and the remaining 79 are in the freezer section.

With such capacity, the unit is not distinguished by impressive dimensions, having almost standard 59.5 × 64.3 × 190.7 cm.Therefore, in a modest-sized kitchen may not fit.

Of the additional devices there is a shelf for freezing, protection against unauthorized exposure of children. Also implemented a sound alert about the open door. There is a mode"Vacation", superfrost.

The advantages of the model include spaciousness, elegant design and convenient shelves for storage inside the refrigerator compartment.

As for the minuses, some owners complain of noise, although they confirm that this figure does not exceed the 39 dB stated by the manufacturer.

Model # 5 - LG GA-B499YECZ

The GA-B499YEQZ refrigerator is distinguished by the presence of the No Frost system in two chambers, so the owner will not need regular defrosting.

The model is implemented electronic control. The volume of the refrigeration compartment is 255 liters, the freezing compartment is 105. At the same time, the dimensions are almost standard - 59.5 × 68.8 × 200 cm. The minimum cost is 33.5 thousand rubles.

The power consumption of the unit is economical and corresponds to the class A ++. Of the additional features provided superfrost and sound indication, reminiscent of an open door.

Of the advantages of the owners note the beautiful appearance, resulting from the beige bezel.I also like the good illumination of the internal space, solidly made glass shelves, spaciousness.

Among the minuses, users indicate an unseasoned distance between the shelves - you have to remove one to put a large pot or a jar of cucumbers.

There is also dissatisfaction with the freezer drawers. Owners complain that it is impossible to completely pull out the box in order to load / release it.

Model # 6 - LG GC-B247JEUV

Among the buyers are popular and models of refrigerators, related to the type of Side by Side - in which the freezer is located on the side. One of these representatives of the brand is LG GC-B247JEUV, made in a beautiful beige color.

This unit is distinguished by its large size - 91.2 × 71.7 × 179 cm. It will not be possible to put such a modest room, but it will be just right for a spacious kitchen.

Capacity is 613 liters, of which 394 are in the refrigeration and 219 in the freezer section. There is a zone of freshness. The two cameras have implemented the technology of Frost.

The front panel has a display, electronic control.

The advantages of this refrigerator owners include the presence of lighting not only in the refrigeration, but also in the freezing section, well-organized internal space,allows you to put a maximum of products, quiet operation.

Also, users are pleased with the economical consumption of energy resources - the model in this parameter corresponds to the class A +.

Of the shortcomings, they note a high price tag, although for Side by Side refrigerators with similar characteristics, this cost is not considered high.

Model # 7 - LG GA-B489TGRF

The unusual model of the LG brand is the GA-B489TGRF refrigerator. Its main feature is the stylish design and the original burgundy (cherry) design.

Many happy owners of this technology decided to buy only because of the impressive appearance. Design with the presence of the figure, hidden handle. Door trim material - glass. A somewhat overpriced price tag is consistent with design delights.

The presence of the display, touch control is inherent in this refrigerator. The volume is 335 liters, of which 196 belong to the refrigeration, 105 - to the freezer and 17 - to the zero chamber.

Of the advantages of the owners note the presence of a moist zone of freshness, where the fruit is kept in excellent condition, without losing its taste and smell.

I also like the quiet operation, the introduction of the technology of Nou Frost, thanks to which the maintenance of the unit is greatly simplified, and the economical energy consumption corresponding to the class A ++.

Of the minuses, you can only note the high cost, and some users complain about the insufficient capacity of the refrigerating chamber, offering to expand it through the freezer.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Expert advice on choosing the optimal model of the refrigerator with the necessary functions:

What you need to know before buying a refrigerator? The main aspects of the selection are discussed in the following story:

Advice of the master on the repair of refrigeration equipment on the choice of the optimal model that will reliably serve for many years:

LG offers a large selection of refrigerators in different formats and functions. They have good quality, modern solutions and beautiful design.. The price segment to which they can be attributed is medium and high.

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