Refrigerator without freezer: pros and cons of solutions + review of popular offers on the market

A compact refrigerator without a freezer is suitable for cases where the amount of supplies is small and needs to be cooled without freezing. Such models are bought by people who in principle do not consume frozen vegetables, berries and meat.

This is a good choice for couples who spend most of their time outside the home. And for a small country house this is often the only correct decision if it is visited only on weekends and holidays.

What are good models without freezer?

The variety of types of refrigerators is astounding. Each buyer can easily find the ideal model, no matter how unusual his needs.

Varieties of refrigeration equipment

There are compact single-chamber babies and huge two-door giants that are suitable for a large family or even a team of an entire enterprise.

Connoisseurs of drinks and good wines can choose cooling devices, the shelves of which are specially designed for storing bottles.

Tourists and truckers will find for themselves comfortable car mini-refrigerators. There are even models working on propane.

Standard model of small dimensions
Most models without freezers differ in modest dimensions, although there are quite roomy appliances. If you decide on the desired volume of the chamber, the location of shelves and containers, you can buy a suitable refrigerator, although the search will probably take some time.

Among all this variety, single-chamber refrigerators without freezers deserve special attention.

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Built-in two-chamber refrigerator
Built-in two-chamber refrigerator
Three-chamber model in the interior of the kitchen
Three-chamber model in the interior of the kitchen
Stand-alone single-chamber model
Stand-alone single-chamber model
Spacious built-in model without freezer
Spacious built-in model without freezer

In devices without freezers, only cooling chambers are provided. They are often used as main refrigerators and as additional.

This is convenient if there is a model with a freezing compartment, but the volume of the refrigerating chamber is not enough to store all kinds of products.

Small refrigerators without freezers are often embedded in kitchen units. They are lightweight, so they are suitable for installation in both lower and upper modules. Although models are most often mounted in kitchens, this is not the only possible option.

Built-in miniature model
The refrigerator-baby without freezer will be located in any niche or a curbstone. When placing it is important to think about how convenient it will be to use the device, and calculate the desired height so that you do not have to bend too much.

In the design of devices there are no compressors, because of which there is noise when the refrigerator is operating. Models without a freezer do not emit almost any sounds, do not vibrate, so they can be placed anywhere: in the hallway, living room or even the bedroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of such equipment

The advantages of models without freezers include the following:

  1. Big choice. Refrigerators without a freezer are low and high (185 cm), vertical and horizontal, narrow and wide, compact and capacious (up to 500 l). They have only one thing in common in design: all models are ergonomic.
  2. Convenience of operation. Even the most compact models are equipped with shelves, trays, containers for storing various types of products.They are less capacious than the internal device systems of traditional refrigerators, but they are not inferior in convenience of operation.
  3. Wide scope of application. Models buy for apartments, private houses. They are installed in the baths, cottages, take a long-term trip. Refrigerators without freezers are often purchased for hospitals, private schools, offices.
  4. Ease of transportation. A small refrigerator can be transported in the car of any brand. It is easy to raise it to the floor and bring it into the apartment.
  5. Noiselessness. Noise level - one of the most important selection criteria. Refrigerators without a freezer do not make much noise, and this is a huge plus.
  6. Efficiency. No freezer - no extra costs. People who do not store frozen products, there is no need to overpay on electricity bills. The lack of a freezer is a significant money saving. In addition, most mini-refrigerators belong to the energy saving class A or A +.

The advantages of simplified models have a reverse side. This is a limited functionality and the minimum number of options.

Refrigerators perfectly cope with the main task, but if suddenly there is a need to freeze a portion of products, many appliances will not be able to do this.

Defrost the refrigerator without freezer
Models without a freezer defrost in the same way as everyone else. The procedure should be carried out twice a year. If the device with drip defrosting, it is possible less often

On the other hand, refrigerators without a freezer “are able” to maintain the low temperature of already frozen products.

If a portion of the semi-finished products is placed in the deep cooling zone, they will remain frozen, because In this box, the temperature is about 0 degrees.

Comparison of refrigerators with and without freezer

In general, the technical characteristics of cooling devices without freezers are close to standard two-chamber refrigerators. The difference is only in the presence / absence of a special compartment for freezing.

Refrigerator in a studio apartment
There are many people who spend little time at home and almost do not cook. They have different ideas about comfort and proper nutrition than traditional families with children. Such people simply do not need large-size refrigerators with freezers.

In most models, temperature regulators are provided. Modes are set manually. If the door is open for a long time, the sensor is triggered and the control system beeps.

In the chamber, the temperature is positive - from 0 to 14 degrees.The doors can be rearranged. The capacity of the refrigeration compartment varies depending on the model and manufacturer - from 50 to 500 liters.

Two-door model without freezer
There are models with an internal volume of 250-500 liters. They are practical, easy to operate and maintain, ideal for a large family. There is only one drawback: they take up a lot of space.

As for the service life, single-chamber models are as much, if not, more durable than the usual two-chamber ones.

Due to the absence of a freezer with these devices, there are much fewer problems, and their care is extremely simplified.

Mini fridge under countertop
Small refrigerators without freezers are installed not only in the kitchen. They are often bought for dining rooms, living rooms, rest rooms, where guests gather. Such a device can serve as a mini-bar.

If you keep it clean and clean the internal surfaces of the refrigerator, shelves and trays in time, the appearance of an unpleasant smell is excluded. A great option is the purchase of a unit with antibacterial coating.

The subtleties of choosing the right option

Any refrigerator is an expensive acquisition. It is worth paying attention to the choice and take a model that will last for many years and will ideally meet the goals of the owner.

Food storage in a mini fridge
The easiest way to determine the desired capacity of a new refrigerator is to “inventory” the contents of an existing model. Having calculated how much and which products to store, it is easy to determine the internal volume

First of all, they are determined with the installation location of the device and the free area. Dimensions of the model depend on it. It should be noted that the refrigerator should not be placed close to the wall or partition, because necessary space for air circulation.

Installation of the built-in refrigerator
It is important to take accurate measurements and leave space behind the fridge. The more space between the back wall of the device and other surfaces, the less overheating, which means that the equipment will work more efficiently and longer

When the issue of placement and the desired size of the model is resolved, pay attention to such factors:

  1. Internal fullness. For the home, they usually purchase three-dimensional models with a large number of shelves and containers, and for smaller ones. If the plans are frequent transportation, it is better to choose a device of modest dimensions and take into account its weight.
  2. Power. This is the determining criterion for the selection of any electrical equipment on which its functionality and energy consumption level depends.The best option is a class A or A + model, although there are many efficient class B and C refrigerators. The number of options needed must be considered.
  3. Noise level. If it is important when choosing a two-chamber refrigerator with a freezer, then with single-chamber models everything is simpler: they make much less noise. Before buying, you should still look into the technical documentation and take a model with indicators up to 30 dB.
  4. The degree of illumination of the camera. This is only relevant when purchasing an embedded model, if you plan to install it in the bottom row of the kitchen unit or in the pantry. Illumination is in all refrigerators, but when the device is placed in a dimly lit place, the power of the light bulbs becomes important.
  5. Functions. In many models, additional options are provided: temperature control, freshness zone, antibacterial coating or a device for absorbing odors.
  6. Appearance. Excellent specialists are working on the design of modern refrigerators. They take into account ergonomics, convenience of models and pay attention to appearance. It is easy to find a beautiful technique that will harmoniously fit into the style of the kitchen.
  7. Cost of. Price always matters. It is formed from objective factors (functionality, dimensions, quality of materials and assembly, design) and the policy of the manufacturer.

Equally important is the quality of insulation. It is impossible to determine for yourself how well the refrigerator is insulated, so in this matter it is better to rely on the manufacturer and choose a model of a reliable brand.

Products of decent quality are made by domestic manufacturers - “Nord”, “Saratov”.

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German single-chamber refrigerator brand Liebherr
German single-chamber refrigerator brand Liebherr
Domestic refrigerator brand Nord
Domestic refrigerator brand Nord
Single-chamber refrigerator Saratov
Single-chamber refrigerator Saratov
Compact refrigerator without Bosch brand freezer
Compact refrigerator without Bosch brand freezer

It would be useful to read the reviews of real users, view ratings.

TOP-7 models without freezer

The recognized market leaders are Bosh, Liebherr, Gorenje, Electrolux. Good reviews are left by users who bought refrigerators without the freezers of the brands Profycool, Vestfrost, Atlant.

We offer a rating of the most popular models, based on the demand of customers and feedback left by the owners.

Place # 1 - ATLANT MX5810-62

The best-selling refrigerator, in the construction of which the freezer is not provided, is ATLANT MX5810-62. This model is preferred by most buyers across the country.

Not surprising, because the cost of this refrigerator is a little more than 10 thousand with a capacity of 285 liters. This volume is enough to meet the daily needs for fresh fruits and vegetables of all members of the average family.

Its dimensions are 60x60x150 cm, so there will be no difficulties in the operation of the upper shelves. The model is equipped with convenient hinged trays.

In this model, an auto-cleaning function is provided, if you wish, you can move the door and rearrange the shelves to the desired height.

As for energy consumption, it corresponds to class A.

Among the shortcomings, users indicate excessive noise, although the manufacturer claims this figure at 41 dB. And also complain about the flimsy material of plastic pockets on the door.

Place # 2 - Liebherr IKB3560

In second place is a reliable refrigerator with excellent assembly - Liebherr IKB3560. Its popularity among buyers is inferior to the models of the Atlant brand due to its higher cost.

This is a high (177 cm) built-in model of class A ++ with a well-equipped interior space.

It has 8 shelves of shock-resistant glass, trays for eggs, oil, a container for glass containers. The total volume is 301 liters. There is a zone of freshness, there is a system for outweighing the door.

The refrigerator is controlled by a digital system and a liquid crystal display. Sound signals are provided for the door to open and malfunctions. The door is equipped with a door closer.

Among the shortcomings, users indicate only a little overpriced value of this model.

Place # 3 - NORD 507-012

Another practical and inexpensive refrigeration equipment without a freezer is NORD 507-012. The model is practical and small volume of 111 liters.

Big pluses - economical energy consumption of class A + and antibacterial coating. The device has an electromechanical regulator of operating modes.

The modest dimensions of 50x52x85 cm and a small weight of 28 kg allow the unit to be transported to the country house without causing a truck for this.

Also, owners note the excellent build quality, good glass shelves, affordable price.But significant shortcomings with such a price tag could not be found.

Place # 4 - Saratov 549

Saratov 549 is a simple fridge with a white body without frills. It combines ease of use and maximum functionality.

The modest dimensions of 48x59x114.5 cm allow you to place the unit even in a small room. The volume is not small at all - 165 l. Drip cleaning system is provided.

The inner space is extremely rationally zoned: there are convenient shelves, trays. The regulator allows you to set the temperature from 0 to - / + 5 degrees.

Of the shortcomings of the owners indicate a crash and clicks when working, as well as the poor build quality. Another disadvantage is class B power consumption.

Place # 5 - Bosch KSV36VW20

The interest of potential buyers is caused by the refrigerator of the German manufacturer Bosch KSV36VW20.

This is the so-called “hybrid” model with the function of supercooling, which in fact represents the freezing of products. It is possible to set the temperature using an electronic type of control.

The dimensions of this refrigerator are 60x65x186 cm, which provides as much as 346 liters of useful volume for storing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, ready meals and convenience foods.

The model has an economical power consumption, which corresponds to the class A +. Of the additional features implemented sound notification of a temperature rise, which occurs due to the open door.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only the high price tag, but it is difficult to expect another with excellent assembly and unsurpassed reputation of the German brand Bosch.

Place # 6 - Vestfrost VF395SBW

Extremely roomy refrigeration unit with a volume of 353 l, characterized by excellent equipment and quite acceptable price tag with such parameters - this is Vestfrost VF395SBW.

The model has an optimal size of 59.5 × 63.2 × 186.8 cm, economically consumes electricity (class A +), is equipped with an electronic control type, display, has an anti-bacterial coating.

Of the additional features - the function of supercooling, allowing you to keep the desired products in a state close to freezing.

There is also a sound indication, notifying the owner of a temperature increase, which helps prevent the deterioration of products. True, users call a squeak of a refrigerator a disadvantage, claiming that it causes irritation.

Place # 7 - NEFF K4316X7

Another model, popular among buyers, is the NEFF K4316X7. The country of origin is Germany.

This is a built-in refrigerator of medium size, with a capacity of 141 liters. Its dimensions are 60x55x82.8 cm. The unit is characterized by absolutely silent operation, economical energy consumption, corresponding to class A, and a pleasant design.

The droplet cleaning system is implemented in the model, which allows to preserve nutrients and vitamins in stored fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Users note the model’s ability to maintain accurate temperature. As for the shortcomings, there are not enough additional features - supercooling, sound indication, display.

Practical tips on caring for appliances

To install the refrigerator, choose a place away from the stove, heating devices and sources of open fire.

Then, overheated air will not burst into the cooling chamber, which will positively affect the functionality and service life of the device.

Wash the refrigerator inside
Inside and outside the refrigerators are washed with soda or vinegar solutions. Any household chemicals of industrial production will also be suitable. The main thing is not to wipe the sealing rubber with acid-containing compounds and not to use abrasives

Theoretically, it is allowed to transport the mini-refrigerator in a horizontal position, but it is better not to risk it and follow the manufacturer's instructions: install the device vertically and fasten.

Atlant without freezer
Internet users often mention that the models of inexpensive brands “Nord” and “Atlant” are as good as imported refrigerators of famous brands. Especially well speak about the quality of the laminated inner coating with antibacterial properties.

The care is simple: the refrigerator is turned off, products are removed from it, washed and dried thoroughly. If there is a smell, it can be eliminated with an acetic solution (2-3 tablespoons per liter of water). The back wall is vacuumed and washed with a solution of vinegar or soda.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing refrigeration are shown in the following video:

Expert advice on choosing the best fridge from the best manufacturer on the market today:

With all the advantages of refrigerators without freezers, you should think twice before making this purchase. If you later need to freeze food, you will have to buy an expensive freezer separately.

Install a refrigerator if the issue with the freezer is resolved or there is no chance that it will be needed in the future.

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