Range of flooring

If you ask about the most beautiful and durable flooring, then all experts in one voice will begin to repeat about piece parquet. However, it should be noted about the extremely delicate nature of such a floor: block parquet is extremely difficult to tolerate deviations from the usual climate and begins to persistently and reproachfully creak.

In addition, such a pleasure is clearly not for everyone: to install high-quality piece parquet from valuable tree species costs a lot of money. Not only that, and the material itself will cost a tidy sum, so also to lay it is not so easy. You will need the help of highly qualified specialists who are not eager to work for thanks.

Consider all available flooring options. We begin our brief review with the floorboard. This flooring is a three-layer wooden structure. The first layer is represented by spruce or pine plywood. As the middle layer are used flat bars of conifers.The top layer is made of wood species, thus, most often imitates piece parquet.

Addons:floorboard is very easy to lay without any problems. In addition, using such material as flooring, you win in the monetary sense of the word. Disadvantages: the last advantage is more than crossed out by the fragility of this design. After 10 years, you will again have to change the flooring.

The massive board represents a homogeneous wooden plate of the big sizes. Advantages: due to its size, massive board conveniently fit. Differs in high quality of drying and processing of material. In addition, a massive board will delight aesthetes: an interesting appearance will give the charm of your fortress.

The material from which such a structure is made is environmentally friendly. In contrast to the floorboard massive board will serve you for a long time with proper care. Disadvantages: for the pleasure you have to pay a tidy sum.

Plain floorboard seems to us long obsolete their materials. However, do not rush to conclusions.Now the houses are widely spread, the interior of which is made in the style of country. The floorboard in this case fits perfectly into the interior.

Merits: simple styling. It can even be done alone, with special skills and knowledge. In addition, a very affordable price eliminates the disadvantages of flooring. Disadvantages: simple and rough appearance. Performance properties are not striking in their quality.

Laminate - multi-layer construction. The outer layer is both protective and decorative. It is made using acrylate resins with particles of corundum or aluminum dioxide.

Merits: first of all, it is, of course, resistance to negative environmental influences, thanks to a special protective layer. In addition, the design is very easy to install. Disadvantages: poor moisture resistance.

Linoleum is a polymer flooring that comes in rolls. It is very important to choose a quality manufacturer of such material, since the advantages that linoleum possesses are valid only in relation to the quality material.

Merits: fast installation, environmental safety, durability, anti-static, waterproof, flexible, durable. In addition, manufacturers offer us a wide selection of colors, which can not but rejoice these aesthetes.

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