Rally in 2018: calendar

The 2018 World Rally Championship calendar was approved recently by the FIA. One of the most spectacular types of auto racing will start on January 25, will consist of 13 stages and promises to be the most unpredictable in the past few years. In the fight for the title of the best pilots of the planet will compete 14 racers, while the next triumph of Sebastian Ogier in the rally will be in question.

Schedule of stages

The world rally in 2018 will be held on four continents: in Europe, North and South America, and also Australia. The table below shows the main information about the upcoming championship, which will certainly be interesting to the fans:

Stage number


the date of the

Type of road surface

1 Rally Monte Carlo January 25-28 Mixed
2 Sweden Rally February 16-18 Snow
3 Mexico rally March 9-11 Gravel
4 Rally France April 6-8 Tar (asphalt)
5 Argentina Rally April 27-29 Gravel
6 Portugal Rally May 18-20 Gravel
7 Italy Rally June 8-10 Gravel
8 Finland Rally July 27-29 Gravel
9 Germany Rally August 17-19 Tar (asphalt)
10 Turkey Rally September 14-16 Gravel
11 UK Rally October 5-7 Gravel
12 Spain Rally October 26-28 Mixed
13 Rally Australia November 16-18 Gravel

There have been several changes in the calendar for the 2018 World Rally Championship. In particular, the stage in Poland was excluded for security reasons. The reports of the FIA ​​specialists spoke about the insufficient protection of the audience from the possible departure of cars from the track. The rally was replaced by a stage in Turkey, where the safety conditions fully comply with the requirements of the FIA. Races in this country will be held for the first time after a long break since 2010, however, the competition was not chosen as Istanbul, as before, but Marmaris, a resort city in the south-west of the country. The route is laid on a mountainous terrain along the Mediterranean Sea.

World Rally: Ford Fiesta

The races will take place in various weather conditions at temperatures ranging from -10 ºС to +35 ºС, which will require dedication and concentration from pilots. In addition, variable types of road surface imply a certain driving style, because the grip on the road, for example, on gravel and concreted highways is significantly different. One mistake can lead to serious consequences, so accidents at the rally of the world are not such a rarity.

General Competition Information

For those who are just starting to follow the World Rally Championship, it will be useful to familiarize themselves with its rules. Each stage is held for 3 days, and the rider and the navigator are given the right to familiarize themselves with the track, making the necessary entries in the map. During the race, the navigator reads the pilot a transcript, thanks to which the driver can plan his actions. It is necessary for the navigator to make a mistake at least once, and the car will probably be out of the track, and precious time will be lost.

On each route there are several special stages (from 15 to 25). The pilot passes them as quickly as possible. The time of passage of such segments is summed up to tenths of seconds, after which the places in the final protocol are distributed. The results of the stages matter in two tests: the Constructions Cup and the Pilots Championship. For example, for crews, the scoring system is as follows:

  • 1st place - 25 points;
  • 2nd place - 18 points;
  • 3rd place - 15 points;
  • 4th place - 12 points;
  • 5th place - 10 points;
  • 6th place - 8 points;
  • 7th place - 6 points;
  • 8th place - 4 points;
  • 9th place - 2 points;
  • 10th place - 1 point.

Additional points are awarded for certain special stages (the so-called “power stage”).The first place brings 5 ​​points, the second - 4, the third - 4, the fourth - 2, the fifth - 1. Crews are obliged to come to special stages, as well as to leave the maintenance boxes at a fixed time. Violation of the rules leads to a 10-second penalty for each minute of delay. Disqualification will follow after a 15-minute delay at the control points, half an hour late at the special stage, exceeding the maintenance limit.

Rally Portugal 2017

As for the constructors' championship, the places in the protocol are distributed according to points scored by the crews. The machine must be declared in the manufacturers standings. The duties of the mechanics team include the maintenance of their cars after they have passed the required number of special stages (no more than 15 minutes) and at the end of the racing day (no more than 45 minutes).

List of teams and pilots

In the 2018 World Rally Championship, 4 factory teams and 14 racing crews are planning to perform. Below is the complete list of participants in the tournament:

Factory stable

Team name

car model



Citroen Total Abu Dhabi WRT

Citroen C3 WRC

Khalid al-Hassami

Craig Breen

Sebastien Loeb

Chris Miki


M-Sport Ford WRT

Ford Fiesta WRC

Elfin evans

Sebastien Ogier

Unknown (vacant seat)


Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT

Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC

Andreas Mikkelsen

Thierry Neuville

Hayden Paddon

Dani Sordo


Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT

Toyota Yaris WRC

Esapekka Lappi

Jari-Matti Latvala

Ott Tyanak

The main change was the reduction by the Citroen team of its main crews to two, and two more cars are planned to be put into separate stages. The Ford company intends to expand its cooperation with the M-Sport team, while the support will concern both the material and technical side. All this will lead to the fact that the “M-Sport Ford WRT” will become the main contender for the 2018 Designers' Cup.

Major changes have occurred among pilots. The main news of the off-season is the return of nine-time world champion Sebastien Loeb to Citroen. His partner in the crew will be an experienced navigator Daniel Elena, with whom Sebastian had previously worked. However, Loeb will be able to compete in the rally not earlier than the stage in Mexico, since he also plans to take part in Dakar.

Sebastien Loeb

Andres Mikkelsen with navigator Andres Yeager are going to transfer to the Hyundai i20 Coupe. In the new season, the South Korean team promises to introduce several technical innovations on their cars that will help the crew to fight for the highest places in the rally.According to rumors, the Norwegian rider in his ranks wanted to see "Citroen", but the proposal of the bosses "Hyundai" was too tempting.

Dani Sordo from Hyundai decided to change the navigator, completing a four-year collaboration with Marc Marty. The reason for the separation was the unfortunate performance last year, when Sordo was able to win only 6th place in the overall pilot rating. From the new season, the Spaniard will reunite with Carlos del Barrio, with whom he worked in 2013.

Ott Tyanak and co-driver Matti Yarmaia left the M-Sport stable and will join Toyota in the new season. There they will replace Juho Hänninen, who took on the role of test pilot, and Kai Lindstrem, who joined the team leadership. Considering the fact that in the last championship the Japanese manufacturer became only the third and did not take steps to seriously refine the car, Tyanak will have to apply all his skills for successful performance in the tournament.

Who will be the champion?

The world rally in 2018 will surely take place under the sign of the five-time champion Sebastian Ogier. The Frenchman did not dare to replace the stables in the offseason, although tempting offers came from Citroen and Toyota. As a result, the cooperation with M-Sport continued, and Ogier plans to become the sixth triumphant rally race. The following arguments speak in favor of this fact:

  • familiar car;
  • the best team of mechanics;
  • many years of experience playing in world championships.

Sebastien Ogier

However, you should not discount Sebastien Loeb, who will return to the usual class of auto racing from the third stage. The legendary Frenchman will make every effort to win at least a couple of grand prix. Progress should be expected from Tieri Neville - the vice-champion of the last season. After significant improvements his Hyundai i20 Coupe should go even faster. Finn Ott Tyanak also moved to Toyota for high places, but no one will predict how successful the adaptation process will be to the new car.

Thus, the 2018 World Rally Championship starts on January 25 from the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Lovers of auto racing are waiting for hot battles on the track, a lot of spectacular moments and genuine emotions of the winners. Do not miss the exciting confrontation of the best racers on the planet.

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