PVC ceiling: do-it-yourself installation instructions

PVC ceiling: do-it-yourself installation instructions. The easiest and cheapest way to design the ceiling now is to issueceiling pvc panels do it yourself. For ceiling sheathing of such material does not require deep knowledge, experience, qualifications in the construction industry. With careful and careful work, you can easily make a beautiful, easy, aestheticplastic ceiling. You can also draw the ceiling wallpaper.

Easyplastic panelfor finishing the ceiling, there can be significant differences in size, texture and colors. They are produced under the imitation of wood, stone, marble and other materials common in interior design.Pvc false ceilingIt is made with a glossy coated surface with a special varnish or fully matte.


Pvc false ceiling

Advantages and disadvantages of PVC panels

The main advantages of plastic panels include:

  • High resistance to moisture.
  • Simplicity and ease of care.
  • The ability to use products for decoration of bathrooms, toilets, loggias, balconies.
  • The production of exclusive models allows you to efficiently and originally decorate ceilings in various purpose premises.

The suspended ceiling with the use of plastic products makes it possible to mask the significant shortcomings of the main ceiling, easily disguise engineering communications, and install spotlights. Using plastic panels, you can create the illusion of a ceiling made of wooden slats or give it a solid, monolithic look.


PVC paneling

Characteristics of plastic panels

PVC panels differ in the technology of applying a decorative coating on them:

  • Matte white products are made without coating and have the lowest price.
  • Glossy panels are coated with special varnish and cost more.

Colored panels with or without a pattern are made using two different technologies:

  • The most frequently used and most economical - in the manufacture of used thermal film, it is transferred from the colorful picture on the prepared surface of the plastic product.
  • Sophisticated images with imitation of the structure of wood, marble and complex ornaments are printed with high resolution on special machines.

Calculation of the required number of panels, profiles and fasteners

When calculating the panels, it is necessary to calculate the area of ​​the ceiling, the resulting value should be divided by the area of ​​one plastic panel (indicated on the product packaging). To the result, professionals advise to add 10-15% for waste.

potolok-iz-pvh-panelej-instruktsiya-po-montazhu-svoimi-rukami-87666555443DIY installation of plastic panels

To calculate the required amount of plastic profile for installation, you will need to draw a sketch of the ceiling in scale. Next, draw parallel lines along the side of the ceiling indicating the place of attachment of the profile. The recommended distance between the profiles of about 55-65 cm, based on these calculations, calculate the number of profiles required for installation is not difficult. Parallel profile with high stiffness brand UD, transverse - CD.

When calculating fasteners, it is necessary to take into account that it takes 1 dowel per 50 cm to fix the mounting profile, for fixing plastic panels to 50 cm you need one screw with a wide hat.

Determination of the quality of plastic PVC panels

Not everyone knows how to determine how high-quality purchased plastic panels for ceiling decoration. For this you need to conduct a simple study of the material:

  • Initially, carefully inspect the surfaces of products, drawing attention to their evenness, uniformity of application of the image, the correctness of the geometry.
  • In high-quality panels, the surface is ideally smooth, smooth in appearance and touch, without noticeable longitudinal and transverse distortions, lines and irregularities. The stiffener parts located on the inside should not be viewed from the outer front side.
  • The more edges and the thicker they are, the better the panel and stronger, tougher design of the suspended ceiling.
  • Next, check the quality and ease of docking panels, tightly connecting two or more pieces into a single unit. Products made with high quality easily connect with almost no traces at the docking site.
  • An important factor is the strength of the material used for manufacturing.To test, squeeze the panel with great effort and evaluate the subsequent result. Properly made of quality material, the panel will not crack and will not deform much.
  • Then the plastic is checked for bending, it is enough to bend and straighten the corner of the product several times; it should not break off or crack.

DIY installation of plastic panels


Installation of PVC panels on the ceiling

Installation of plastic panels is not difficult and does not require special knowledge. You only need to carefully follow the instructions:

  1. Using the building level you need to mark the attachment points of the mounting profile UD in a parallel plane. The profile along the ceiling is tightly fixed on the ceiling, without cracks and the formation of voids, to the profile fastened along the perimeter, transverse fastening parts of the brand CD are installed. The result is a base for arranging PVC panels.
  2. A plastic L-shaped profile is attached to the longitudinal profile on the screws.
  3. Before filling the space with plastic strips, it is necessary to determine the installation location of spot lighting devices and the location of engineering communications.
  4. Installation of PVC panels on the ceilingstarts from the wall, products are cut with a hacksaw, exactly along the length of the ceiling. The first plastic strip is tightly inserted into the L-shaped profile and fastened with self-tapping screws every half meter, the following parts are tightly inserted into each other and fastened to the profile rails. If in the future it is not planned to design the ceiling with plinth, then the edges of the panels are inserted L-shaped profiles. It is most difficult to install the last panel, it is trimmed and fitted in place and the L-shaped profile is carefully and carefully inserted.


Fastening plastic panels

Often, when arranging a suspended plastic ceiling, instead of an installation profile, planks and bars of wood are used, and screws are replaced with brackets targeted by a special gun, which is much simpler and cheaper.

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