Prophetic Oleg - film 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018 (in Russia)
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Genre: drama, adventure, history
  • Producer: will be appointed later
  • Cast: Vladimir Yaglych, Ieva Andreevaite, Danila Yakushev and others

In 2018, the movie “Oleg the Prophet” will be released, which will continue to develop the theme of the image of life in Russia in Russian cinema, which had begun before. Immediately, we can assume that this is from the same opera as the recent "Viking", and if you look at the first shots from the set, you cannot help noticing the similarities with "The Game of Thrones". Well, or "Vikings." Here everyone is free to see what he wants. Let's see what is really worthwhile to expect from the project.

What is remarkable project

“Oleg the Wise” is a film adaptation of the life of the Grand Duke of Kiev. This Prince of Novgorod was born long before Vladimir Svyatoslavovich. Does this mean that Russia in the film will be shown even more uneducated? After all, before the Baptism of Russia, it seems, there were dark times. Or is it really wrong?

Reliably many moments of life, as well as the birth of Oleg the Thing, is unknown. If we start from the "Tale of Bygone Years", he was a direct relative of Rurik, after whose death, in fact, he received the right to own Novgorod lands.

Oleg Veshchy

The story that has come down to us says that Oleg did what Rurik himself could not achieve during his life: he founded the Old Russian state, it was Kievan Rus. While he was the regent of Igor, Rurik's own son, Oleg captured Kiev, after which he founded the capital there. Now all the Eastern Slavs worshiped him.

Actually, the nickname Prophetic, attributed to him and always mentioned inseparably with his name, was given to Oleg as an indication of the fact that he knows everything in advance: foresee the future. This order first appeared in the Tale of Bygone Years and dates back to 907, when Oleg returned home after a campaign against Constantinople, where he participated in the Russian-Byzantine war.

That of this will form the basis of the upcoming tape, it is not known yet. Perhaps, as in the case of the "Viking", the authors can in advance somehow disperse their thoughts about collecting information literally bit by bit for their picture, but if the output turns out to be what is called an exhaust, then they didn’t try very hard .Still, the movie is being shot for people who go to the cinema to enjoy watching a quality story. It is desirable, reliable.


The concept of realism, of course, is different for everyone, but the fact remains: series like “Game of Thrones” and “Vikings” are rated, while “Viking” with Danila Kozlovsky in the main role will long be seen by people as something, to put it mildly, incomprehensible, even though he collected a lot of money at the box office. But the situation with the simultaneous rental of the “local” “Time of the First” and the “Overseas” “Fast and the Furious” in Russia at the same time has already been harassed. Coincidence? Who thinks so, raise your hands!

Of course, one cannot judge a product even before you didn’t get acquainted with it personally, but projects of this kind should always be approached with caution. Then the effect of high expectations will not turn against you.

Director and Scriptwriters

Anton Bormatov was appointed as the director of the “Wise Oleg”. About him to say that he began his career with the filming of the TV show "Palmist". After that, he had strong dramas "Alien" and "Okolofutbola." Once he was "distracted" by the anthology "Happy New Year, Mom!"

Anton Bormatov

In principle, the person is promising, but after all, Andrei Kravchuk was not a fan when he approached the shooting of his Viking. By the way, Anton Bormatov will soon get to know Danila Kozlovsky more closely when he launches the production of the detective "Decorator" based on the eponymous novel by Boris Akunin.

Alexander Shevtsov and Vladimir Kilburg will be writing “The Wise Oleg” for Anton Bormatov.

For Alexander Shevtsov says his involvement in writing the script of the two parts of the military drama with elements of fiction "We are from the future." But Vladimir Kilburg was previously engaged in the development of two parts of Antikiller, where he acted as a producer. Let's see what will come out of this tandem.


Shoot the "Wise Oleg" took Mikhail Mukasey. This will be his first expensive project in his career, with the exception of the fourth "Midshipmen", who still will not start. And so, in his track record there is a comedy "Down House" and a thriller "Tin", as well as the series "The Hunt for Red Deer".

The name of the art director is not yet named, as the information about the editor and composer is not disclosed.


The plot of the "Prophetic Oleg" is difficult to predict.Judging from the point of view of history and the facts described in The Tale of Bygone Years, then surely the creators should present the Grand Duke of Kiev as a warrior, who since his birth was accustomed to conquer all that he was rightly granted. Something like this.

Prophetic Oleg

It would be nice if the leitmotif of this historical film would be the next moment: the omen of the Magi, who once told him their vision of his future, they say, he will die from his horse. At least this moment alone could help the writers unravel the tangle of all the interconnections represented in the film. It seems so to us.

There is also a kind of twist, if you can put it that way with regard to what was written before: Oleg ordered the horse to be led away, and then he stood on his grave and asked with arrogance, saying, how could you blow me away if I stood on your skull now , after which a snake came out and bit the prince, which, in fact, turned into death for him, the very one that the Magi had previously spoken about.


In the image of Prince Oleg, Vladimir Yaglych will appear on the big screen. The former husband of Svetlana Khodchenkova once appeared in the drama “We are from the future” after a series of filming in the series, but later this did not jump over his head.Perhaps participation in the "Wise Oleg" will help him achieve universal recognition.

His partners in the set will be Ieva Andreevaite and Danila Yakushev. The names of the remaining actors are not yet called.

Lithuanian actress Ieva Andreevaite was probably remembered by many viewers in the image of an English teacher who fell in love with the hero Mikhail Efremov in the comedy “The Good Boy”. Before that, she was involved in Startup, which Roma Karimov originally intended to shoot, in the series Farts, and in fantasy He is a dragon, and in the English-language movie Kill Your Friends.

Danila Yakushev, although he was filming much more, but he cannot boast with a similar track record in his 30th-plus years. Is that the second plan in the series "Molodezhka", "Mommies" and "Interns" and participation in the short film "Major Thunder" meanwhile speaks for him. Perhaps for him the "Prophetic Oleg" will also be a breakthrough.

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