Proper nutrition during pregnancy trimester

Proper nutrition during pregnancy trimester

From the moment a woman realizes that she is pregnant, her life changes dramatically. Future mothers begin to think about proper nutrition during pregnancy so that the heir grows strong, and she herself does not gain extra weight. But, not every pregnant woman understands what lies behind the concept of "proper nutrition". Do not think that from the first days of an interesting situation, you must adhere to a strict diet or rush to extremes, rely on the body’s primary needs: “I eat a bar of chocolate a day,” “I can not tear myself away from crab sticks” or “I eat one curd, because baby needs calcium. " All this dictates an erroneous opinion about proper nutrition.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand this issue in more detail.

What does “eating right” mean?

Proper nutrition during pregnancy symbolizes health, intake of tasty and healthy foods. Do not be afraid of candy or eat more porridge.It is important to make the right diet. Basic ideas for healthy eating:

  1. fractional techniques;
  2. hearty snacks;
  3. small portions;
  4. fruits, vegetables, meat, fish;
  5. emphasis on dairy dishes;
  6. small amount of flour and sweet;
  7. minimize the use of products with preservatives, dye, flavors and other synthetic substances;
  8. light meals before bedtime, hearty breakfasts, full meals;
  9. freshly prepared homemade food.

All of the above will allow you to create a form of beneficial nutrition during pregnancy, called the correct. And, as a result, it becomes a guarantee of well-being of the mother and the baby in the womb. That's just better to make a diet with a doctor, because for each time of pregnancy the diet can vary.

Nutritional features in the 1st trimester

For a stable course of pregnancy in the first period (from 0 to 14 weeks of pregnancy), it is important to observe the balance of all the necessary nutrients. The organism in the womb is still too small. A child can react sharply to the lack of macro- and micro components, and for its proper development, it’s best to eat a pregnant woman in the most combined way.Daily menu should be:

  • vegetables, fruits, berries (raw, baked, or freshly frozen in the form of fruit drinks, compotes, jelly);
  • dairy products;
  • greens, nuts, seeds;
  • Seafood, meat (not fat).

The total calories eaten per day should not exceed 2,700 kcal. In general, it is necessary to eat as standard. Of course, early toxicosis will make its own adjustments. In its manifestations it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition and exclude foods with preservatives.

Nutritional nuances in the 2nd trimesterproper nutrition during pregnancy

14-25 weeks of pregnancy is characterized by the absence of toxemia and improvement in appetite. Many mothers, feeling relieved, begin to eat hard, which can give those extra pounds. Although, the volume of food for such a period needs to be increased by only 300-500 kcal. Therefore, in order to achieve harmony, it is important for pregnant women to observe the following nuances:

  1. Rare salty foods;
  2. Boiled or steamed dishes;
  3. Salads without dressing;
  4. We focus on products rich in iron;
  5. Restriction of dishes with a large amount of fat;
  6. Calcium and phosphorus wealth;
  7. Reception of retinol.

3rd trimester of pregnancy

At 26-42 weeks of pregnancy, the diet needs to be changed only small. The fruit is formed, viable therefore for its last stage of development it is important to simply gain weight. During this period, pregnant women intuitively begin to eat not so much, the fetus presses against the walls of the stomach, which prevents its overflow. Late nausea and vomiting may also begin. At this stage of the situation, the daily set of ingredients and total caloric content do not exceed the norm of the 2nd period. The only differences are the limit in the use of liquid up to 1.2 liters, the ban on mushrooms, the emphasis on replenishing the vitamins of groups B and C.

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