Procurement Plan for 2018

In August of this year, Federal Law No. 44 “On the contract system in the field of procurement of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs” was revised. Now enterprises will not only have to keep strict reports designed to secure the national economic system from the penetration of corruption schemes into it, but also to draw up a procurement plan in a new way. What else will change in 2018?

Key innovations

44-FZ will oblige to register all procurement plans for 2018 in the Unified Information System (EIS), the refinement of which is still ongoing. Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Treasury are confident that they will succeed in this:

  • eliminate monopolism, in which the prevailing part of goods and services is purchased from a single registered supplier;
  • provide a decent level of competition to bidders;
  • make the sale system much more transparent.

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Changes will also affect the documentation itself.From the upcoming year, some provisions will need to be written in a separate line without providing any additional information. It is about:

  1. Products, services and medicaments worth up to 100 thousand rubles.
  2. Hiring an individual - a guide or teacher.
  3. Employment of workers involved in sociological surveys, surveys or population censuses.
  4. The purchase of goods worth more than 400 thousand rubles.
  5. Maintenance of premises from non-residential stock or repair activities.
  6. Request for access to foreign information objects.

From 2018, the deadlines that are valid for specifying in the procurement plan will be different. Now, a company wishing to enter into supply cooperation with another company for 3 years at once will have to confirm the availability of financing for the entire duration of the agreement.

For example, to approve planning for the period from 2018 to 2020, the management of a newly established enterprise will need to provide information on both current funding and planned budget revenues until the work on a specific area is completed.

If any provisions need to be changed in the future (add or remove an auction, a tender, a quote, etc.), this can only be done if it is changed:

  • prices of the object of bidding;
  • the law (regulation) on the budget;
  • the format of the tender, the timing of the tender, the nature of the works, goods and services being played out, or their prices.

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Other situations of making changes to approved planning are considered on an individual basis. Therefore, it is recommended to calculate the main items of expenditures as accurately as possible, based on previous reporting periods.

More about terms

If the plan falls into the category of schedules, then it should cover an annual period, while the usual estimate is allowed to be up to 3 years. Regardless of its form, affecting only the timing and detail of the information, the report is submitted in the first 6 months. A maximum of 10 working days is given for approval of the documentation, and their countdown begins only after the adoption of the general concept of the development of the institution and PFCD (financial and economic activity plan).

Important! Obligatory item is the placement of the completed form and all information about the activities of the enterprise on the government procurement website ( 3 days after the approval of the plan.Only officially confirmed legal entities that have access to the CryptoPro CSP software (version 3.6.1 or 4.0) can enter the closed system.

The Ministry of Trade and Antimonopoly Control intends to review the procedure for registration of the procurement itself. Already today, tenders cannot be delayed by more than 15 days in their duration, and all pricing issues should be resolved only in 5 days.

Sample fill

In 2018, the question of how to properly fill out a procurement plan may arise even among experienced accountants, because now the creation of a document will require much more laboriousness and calculations. From the mandatory information in it you will need to specify:

  • order identification code;
  • name of the property;
  • target;
  • the amount of funds allocated to the acquisition;
  • data on specialized units (see section 1);
  • information about the public discussion (if necessary);
  • frequency of similar events.

Procurement Plan Form

To simplify the completion of planning documentation, there are 2 ways. Can:

  1. Independently enter all information in a form that is freely available on the Internet.
  2. Use the application that will automatically place the information specified by the user in the available fields. There are many variations of such programs today: in the “online” format or for downloading to a computer, free demos or licensed packages, etc.

For example, after filling out an empty form of the form, you can check the table for errors using the free utility “Economy Expert”.

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