Primary housing market: we choose the developer

When buying an apartment in a new building, the client, as a rule, deals only with paper projects, and not with real buildings. How to choose a professional developer and protect yourself from fraud and fraud. Real estate specialists are ready to share their experience and tell you how to choose housing in the primary market.

Buying an apartment in the primary market is not easy and troublesome, because in most cases, developers only offer an apartment project in an unfinished house. Of course, in the very near future this project should become a reality, but at this stage you can make an informed decision about the possibility of buying an apartment. For this, it is only worth analyzing the following parameters.

1. The most important thing when choosing housing in the primary real estate market is to determine the company - developer.

When choosing a developer based on the following indicators.

Fame in the market. View information on the Internet and specialized media: which company names are the most common? The term of the company - the developer in the construction services market can also say a lot: ideally, it should be at least 7-10 years. We take into account that houses are built long enough and must function for a long period, so getting a good track record for the developer is not easy.

Built objects. With the help of reviews on the Internet forums we study the opinions of the clients of this company. Moreover, we pay special attention to reviews of the latest objects built and sold by the developer. We find out whether the residential complexes were built at exactly the terms specified by the contract, how quickly the apartments were bought up, whether there were complaints from the buyers. Positive (or mostly positive) reviews indicate high standards of the developer.

2.Shema sale of apartments. From the point of view of security, it is better to conclude an equity construction contract with the company - developer, which must be registered. If the developer offers you to purchase a bill for the cost of an apartment, is ready to give way considerably in price, you should think about the legality and its actions.

3. Approach to customers. The attitude of the company - developer to potential customers is an important criterion in assessing its professionalism. A plus for the company can be an attentive attitude of the office staff to your questions, readiness to provide you with all the necessary information about the project.

Mikhail Razdolsky, a specialist of Inkom Real Estate, advises when choosing a real estate seller to decide who you want to cooperate with in the process of buying an apartment. The developer, investor or co-investor, real estate agency - they all can offer you various options for buying a home in the primary market. As a rule, developers can offer better prices for economy class apartments, however, when buying a new building with the help of a real estate agency, the transaction will take place more calmly and safely.

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