Prices for rebar a500s

The range of valves today is very extensive, but the products under the marking a500c are in particular demand. This type of reinforcement is very popular in modern construction, since these products are used to reinforce reinforced concrete structures for various purposes.

The MS company not only sells rebar at competitive prices, but also carries out its prompt delivery to the client's facility in St. Petersburg. This type of reinforcement is made according to the required standards, is welded and provides a reliable coupling with concrete.

Factors affecting the cost of reinforcement a500s

The price of valves a500c is formed in accordance with the following characteristic properties of the product:

  1. Steel grade of the rebar (3ps or 3sp steel is used in its production).
  2. Type (bar or hank).
  3. Diameter (mostly from six to forty meters). The larger the diameter of the product, the higher the cost of reinforcement.

There are additional factors affecting the price of reinforcement:

  1. Production characteristics. The production of this type of reinforcement is regulated at once by several guests.When using the product for the reinforcement of foundations and for the reinforcement of supporting structures, GOST 10884 is used, and when pouring foundations, making simple reinforced concrete products and other simple processes, GOST 5781 is used.
  2. The high level of competition among manufacturers of valves of this brand. Many enterprises are engaged in the release of a500c fittings, so one should not expect a large price range. However, enterprises that, without intermediaries, cooperate with manufacturers for the production of metal, can offer the best price for the products. The company "MS" refers specifically to such enterprises.
  3. Scope of delivery. When ordering large quantities, the buyer is always offered more favorable terms.
  4. Seasonality. During the active phase of construction, reinforcement always adds a little to the price.

In SPB, you can buy a500c fittings and other products made of ferrous metal when contacting our company. All products sold by us undergo quality control and fully comply with all norms and standards. We carry out the delivery of our goods in the city on our own, and in Russia we send them with the help of a transport company chosen by the buyer.

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