Prices for new cars in 2019

The car, undoubtedly, is a very convenient and practical vehicle. However, for many families in our country, it still remains a luxury item. And the reason for this - the prohibitive cost of cars. Every year it changes and, more often, upwards.

It is practically impossible to predict the dynamics of changes in the cost of cars for the next year. It is influenced by many factors that may change until 2019. Nevertheless, experts are already making predictions about what changes in prices will be observed in the automotive market next year.

Prices for new cars

Such forecasts relate primarily to foreign cars: the government is trying to promote the goods of the domestic auto industry in the market and will not allow sharp price changes.

According to experts, for 2019 the cost of cars will increase by a few percent. On the one hand, this is not a big boost.On the other hand, this suggests that even fewer Russians will be able to afford a new foreign car.

The most important factor that may affect the cost of cars is the ruble exchange rate. So far, this figure is not encouraging. The ruble continues to sink, and possible additional sanctions will only aggravate this process. But even without them, there is no reason for rapid growth.

Analysts predict the inevitable fall in the value of the ruble for 2018 and the continuation of this process in 2019. Even those few experts who believe in the growth of the national Russian currency in 2019 predict a very small increase.

Also, we must not forget that the government adds a recycling tax to the nominal price of the car. And this amount is very tangible. As a result, the cost of a new car can seriously increase. And it will be even harder for people to buy a new car.

The cost of domestic cars

price of cars in Russia 2019

With domestic cars the situation is much more rosy. First, the cost of such machines is not so much affected by the ruble exchange rate. Secondly, they are cheaper by themselves.And thirdly, the government offers special conditions for those who wish to purchase a preferential car.

Being a domestic product, the domestic car is much less tied to the exchange rate of the ruble against foreign currencies. Therefore, even sharp jumps in the dollar against the national Russian currency can only slightly affect the price of the car.

A second advantage also emerges from this pattern: domestic cars are much cheaper than foreign cars. Therefore, they are in such demand among the Russians.

For example, in 2018, new models from different manufacturers will be presented on the Russian market. Lada is the only brand whose price for new models (basic configuration) will not exceed 600 thousand rubles. At the same time, cars will have all sorts of modifications. Different models will be presented - both a passenger car, and an SUV, and a family car.

cost of cars 2019

Other brands have a price of 500 thousand rubles - this is an exceptionally low figure. For individual models, the cost starts from one million, and the most expensive - up to more than two.

So far, the Russians have some distrust of the domestic auto industry. But it is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Under current conditions, many people simply have no choice - it is much more profitable to change to Russian-made cars. Moreover, the manufacturer itself is trying to offer a wide range.

The dynamics of car prices in 2019

According to experts, with the relative stability of the ruble, the following fluctuations in the cost of cars by months will be observed:

  • In January, a 4-6% price increase is expected;
  • in February, the price will continue to grow and increase by 2-3%;
  • March is expected to fall by 2-3%;
  • in April, prices will continue to fall by 2-3%;

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  • in May, the tendency to fall by 2-3% will continue;
  • in June, the price will rise by a maximum of 1%;
  • stability is expected in July;
  • Some fluctuations may occur in August, but no significant changes in value are expected;
  • in September, experts expect a 2% increase;
  • October will bring an additional price increase of 1%;
  • no increase or price reduction is expected in November;
  • in December there will be a fall of 2-3%.

A preliminary forecast indicates a possible increase in the cost per year by 4-6%.However, the real situation may differ greatly from the above figures. Both in 2018 and in 2019 unforeseen events and strong fluctuations in the exchange rate can occur, leading to unexpected price changes.

Government programs

price of the car new frets in 2019

The government is trying to support motorists and Russian car manufacturers. Therefore, in the country there are several programs that help to buy cheaper cars. These include:

In the first case, the discount is given to the driver who hands over a used car for recycling. Depending on the type of vehicle, the discount ranges from 50 to 350 thousand rubles. According to the second program, the discount is given to people who purchase their first car. “Family car” is a program where people with two or more children can get a discount.

It is worth considering that according to these programs, the discount is provided only on cars of domestic production. However, this does not mean that the only brand that can be purchased on the program is Lada. Many well-known manufacturers have production facilities in Russia, which means they are also subject to government programs.

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